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VirtualTourist was a travel website that existed from 1997 to 2017 where travelers and locals shared their advice and experiences. It was a place where members could benefit from the first hand knowledge and experience of real travelers.

Trippy was founded by J.R. Johnson, one of the original founders of VirtualTourist. Some of the original forums from VirtualTourist were migrated to Trippy since a lot of the discussion was similar, focusing on travel questions and answers.

Trippy has the travel Q&A that J.R. built and we are excited to have found a home for the expert travel help and knowledge from former VT'ers.

Please note that all content is protected under DMCA Safe Harbor. We will remove any posts that infringe on copyrights or any content the original user would like to remove from Trippy.

You can review the DMCA Notice on the Terms of Service page and contact us anytime if you would like anything removed.

If you were a former member of VT and have any questions or would like to get help reviewing your original posts, please Contact Us and we'll work with you directly. We can also create an email account for you if you want to join Trippy without Facebook.

Here are some of the topics discussed by VT members:

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