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Where would you go in August?

My husband and I want to go somewhere this August. We are early 30's.  We will most likely only have 7 or 8 nights and will be coming from Ohio, USA.  We like nature over big cities. We have done Mexico, Jamaica, Colorado, Alaska. We do NOT like overly crowded places.  We have thought about Irish countryside???

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Andrea from Brazil

Have you ever been In Brasil? I think that Lençóis Maranhenses National Park is really beautiful

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  1. Lençóis Maranhenses National Park (attraction)
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Todd from Cincinnati

From personal experience I would suggest Glacier National Park!  We traveled there for our 10th anniversary celebration in August of 2012.  Start looking into reservations now, though if you plan to stay in one of the lodges.

We spent most of our time hiking on the east side of the park (Two Medicine, St. Mary, and Many Glacier) and also up at Logan Pass (Hidden Lake & Highline Trail).  We found it to be an absolutely amazing place, in fact its tops of anyplace we've been!

I've included a few photos to entice you!

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  1. Glacier National Park (park)
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Marnie from Conflans-sur-Anille

The Ireland Countryside is an excellent idea, and/or also Scotland or North Western France. The best person to plan your trip is Marie Cruickshank at She covers Ireland, Scotland and Northern France and is a charming, knowledgeable and reasonable lady. She will arrange for you to visit the most interesting sites, and include hidden gems you would never find otherwise

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  1. Ireland (country)
  2. Scotland (country)
  3. France (country)
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Justin from Phoenix

I'll bet Ireland would be awesome. But I'd go with Iceland. That's nature at its rawest. Incredible hiking, lots of adventurous side trips like SCUBA at the Silfra crack, the Inside The Volcano tour ... you'll love it.

There's also glacier hiking (I did it near Skaftafell, which is showing in entirely the wrong place on the Trippy map), DimmuborgirJökulsárlón ... too many cool places to name. 

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  1. Iceland (country)
  2. Silfra (attraction)
  3. Inside The Volcano (attraction)
  4. Skaftafell (attraction)
  5. Dimmuborgir (attraction)
  6. Jökulsárlón (attraction)
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come to Italy. there's a beautiful area in northern Tuscany called Lunigiana, the medieval village where I stay is Bagnone, it's a unique place. There's a lot to visit in the neighborhood and it is close to Cinque Terre, Lucca italy , Pisa and Hotel Versilia. Cheap but comfortable accommodation is available in the center of the village

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  1. Bagnone (city)
  2. Cinque Terre (region)
  3. Lucca italy (attraction)
  4. Pisa (metro area)
  5. Hotel Versilia (hotel)
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Filip from Lazne Bohdanec

This really depend on your tastes but for sure something on northern hemisphere or equator due to winter on southern one. few places I'd consider:

  • Portugal - fly to Lisbon, rent a car and go south - great nature, nice people, amazing food. Big cities in Algarve will be crowded though but you'll find also nice placeS with little or no people
  • Slovenia - go to Alps, great treks, you can go either only for treks or via ferratta - pick the trail carefully though as some more advanced trails might be dangerous. And great thing here is also that Croatia is very close - we moved by car to Plitvice Lakes National Park and then to Baska Voda for a little bit of sun and beaches
  • Finland, especially Lapland. been there few days ago and although it's completely different experience from summer, visiting it during summer is on my bucket list. Great nature, lots of national parks, possibility to go for more days treks and sleeping in nature (there is a law that permits it everywhere - just lay down and that's it or use small wooden houses alongside trails). And also there will be a lot of sun during this period. Plus there are flights to Rovaniemi, which is just under the arctic circle
  • there are many many more places to go, good luck in choosing and enjoy!

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  1. Portugal (country)
  2. Slovenia (country)
  3. Croatia (country)
  4. Plitvice Lakes National Park (park)
  5. Baska Voda (city)
  6. Finland (country)
  7. Lapland (region)
  8. Rovaniemi (city)
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Cassielee from California

I love British Columbia, Canada.  First, the countryside is fabulous!  If you love outdoorsy activities, this is the place.  Hiking, cycling, boating, or just senic drives.  Victoria, the capital, is just beautiful.  Their museum of Natural History is very impressive.  Bouchard Gardens is a must see. Also, the weather is nice and cool!  You'll want to take the ferry from Vancouver, B.C...which is also lovely, but very "Big City".  

