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a VirtualTourist member from Reykjavík asked on Dec 1, 2013


drinking in agadir

is binge drinking accepted in agadir? how is the nightlife? is it safe for a group of 200 students?

9 Answers

answered on 12/1/13 by
a VT member from Hesperia

Holy Brennivin Batman!
Two hundred of my countrymen descending on Agadir.........d:o)

It's been two long since my time in Morocco, I don't remember binge drinking, and surely not the kind I did back home in Reykjavik back in the day, which is legendary, and I frankly would not wish it on any town.........d:o)

No worries. You will get some up-to-date responses from other VT members, - I just could not help saying something after looking at your Home Page, and saw my home town.......d:o)

answered on 12/2/13 by
a VT member from Balloch

Being an islamic country, Morroco frowns upon binge drinking (or any drinking). We were in Marrakesh and there were no visible bars or pubs. It is possible to get a drink in hotels and I believe there are bars but there was no visible evidence of binge drinking. Although the government is tolerant toward western visitors, I believe street drunkenness is dealt with by the police. Two hundred students? Good luck, Gunnar. Rather you than me! Bruce

answered on 12/2/13 by
a VT member from Essaouira

Not acceptable, While alcohol can be found in bars, restaurant and clubs it is very discrete. A large group of drunken kids will stand out and attract too much attention. Night clubs are usually in hotels and drinks are expensive.

answered on 12/2/13 by
a VT member from London

Hi along the lines of Windcity its not very nice behaviour to represent the 'western mindset' as being one of disrespect to both us in the western category that are also not impressed with binge falling about the place yahoo behaviour let alone doing it in a country of people who are generally kindly tolerant, accepting and even what could be termed gracious of westerners coming and enjoying their country.

Drinking is not a problem - as windcity has pointed out its done discretely. I know many Moroccans who do drink, many who dont and many who dont do not condone or discriminate against those that do. There is a officially a law that prohibits Moroccans from drinking but it has not been exercised in many years as the mentally is more of a liberal and accepting people. That doesnt mean they are no longer Islamic but they are kind and tolerant - generally. Moroccans go buy from the supermarkets or shops and go drink with friends or they go to discrete mens pubs or upmarket clubs. (also where the prostitutes hang out)
If drunken binge carry on was to become a regular occurence then i really think we will bring it upon ourselves to change society in such a way that the public could decide to allow the fundamentalists to have their way in government and start to bring in more enforcement and hardline to stop western negative influence if that was the case it appeared to be.
I flew over last year with a group of 'ladies' on my plane wearing penises on their heads and around their necks, laughing and carrying on and i really wanted to say something as i love Morocco and i respect what we have in having a country that still has a fair amount of liberty and freedoms - with such a lack of appreciation by those wanting to go hangout just because of the good weather or because its supposedly cheap or the excitement of hen partying in exotic Marrakech or swinging by the sea Agadir etc.

If your group of 200 students really did binge drink ou would most likely establish a reputation around the grapeviine of your nationality being a bunch of badly behaved drunks who dont know how to bring up your youth properly.

answered on 12/2/13 by
a VT member from Fes

planning on getting wild? :), the Moroccan authorities are very tolerant toward foreigners, drinking in clubs, pubs or whatever is ok as long as you don't go out in the streets, drunk as hell, and start screaming and causing, you will surely get in trouble, 200 student + binge drinking i kinda smell some trouble already, the night life is pretty exciting, Agadir is full of night clubs and pubs, most famous ones are the English Pub right across there are Factory and Actor's night clubs, most fancy one is Sofitel Hotel's night club, expensive too. It's safe to go out at night or day or whenever, but 200 students!! i don't know, I'm worried about you from yourselves!

answered on 12/2/13 by
a VT member

Hi, I am a regular visitor to Morocco and my view is that binge drinking will attract sexual advances to women in your party if there are any and many will wake up the next morning without their money and any items of value that they might have been carrying. A certain section of Moroccans, albeit not many, see tourists as prey and you will be making their job that much easier for them.

answered on 12/2/13 by
a VT member from Hesperia

Well angiebabe, I was hoping you would have something to say. Thanks for that. My concern was really the bad rep my country and its people would garner when 200 drunks descend upon the city. I can tell you from personal experience, that such drinking back home is anything but polite, so I can only shudder to think what would be happening in a devout Muslim country.

It has been some time since my days in Morocco, but binge drinking kids and the resulting actions are similar to footie hooligans, were blissfully absent in my times in Morocco.

So Gunnar, - please, - pretty please, - either change plans or change countries. There are a few that think such hooliganism is fine, although even those countries are sick and tired of having to explain why drunken teenagers are so prevalent in their societies. We, (Icelanders), have enjoyed good will almost everywhere in the world. Don't turn that rep into sh*t. Please?

answered on 12/2/13 by
a VT member from Balloch

i understood Gunnar's query to be that he wanted to avoid binge drinking being a temptation to the students. If indeed he is looking for a place to binge drink - perhaps they'd be best to stay home. They almost certainly wouldn't be welcome in Morocco. Bruce

answered on 12/2/13 by
a VT member from Hesperia

You know Bruce, you may just be right. Gunnar's query could certainly be read that way. If so, then my apologies for misreading it.........d:o)

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