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Who has the best Instagram for travel photos?

On the search for some Instagram users who post amazing pictures while traveling. Aside from the big ones like National Geographic and Patagonia, who are some users worth checking out? 

34 Answers

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Krista from San Francisco

Ah, LOVE this question! Here's my shortlist of handles (omitting the at symbol as these are not Trippy places). 

  • passionpassport
  • rubenhughes
  • charissa_fay
  • travelbreak
  • tuulavintage
  • juliahengel
  • garypeppergirl
  • greaseandglamour
  • neumarc (venice)
  • cucinadigitale (rome)
  • psychodreaming (venice)
  • cestchristine
  • london
  • cultoflee
  • zachspassport
  • stereotoy (rome)
  • scooterromatours (rome)
  • shurupchik
  • cupofherbaltea
  • istanbultimes (istanbul)
  • australia
  • helloemilie
  • hellopoe
  • parisinfourmonths (paris)
  • thesamgraves
  • elisahanna (india)

There are also a few other gems listed here. Shamless plug for my account, wanderandlove. :)

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answered by
Lauren from Chicago

Love this question! So many good ones already listed, here are a few I'll add to the list, in no particular order...

  • thiswildidea
  • thewanderlustlife
  • aguynamedpatrick
  • chloelist
  • elialocardi
  • nickyt31
  • sendingstache
  • punkodelish
  • worldwanderlust
  • hannes_becker
  • peteracary
  • theonewithwanderlust
  • aphototraveler
  • livingritual
  • eachapman4
  • cartogramme
  • wanderlustaddiction
  • patriciarcmarques
  • wildrecollection
  • amivitale
  • ouropenroad
  • elisehanna
  • ruerodier
  • alisontravels
  • mary_quincy

Ok...maybe more than a few, but there are so many good ones!

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answered by

We think we do a pretty good job:

Why? We have passionate people who run Urban Adventures businesses in currently 125 destinations around the world. Each day we scan the feeds of these cool insiders and pick a great image of something cool going on in one of those places.

Right now we've got our team in Tokyo doing a takeover and showing us some great lesser known places and stories from around their city.

Obviously as the General Manager - I am biased but really I think the passion and local knowledge comes through and not in a stock photo type of way. I'd love to know if you agree?

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answered by
nina from Miami

these are my absolute favorite from all over the world:

doyoutravel, cultoflee, passionpassport, jordanherschel, misshattan, cntraveler, infinitelegroom, humzadeas, brooklynhawaii, travelandleisure, cityofcapetown, gotlib, matadornetwork, brianladder, aditzt, seyzilmaz, thenorthface 

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answered by
Julie from Paris

Check out @carnetstraverse !

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answered by
Alexandra from Athens, Greece

Urban Adventures. Real pictures, true stories.

Nikoleta Zavou and Aggelos Karagiannis as well and last but not least Giorgos Marinakis

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answered by
marilyn from Washington, DC

Check out @NatGeoTravel -- we've got the best travel photos.

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answered by
Zac from Dubrovnik

Me of course! (gozacgo)

My wife and I just left the US for a long long trip around the world..Our first stop was Mexico City and now Oaxaca.

From here we are going to road trip around the US (anywhere between Cleveland to Colorado Springs and then head to Eastern Europe (places like Croatia, GreeceTurkey before going to Vietnam/Cambodia and Southeast Asia in general.

We will be taking pictures all along the way!

Great question, and thanks for getting some great ideas of who else to follow!


Mentioned in this answer:

  1. Mexico City (city)
  2. Oaxaca (city)
  3. Cleveland (city)
  4. Colorado Springs (city)
  5. Eastern Europe (attraction)
  6. Croatia (country)
  7. Greece (attraction)
  8. Turkey (attraction)
  9. Vietnam (attraction)
  10. Cambodia (attraction)
  11. Southeast Asia (attraction)
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answered by
Rocio from Costa Rica

@quepoaa. check it out! Saludos!!

