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A  Spencer Spellman and 24 others answered

Thailand: if you had 2 weeks to visit any country, which would you choose and why?

I like it! You're choosing some great regions of the world since SE Asia and Europe are relatively easy for navigating to multiple countries. As you know, the weather and experience in those 2 regions is completely different. Europe you'll be in the thick of winter... See More

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A  Nan Zhou and 24 others answered

Copenhagen: What are the best cities for single women traveling solo?

i did a lot of travelling on my own a few years ago around Europe and from my personal experience, generally i found the Northern European cities / countries are much safer for single girl travellers, I agree with couple of the posts below and below are my list of picks... See More

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A  Jared Huntley and 24 others answered

Iceland: Planning a big solo trip, where should I go?

Completely different and much closer, I would highly recommend Iceland​. You'll find nowhere safer and more stunning than the small island nation. Travelling solo for 2-3 weeks would really get you immersed in the culture and natural splendour... See More

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A  Valerie Axworthy and 24 others answered

Lower Sardine Lake: Where is your favorite place on Earth?

Lower Sardine Lake​ up in the Sierra Nevada Mountains.  ​ Happy Earth Day! See More

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A  Courtney Robinson and 23 others answered

Paris: Best views of Paris for dates?

Oooh, so many good ones!!! Just a warning that the laws regarding the public consumption of alcohol vary a lot depending on where you are in the city but generally speaking, if you don't get wildly drunk and start acting nuts, it's fine. Even if it is prohibited,... See More

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A  Amy O and 23 others answered

Vienna: Solo travel for women?

Hi Tera! I've been travelling about on my own on-and-off since I was 20 and everywhere I've been I've felt safe - it's all about acting smart. Be cognizant of yours surroundings, don't go in dark alleys or abandoned streets by yourself at night, don't... See More

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A  Breanna Wilson and 23 others answered

Los Angeles: Free things to do in Los Angeles?

A great area to stay in is the Fairfax District. You'll be central to everything that isn't walking distance. In walking (or very short drive/Uber or bus) distance you'll have The Grove​ and Farmers Market​, Melrose Avenue... See More

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A  Jake Vanags and 23 others answered

How do you find flight deals?

Hey Johnny, I answered a similar question here ​... 1. The best way I know to find the cheapest flights every time (especially when flying domestically) is to use the Google ITA matrix ​. If you want to learn how to use the ITA Matrix (its fantastic... See More

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A  Brenda Burns and 23 others answered

Spain: Would you move to another country to make your dreams come true?

Been off this site because my mom just passed away. My dad is broken hearted and old and will be right behind her. I also have an old dog who is going to go soon. I want to move to Spain​. I have friends, a lot of friends in Barcelona​.... See More

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Q  Ray Riverol asked a question

Need suggestions for travel destination that is warm in early March?

Looking for a memorable international trip (im from the US) im March of next year for Friends birthday. Both low 30s. Looking for location with warm weather, maybe beach, large enough city nearby to go out for night of drinks, but that has sites to see. Looking for... See More

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A  Rocio Acevedo and 23 others answered

Where is everyone traveling to this December?

Hello Aastha! My entire family and I will be traveling to Mexico City​and Veracruz​. I've been to Mexico City before but never been in Veracruz. According to the books and internet, It is a beautiful port and a city of melted-down... See More

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Q  Phil Duncan asked a question

New York City: 48 Hours in NYC - I NEED to know the best Pizza spots!

I have set myself a target of eating at as many amazing Pizza places in New York within the 48 hours I am there. I think I have the stomach for around 12-15 slices in that amount of time. I WANT to know what pizza place is your favourite so I can add it to my map. ... See More

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A  Michael Moses and 23 others answered

New York City: Non-touristy "must do's" in Manhattan over the week of July 4th

Hi Kathryn, Unfortunately, the time you'll be visiting NYC will be the very same time that a vast amount of New Yorkers will not be in NYC, so no matter what you do, you're likely to rub elbows with more tourists than locals. Not to worry, there will still be a... See More

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A  Alessio Signorini and 22 others answered

United States: SFO, LA, or NY to study and live for a year

All the cities you mentioned are quite expensive to live in. San Francisco is probably the most expensive rent-wise. If you want to compare their cost of living, I recommend you use City Data ​. Looking there will also help you understand that Berkeley​ is... See More

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A  Michael Kwok and 22 others answered

Singapore: What are the 5 things I can't miss in Singapore?

The two food places I think about with bliss when talking about Singapore is Tian Tian Hainanese Chicken Rice​, where you should get....the Hainanese Chicken rice :) Next is Tian Jin Hai Seafood​, which used to be a little stall... See More

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A  Anthony Bourdain and 22 others answered

Prague: Best local eats in Prague?

Pivovarský Klub​ has over 200 local, foreign, and hard-to-find brews—most definitely a traditional Czech food group—and excellent food. See More

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A  Jillian Geer and 22 others answered

Nepal: Dream volunteer location and work?

If I could go anywhere in the world to volunteer, it would be in Nepal​. Specifically, I'd volunteer at Sunsar Maya ​, a non-profit that focuses on educating the orphaned and underprivileged children in Kathmandu​. From what... See More

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A  Ross Sparks and 22 others answered

What's a good compact budget camera for travel photos?

My Go Pro H4 has changed my life, you do have to buy the LCD screen to use it as a camera but it's nice having the most bullit proof waterproof camera ever. There's a reson top gear and national geographic use them! See More

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A  Kandace Kamberg and 22 others answered

Beach vacation time! Where would you go?

Hawaii​ is pretty fun, but you're looking at a 3-hour time difference, which is the same as the Caribbean. Given that, if an int'l location is acceptable, I'd suggest Cayman Islands​ instead. I went there as a child and... See More

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A  Apurva Chandra and 22 others answered

Where should I go for a solo 14 day pre-grad school trip?

You'd have a great time going to Mount Kilimanjaro​ in Tanzania​. It might be a different kind of trip than what you are thinking of as a pre-MBA trip, but it really is a great place to ponder the next chapter in your life. Before... See More

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