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Travel Questions and Answers

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A  Jillian and 158 others answered

What are the best things to collect when travelling?

I collect small bracelets from each destination I travel, and wear them on my left wrist. I started doing this when I drove across the Andalusia region of Spain 5 years ago and bought a bracelet from every town. It's fun seeking them out, buying them from locals, and... See More

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A  Ryan and 153 others answered

If money were no object, where would you go?

Mars. No joke, if money was not an issue I'd go to space and step foot on another planet. ​But If I'd have to stick to this planet here are the top 10 on my list of places I haven't been to: 10. Antarctica​ - Because why not? Penguins... See More

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A  Zach and 102 others answered

Show us the best photo you have ever taken from an airplane!

​I was flying into Seattle and the city was covered in a morning fog. It looked really cool, this pic reminds me of the Jetsons See More

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A  Emily and 99 others answered

Best Sunset in the World

Botswana​ without a doubt! I was once taking a safari in a tiny dugout mokoro canoe in the Okanvango Delta and snapped this shot - it has not been photoshopped or instagrammed it was that gorgeous ​ See More

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A  Emily and 85 others answered

What are the most underrated travel destinations?

Namibia​ is an incredible country - from the world's oldest desert to the world-class Etosha National Park​ and everything in between. A much overlooked country! My second would be Sumatra​ in Indonesia. Most... See More

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A  Valerie and 85 others answered

You can only eat at one restaurant the rest of your life, what would it be?

Gosh, what a hard question! I mean, I'd want variety, yet the places that have great variety often come at the expense of doing anything really really well. Okay, let's throw healthiness out the window! In Europe: Mother​ --... See More

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A  Steve and 81 others answered

What is the most dramatically beautiful place you have seen?

Plitvice Lakes National Park​Stunning scenery combined with the waterfalls.  ​ See More

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A  Jeyme and 74 others answered

What are the five best cities you've ever been to and why?

1. New York City​ I love this place because you can spend 2 weeks here and still only just scratch the surface. Anyone who says they don't like New York didn't do enough of New York.  2. Havana​ This place stole my... See More

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A  Jacey & Scott and 58 others answered

What tourist traps around the world are worth the visit?

The first thing that came to my mind was the Eiffel Tower​-the lines can be long, the dining is overrated but it is spectacularly beautiful.  The detail alone makes me jaw drop.  It sits right along the Seine like a perfectly coifed French dame.  I... See More

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A  Maja and 56 others answered

Which airline would you choose for a long coach flight?

Took me 2 sec. to think of which airline:  1st Choice: Quantas  2nd Choice: Any other Non USA Carrier! The rest of the world seems to have gotten customer service & quality better then any of the US carriers. See More

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A  Helen and 56 others answered

Belgrade: From 0-10, how would you rank Belgrade, Serbia among your experiences?

Belgrade​ is a definite 10.  Visited last summer with my son, and stayed at Hotel Townhouse 27​, a lovely boutique hotel.  Just walk up the street to visit Kalemegdan​, a beautiful fortress overlooking the river,... See More

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A  Debbie and 56 others answered

What is the best city in the world when you're hungry?

I may be a little biased, but I'm going to have to say San Francisco​.  Being such a food-loving and overall diverse city, save for foie gras, there aren't many foods that I can't find here.  They're all, for the most part, also really... See More

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A  Jeremy and 55 others answered

You have 2 free airline tickets. Where do you go & with whom?

My wife will always be my travel companion. She shares the same love of traveling that I do and she love to travel non-traditionally like I do as well. If it's right now, India​. India looks captivating and enchanting. The food, the animals, the... See More

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A  Pablo and 52 others answered

Where Would You Go for 2 Weeks?

Hi Emily ! Definitely your choice should be Argentina​, beginning with Buenos Aires​, the city where I live and where you will find an amazing variety and plenty to do. Then from here, as you say, you could visit the vineyards in... See More

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A  Scott and 48 others answered

What is your best travel tip?

Once you finished packing your suitcase open it up and remove half the clothes. Next, open your wallet and double the amount of cash in there! See More

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A  Megan and 48 others answered

What's a song that makes you want to pick up and travel?

I have an entire playlist for this feeling! See More

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A  Josh and 47 others answered

In which country, city or state have you drank the best beer?

I don't really care for beer, more of a wine/rum/gin guy, but Prague​ ​has beer I would drink. See More

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A  Krista and 46 others answered

What are 3 things traveling has taught you?

This is such a good question, and it's awesome to ponder and reflect on the impact of seeing new things/having new experiences. My three things below: How to be 'scrappy'. Whether it was moving across the country to start over in a place that... See More

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A  Nalin and 46 others answered

What's the steepest place you've ever been?

What an interesting question? Being a snowboarder, I've been to a handful of places that one may consider steep. But the one that stands out in my book is World's End Point, Horton Plains Nature Reserve​. It is a sheer cliff, which about 4000... See More

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A  Jillian and 44 others answered

Trees. What is your favorite picture of a tree taken while traveling?

So many great trees. Hard to choose, but this one I took on safari in the Serengeti​ is my favorite. Look closely. #roar ​  See More

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