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Which Middle Eastern countries are the safest to go as a female traveler?

I've only been to the UAE and Turkey and LOVED it. I want to explore more middle eastern countries, but I know some countries are hard to get around as a solo female traveler. Which Middle Eastern countries are the safest/easiest to travel around as a solo female traveler?


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Emily from Los Angeles

Hi Jinny!

I've only been to Israel, Jordan, Bahrain, and Turkey (if you count Turkey as Middle East).  I really enjoyed all of them - except maybe Bahrain, which was interesting more than it was fun. The food, however, was incredible!

Turkey (western Turkey) was probably the safest and easiest. No problems at all, just a few instances of being out at night and seeing ONLY men sitting at cafes and restaurants.  Where do the women go? Are they home? Are they happy the men are out of the house?

Israel also felt very safe as a solo woman. Although there are dangers, I didn't feel they were female-specific. As with Turkey, I would just err on the side of being a little more conservative and cautious.

Jordan was very doable, but another notch up on the behavior modification. A little less night-time freedom, a little more covered-up clothing, etc.

Bahrain. Hmmmm. I was there with another woman, and it was still strange and difficult.  There is a total difference of expectation if you are western vs. Bahrainian, and you should be very careful about where you stay. I never felt unsafe, but we didn't go around with nearly the same freedom as elsewhere. I think it is totally doable, but would recommend a lot more research and preparation than the other three.

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Romy from Tel Aviv

Israel is very safe and easy to get along in as most people know at least basic English..

There might be some specific places that a solo female traveler shouldn't go to (but these are also places that I, as a local woman, won't go to alone) but there are very few of these..

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Renzo from London

Israel is very safe, as well as Jordan. Cyprus just 100 kms off the coast of Syria and Lebanon is also very safe for female travelers.

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Wm from Mountain View

My wife and I recently travelled to Egypt, Jordan, and Israel, and of the three I would say that Jordan easily felt the safest and the most enlightened, especially w.r.t. women. Women there have the right to vote, drive, get education, hold public office, etc. We were traveling as a couple, but we did see women traveling solo or with other women, and a niece of ours has travelled there solo. Petra was absolutely amazing of course, but we also enjoyed Wadi Rum, the Jordanian side of the Dead Sea, Madaba, the crusader castles, and Jerash. Jordan likes to call itself the Switzerland of the Middle East. I wish we had spent more time there!

We also really enjoyed Egypt, but watch out for political problems.

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answered by
Vit from Marrakech

Hi Jinny,

I suggest to you Egypt (not beach resorts but places where local lives). Great history and unique culture. Morocco (if you use CouchSurfing be aware lots of local guys use it as the best opportunity to meet the girls or to sell you excursion so read the reviews). Jordan is also really interesting place as well as Tunisia. And last but not least I suggest to you Iran. For me it's the safest ME Islamic country. And I really think it will be even for you as a women. There is such a unique CouchSurfing community.....

Public transportation in Morroco, Egypr, Iran is working. Buses or taxis are everywhere and cheap accommodation hostels/hotels/airbnbs too. So there in not much to worry about. 

Men's in Middle East are generally more sexual aggressive than men's in Asia for example so you as a solo female traveller should to be aware of how to act the way to not attract this kind of behaviour. So talked with so many men's in ME countries and they have really crazy ideas about wild sexual life in non Muslim countries. And yes, lets face the truth some girls travel to ME because of sex with locals. 

I talk about this because I think this is the only problem you will face in ME countries as a solo female traveller.

enjoy your journey!!!



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I would recommend Lebanon.

This is a country where you won't stand out no matter how much you dress up as lebanese girls love to show off and it's an accepted part of the culture there.

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