Larry Hoskins

Larry asked June 29, 2015

Would you move to another country to make your dreams come true?

Would you move to another country to make your dreams come true, if it meant leaving everything you know behind?

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  • Brenda Burns

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    Top Answer by Brenda B. from Long Beach

    Been off this site because my mom just passed away. My dad is broken hearted and old and will be right behind her. I also have an old dog who is going to go soon. I want to move to Spain. I have friends, a lot of friends in Barcelona. I am terrified because I'm so locked in with a good job but about 10 to 12 years from having a decent retirement out of it. I've worked long enough so that there is something but not enough to live on. If you're in your middle forties, do you sell your house and go? It's terrifying but I'm feeling the pull more than ever. I'm single and no kids so once my wonderful dad and Dog are gone, then it's just common sense holding me back. I really don't know what to do but I would drop everything and go if it were possible and not just a pipe dream. I'm happiest in Spain. It's that simple but yet that complicated.

  • Valerie Stimac

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    Valerie S. from Seattle answered

    I think that if you have the opportunity, and it's not going to cause negative consequences (there's a difference between leaving everything you know behind and burning bridges, ya know?), I would take the opportunity if it means your dreams can come true... even if they're only true for a short time!

    I did this to get the opportunity to get my MBA in London, and despite the student loans, the wanderlust that has never gone away, and the fact that I've now moved back to the U.S., it was worth it.

    After all, YOLO, right? ;)

  • Tiffany Weber

    Tiffany W. from Corvallis answered

    Absolutely. Nothing is really left behind, is it? I've lived abroad before and the most important things left behind are family and close friends, but they visit or email or Skype. There are so many ways to keep those you love close across the miles.

    Living abroad is an experience in which you grow as a person, learn, and invariably change for the better. Leaving a career opportunity behind to pursue another will give you experience and space to grow. You'll return a more valuable employee after seeing different ideas/perspectives/and ways of doing things.

    Even if not a single dream depended on it, I'd move away again. The only deterrent would be the safety of the location for my children because they'd be going with me.

  • Elizabeth Way

    Elizabeth W. from Boynton Beach answered

    Absofreakinlutely!!! Make no mistake, I am a proud US citizen who has lived in France, Italy and Mexico and three of our 50 states. We have a rich history of amazing presidents--well, maybe about ten of them--the rest, not so much--who had a Jeffersonian vision of what this country could be. On the other hand...I am deeply ashamed of some aspects of North American culture such as racial intolerance, gun craziness, and our national worship at the altar of the almighty dollar.

    So would I move to make my dreams come true? Yes. I've always felt at home in Scandinavia.

  • Josh Barnett

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    Josh B. from Baton Rouge answered

    I think if you need to move to make your dreams come true, then by all means move. You have one shot at this thing we call life; go for it!

  • Cherie Y

    Cherie Y. from Bay Area answered

    Totally! I think the question I'd ask is, "Why wouldn't you move to another country to make your dreams come true?".

    I taught English in Japan years ago with the JET Programme, something I had wanted to do ever since graduating from college. I'm so thankful that I was able to spend 2 years in the Japan countryside soaking up the culture while also sharing some of my own culture. I was also fortunate enough to have my partner join me in my adventures. While there were challenges, the time abroad was mostly blissful. Even now that I've been back for several years, I always think about those days fondly.

  • Maria O'Dwyer

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    Maria O. from Dublin answered

    I love Ireland and it has so much to offer in terms of culture, community and decent people. Even the weather has its charm (that said after spending 4 days in Nevada where the temp was scorching) I also love Italy and spend as much time as I can there. I know that I could happily move there and it's a 2-3 hour flight from Dublin so I would never be far from family. Seriously contemplating a move....

  • Ross Sparks

    Ross S. from Fort Collins answered

    Its a no brainer for me..... Yes!

    You did say in the title "make your dreams come true"?

  • Dawn Danyluk

    Dawn D. answered

    I most certainly would. The problem is getting my husband to agree to it. I have broached the topic of at retirement moving to Europe for a year. I'm working on him.

  • Rosemary Thomas

    Rosemary T. answered

    I did this over 40 years ago. Although I miss my homeland, my new country has been very good to me and I have no regrets

  • Johnny Lindberg

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    Johnny L. from Las Vegas answered

    Absolutely! I think everyone should live in more than one country in their lifetime!

  • Morringhan Ann

    Morringhan A. from Sao Paulo answered

    I would and I did and do not regret it

  • Kishor Nepal

    Kishor N. from Kathmandu answered

    Yes why not. For you dream will count the most on your life.

  • Bill Caloia

    Bill C. answered

    No place like home. The USA is still the land of opportunity. You can dream in other countries if you have about 5 million dollars when you go there, but if you need to earn a living, there's no place like home! I have been in 9 foreign countries and 39 states. I would never consider emigrating to earn a living, even with a Master's Degree from Cal Tech.

  • Hiba Sarwat

    Hiba S. answered

    Yes without a doubt that is the beauty of life

  • Dylan Grant

    Dylan G. from Seattle answered

    I'm not sure I follow the question...

    Why wouldn't you try to make your dreams come true, regardless of the "what" it takes to realize them? You only got this one life...

  • Chad Smith

    Chad S. answered

    Yes! You can do it.. Live!

  • Laura Weber

    Laura W. from Buenos Aires answered

    I'd love to try living in another country but really I don't think my dreams could come true anywhere but in Buenos Aires because this is my place in the world.

  • Estefania St

    Estefania S. from Guadalajara answered

    I would go to the place that makes me feel better than how i am in this momment, everything will change, im gonna know people, have some friends. But i'll have to start from the bottom

  • Azra Malik

    Azra M. from Baltimore answered

    FOR SURE! My dream is to travel the world, and I just got an unbelievable opportunity that's moving me to London! I can't wait!