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  1. British Columbia (region)
  2. Victoria (city)
  3. Bouchard Gardens (restaurant)
  4. Vancouver (city)
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Gizem from Izmir

I agree with Rocio Acevedo  Yes, August is very hot in Turkey but if that's what you're looking for (beaches, sun bathing, swimming, surfing, water sports, aquaparks...) it is the perfect destination. I'd suggest a few days in Istanbul and a few days in Kusadasi. You might find this accommodation interesting "EphesusLodge" in Kirazlı Köyü It's cooler in the village comparing to the town of Kusadasi. You may not like the heat and humidity down to the south so better not to go further down from Kusadasi or Bodrum When you go towards south it gets hotter and more humid.

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  1. Kirazlı Köyü (neighborhood)
  2. Kusadasi (city)
  3. Bodrum (city)
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Heather Ann from Stamford, Connecticut

When I was living in NYC I went to Argentina in August and it was AWESOME!!  We went to the mountains first and skied in Bariloche and toured the mountains  and then to Buenos Airles San Carlos de Bariloche Llao Llao Hotel & Resort, Golf - Spa Buenos Aires

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  1. San Carlos de Bariloche (city)
  2. Llao Llao Hotel & Resort, Golf - Spa (restaurant)
  3. Buenos Aires (city)
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Rocio from Costa Rica

I will definitely suggest Turkey starting with Istanbul, Blue Mosque Apart, Kayseri, New Mosque,  Hagia Sophia (which is 1 of the 7 wonders of the world). Another must see place is Ephesus and the Bosphorus, Kadıköy by ferry will be very interesting as well.

I must confess that I have never been there however it is on my bucket list...I have read tons of books about Turkey, its food, culture, etc. and consider this place one of the most interesting countries of the world. It is a country where the East meets with the West. The home of two continents! Give it a try! 


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  1. Turkey (country)
  2. Istanbul (city)
  3. Blue Mosque Apart (attraction)
  4. Kayseri (city)
  5. New Mosque (attraction)
  6. Hagia Sophia (attraction)
  7. Ephesus (attraction)
  8. Bosphorus (attraction)
  9. Kadıköy (attraction)
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I would suggest the canadian west coast if you love nature and this is a great place in august.

I spend a week on Salt Spring Island a few years ago and the place is a natural gem and has a really cool small community of artists as well.

It's not too far from Vancouver and Victoria so it should be ok for you in terms of logistics.

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  1. Salt Spring Island (city)
  2. Vancouver (city)
  3. Victoria (city)
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Jacey & Scott from Fort Collins

Ireland is beautiful in the summer, but even the smaller towns can be a little over-run.  We really enjoyed Scotland a few summers ago, even Edinburgh didn't feel like there were tourists everywhere.  You could spend a little time there (2 days should be good), then head up into the countryside.  St Andrews (even if you don't golf) is a charming town, Inverness tends to be missed by most travelers too.  Spend some time up in the Cairngorm National Park (completely, jaw-droppingly stunning) and the loch areas for more outdoor pursuits.

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  1. Ireland (country)
  2. Edinburgh (city)
  3. St Andrews (city)
  4. Inverness (attraction)
  5. Cairngorm National Park (attraction)
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Peter from Munich

I would say Iceland musst be pretty nice. I am planning a trip there, but haven't been there myself yet. I believe it wouldnt be to crowded there, but i talked to many people and friends who have been there and they all love it. So much nature to see and lots of hiking possibilities. I guess you will enjoy it...

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  1. Iceland (country)
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We visited the west coast of Ireland two years ago with some friends; it is a beautiful, wild countryside.  We chose to fly to Dublin then drove the southern route over to Clare where we stayed in Doonbeg (a marvelous little town) as our main base and did day trips from there.  The hiking was wonderful, there are some terrific local guides and you cannot go wrong with the local food and pubs.

If you go this route, please to the Dingle Peninsula for us - it was raining so hard that we couldn't see a thing, and were meeting someone in Doonbeg, so we had to skip that.  Just an excuse to return.  

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  1. Ireland (country)
  2. Dublin (city)
  3. Clare (state)
  4. Dingle Peninsula (attraction)
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Karen from Dallas

With such a short amount of time, I'd suggest something closer. Northwest Costa Rica has lots of natural options for things to do, and they tend to get a lull in the rainy season during that time. I went to another part of CR during May and the rain was there, but not a huge problem. If you can go in July, it's even drier. Good luck with your planning!

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  1. Costa Rica (country)
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Iceland. There is a "circle" of sights right outside of Reykjavik.  Also, I had found a company that will rent you a car, make your hotel reservations, and give you a map, then send you on your way.  You just tell them how many days you have & they plot out the itinerary.  Unfortunately, the name escapes me... but I found it by looking around one of the Iceland web sites.  It was a "self-drive" link.  Wish I could be more helpful... but Iceland is the way to go!

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  1. Iceland (country)
  2. Reykjavik (city)
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