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answered by
Adam from Austin (Texas)

Check out iamgerberbaby1 

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answered by
Charles from Virginia







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answered by
Angela from Sao Paulo

I like to follow these accounts 

@adri.lage - her texts are inspiring 

@flaviapiresexplora - her tips are great 

@laurenpbath - great photos

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answered by
Nadia from Washington, DC

Aside from the obvious big ones, I like to support new ones and follow them. These are some of the new ones I follow:

  • generallysolotraveler
  • thewanderbite
  • thestoryabroad
  • slioy
  • culturalxplorer 

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answered by
Courtney from Los Angeles

Just to name a few:

  • Girleatworld - amazing food feed
  • travelholicsdiary - love the simplicity of this feed
  • aphototraveler - great pics
  • kirstenalana - incredible photography
  • parisinfourmonths - you can guess what that's about
  • parisjetaime - this is the official account of the Paris tourism office!
  • parisshoppingtour - again, pretty clear
  • interiorswithhistory - amazing feed of rooms around the world of historical significance
  • LouisePando - journalist who travels a lot

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answered by
Nicole from Etobicoke, Ontario - New to to the travel world but bringing great travel inspo & cool blogger offers 

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answered by
M from Los Angeles

Definitely Check out this adventurous, travel photographer! He also has an amazing website! @pnewman87

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answered by
Heidi from Colorado

I love my fellow redhead, Candice Walsh of Candice Does the World.


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answered by
Katherine from Melbourne

Insta is so great for travel accounts. Our favourites are: 

Best In Travel 

The borderless project 



South America Travel 


We do our best to inspire travellers to visit South America on our page @boutiquestham too!

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answered by
Jeremy from Berlin

There are a lot of good ideas in this thread. I would add

  • chrisburkard
  • harlenfoley

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answered by
Marcia from Sao Paulo

@viajoteca @thiago.lopez

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answered by
Arpit from Jaipur, Rajasthan

check the photos by MANCUNIANARPIT

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answered by
Tara from London


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answered by
Matt from Tappan, New York

@takeheartandtravel is my friend's and hers is awesome!

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answered by
Marina from Canada

Hands down favorite is Tuula Vintage.

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answered by
Chuck from Clarksburg


Backpacking the world!

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answered by
Kenneth from Germany

HI Valerie,

Here is a story about the best ones on  They're great, and disclaimer...  Mine is on here too!  ;-)  Mine is more family travel focused, but I've become friends with so many of these people and they are such great and interesting accounts.

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answered by
Gita from Mumbai

Apart from various NatGeo feeds, my favourites would be,

1. Passionpassport

2. Earthabandoned

3. inspired_traveller

4. Chrisburkard

5. Showyourtravel

6. lonelyplanetindia

7. eljackson

8. Globaldegree

9. Busabout_michal

10. bu_khaled

Not necessarily in that order ;)

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answered by

I have a pretty active travel Instagram account. Currently posting from Colombia! It's TravelholicsDiary 


Other accounts I like are PassionPassport, TravelandLeisure and GlobelleTravels

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answered by

Neollene. An architect turnt a filmmaker, a soulful adventurer, an excellent photographer and a sweet Malaysian girl.

answered by
Dimitri from Zürich, Switzerland

For Switzerland based IGers, here are 13 of my favorites:

answered by
Paige from Alexandria (Virginia)

I am fond of 

- travelnoire

- nmorata

- lecoindesvoyageurs

- masmerquen

- waydegrins

- alloverthemap (me)

- nathanielboyle

- zimism

- actoftraveling

answered by
Laura from Glasgow

We run a travel blog and post only our BEST pics on it, so you could check it out at: :-)

Otherwise, we also enjoy following:

- ThePlanetD

- ExpertVagabond (Matthew Karsten)

- Ytravelblog (Craig & Caz)

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answered by
Dmitriy from San Francisco

Check out "peleguz".  She and her husband have been traveling the world and she has some great photos from her trip everywhere they go.  Her photos are more artistic and give you a good feel for the places they visit and that you may want to go to one day.

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