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New York City

Stephanie from New York City asked

Can't miss activities in Zurich for a first timer

First time to Zurich in the spring. What should I know about the town and what should I see/do?!

Zurich (Switzerland)

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Damian from Rosario

Hi Stephanie! are you?

Lake Zurich is one of the most spectacular sites in the city. If you have good weather, it is an ideal place to relax and enjoy nature. On the stairs is one of the banks, the city dwellers usually have lunch or enjoy a book when a nice day.

In Zürich, the sights are very close to each other. You can make nice walks during which there is always something to discover: architecture, historic places, streets, neighborhoods, churches, art and more.

- Fraumünster Church

Every day thousands of people visit the church and admire the stained glass windows by Marc Chagall and Augusto Giacometti.
The monastery was built in 853 by Louis the Great, grandson of Charlemagne, Hildegard for her two daughters and Bertha, who were also the first abbess of the noble convent. Thanks to this convent Zürich fame increased and the town prospered.

- Schipfe

The Schipfe is one of the oldest in the city of Zürich. The name "Schipfe" comes from the boatmen and means: push (Schupfen) their boats to the shore and back to the water.


During the day, the pedestrian area and many shops hidden behind small alleys invite you to enjoy shopping. At night Niederdorf area becomes a party place with its pubs, bars and street performers for a mixed audience.

As an interesting place, Niederdorf is located in the old town and offers beautiful alleys, restaurants and shops, mainly aimed at younger consumers. At night, the Niederdorf bars are usually crowded.


This is one of the most popular shopping streets and extremely popular in Zurich.

The famous shopping street, known internationally, leading from the Central Station to the lake. Many department stores, boutiques, jewelers and watchmakers, luxury hotels and decorating the trade route.

- Augustinergasse

With its many colorfully, Augustinergasse Street is one of the most beautiful historic streets of Zürich. The cantilevers had the function of sight, so they were never placed on the front door, but just to the side.


Great to see the city and get some rest. It is one of the highest areas, so the panoramic view is guaranteed.
Here you can enjoy a wonderful view of the old town, the cathedral, the Limmat river, the University and the Polytechnic. In addition, the Lindenhof scene of numerous historic events.


From the viewpoint of Üetliberg will have spectacular views of Zürich and around, but there is still a better place to enjoy the panorama, the lookout tower.

It is located just opposite the hotel UTO KULM and allows a little bit closer to heaven, but to do that we have to climb the hundred steps that make up this triangular platform. Reach the height is 900m above sea level, sufficient distance from which to obtain a privileged panoramic 360° over the city of Zürich, its lake the Lake Zurich or the Swiss Alps. At the summit explanatory find three planes that will allow us to locate some of the highest peaks in Switzerland, such as Finsteraarhorn (4.274m) or Aletschhorn (4.195m) located in the Bernese Alps, or some populations may be known as the Berne , Baden, or Lucerne.

The tower is located about ten minutes walk from the Üetliberg train station and is completely free.

- Sankt Peterhofstatt

 Also known as Peterskirche, this is one of the three major churches in the city of Zurich, stands out for having the largest religious clock in Europe.


Other places:

- Swiss National Museum

- Kunsthaus Zürich

Good trip!


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Doing well now that I've read all these incredible suggestions! Thank you so much, Damian!

you're welcome Setph! ;)

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Peter from Bloomington (Indiana)

Zurich is very cosmopolitan and is a fine old restaurant and cafe town. You can easily lose yourself in the elegance of it. But for a more casual breakfast experience, I like Sprüngli -- crowded, possibly a bit touristy, but essentially Swiss. Upstairs is fine.

One thing you must know about Switzerland: It's very much a cash-focused society. If you have the American habit of traveling with relatively little cash, assuming you'll pay by credit card, think again. Carry at least twice as much cash or travelers checks as you might in Asia or in, say, England.

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Given what I've heard about Swiss bank accounts, I had no idea! Thank you for letting me know, and I'll track down Sprungli!

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