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Where should I go for my next budget solo travel experience?

Hi, I blew my budget this summer with my trip to Japan. Now I'm looking for a really cheap but safe destination for a solo female traveller.

It can also be volunteer work or something like that. Max 10 days travel including the transportation (starting from Belgium).

I'm stuck to july/august maybe the first or second week of september but probably july/august.

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ieth from Manila

Check out the Philippines! For 10 days, you could spend it north: hiking the rice terraces in Sagada, surfing in La Union, and beach bumming in Pagudpud 

or enjoying the heritage site in Vigan City

 both in Ilocos. You can take the bus from one place to another. But if you just plan to stay in one place, 10 days is enough in Palawan,

Boracay Island,

or Cebu. These are world renowned beach destinations :) 


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  1. Sagada (region)
  2. La Union (attraction)
  3. Pagudpud (city)
  4. Vigan City (city)
  5. Ilocos (attraction)
  6. Palawan (attraction)
  7. Boracay Island (attraction)
  8. Cebu (attraction)
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Emily from Los Angeles

Hi Kristel!  You might try Slovakia. I spent a month there a couple years ago and it can be beautiful in July/August/September!

There are many potential ways to get there - flying into Viennaor Krakow or taking a train to Bratislava.

Slovakia is pretty cheap - especially if you don't try to travel too far.  

One highlight is the Tatra Mountains which can be experienced from small towns and villages on either the Poland side (like Zakopane) or the Slovak side.

Bratislava is about a 5 hour train ride to or from the Tatras and is worth a day.

Vienna is an easy day-trip from Bratislava (it's about 30 min), so you can take it in without having to stay in very expensive Austria.

Other things to do in Slovakia (in the same area as the High Tatras) are: visit Spiš Castle, a UNESCO world heritage site; hike Slovensky Raj; and take a trip down the river with Dunajec River Rafting, Monastery Port, 059 06 Červený Kláštor, Prešov's Agency.

Just thinking about it I want to go back!!

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  1. Slovakia (attraction)
  2. Vienna (city)
  3. Krakow (city)
  4. Bratislava (city)
  5. Tatra Mountains (attraction)
  6. Zakopane (city)
  7. Spiš Castle (attraction)
  8. Slovensky Raj (attraction)
  9. Dunajec River Rafting, Monastery Port, 059 06 Červený Kláštor, Prešov's Agency (attraction)
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answered by
Julie from York

Hi Kristel, what time of year are you thinking? I've just done 8 days solo in Albania, which was very cheap and also safe. It's not necessarily a super-easy destination, but not difficult either. Or other parts of the Balkans if you avoid July and August. For longer than 10 days I'd be recommending Laos and Cambodia :)

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  1. Albania (attraction)
  2. Balkans (attraction)
  3. Laos (attraction)
  4. Cambodia (attraction)
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answered by
Ewa from Gdansk

I'd say maybe try Georgia or Armenia (especially the latter is veeeery cheap, Georgia is comparable to Poland which still for Western standards is cheap). You can get to Georgia (Kutaisi International Airport with Wizzair from Poland (Warsaw or Katowice) and there are extremely cheap flights from Brussels to Warsaw (with Wizzair and Ryanair, once I got a flight for 0.20 EUR but that was extreme, still though, they're very reasonable). On the other hand, 10 days is not much time... maybe come see a bit of Poland? :)

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  1. Kutaisi International Airport (attraction)
  2. Warsaw (city)
  3. Katowice (city)
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Ian from United Kingdom

The trouble with "really cheap" destinations is that most of them are a long way from Belgium - while everyday costs in somewhere like Cambodia are really low (SE Asia in general being very easy and very safe), getting there could blow your budget again anyway (you can get there by a series of budget airlines, but if you only have 10 days it doesn't really work out).

So, it might be better looking a bit closer to home.  One country that does spring to mind, for both budget and volunteering opportunities, is Moldova; I passed through it earlier in the year and couchsurfed in Chisinau with someone who was doing just that - specifically, teaching English - but he was there for several months rather than just a week.  I hope I don't offend anyone by saying I didn't find it a terribly thrilling country, but it sounds like it does meet your criteria; I've certainly seen quite a few companies offering volunteering posts there.

(I also couchsurfed in Transnistria, which compared favourably to Moldova in my eyes, but I don't know about volunteer ops there).

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  1. Cambodia (attraction)
  2. Moldova (attraction)
  3. Transnistria (attraction)
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answered by
Ben from London

I agree that the Balkans are the way forward in terms of ease of getting around and the cheapness.  Alternatively, the Baltics are also real cheap and beautiful also!

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answered by
Mark from Montana

Gotta chime in an agree with Ewa: Armenia is fantastic (especially if you're a history or church geek) and it is super country anyway. I don't know how fares are from Europe, but for the US it was a little expensive to get there, but not too bad. Once there, you can really find a lot of bargains, even driving is relatively cheap and super easy (drivers seem to get better the further north you go in Armenia. We didn't get to cross into Georgia, but this last year we almost went back specifically to Georgia, just because we had loved Armenia so much. Definitely recommend it to just about anyone.

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  1. Armenia (attraction)

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You should try and look in to countries like Albania Montenegro or Croatia

They are only 2-3 hours flying from Belgium so you are quickly there and that is cheap and safe countries too.

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  1. Albania (attraction)
  2. Montenegro (country)
  3. Croatia (country)

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