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Where are you headed in 2015?

I have a number of trips planned here in Colorado. Heading to Denver, Telluride and Breckenridge in January. 

We have only one out-of-state trip planned for a memorial  in Oregon/Washington this May.

Where are you headed (for sure) this year?

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Alex from London

Planned trips? Cappadocia, Turkey; Bosnia Herzegovina; Alentejo, Portugal; Belfast, Northern Ireland; Stavenger, Norway; Cambridge, UK and lots of day tripping from London ;) 

2015 Is going to be awesome!!!

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Anna from Naples

Dublin in June. I can't wait to explore Ireland. I've always been madly in love with it. <3

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  1. Dublin (city)
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Bex from Leicester

Hitting our joint bucket list hard this year. Pompeii for me and South of the equator for him. So it's Rome in late February & New Zealand for our honeymoon in July. And we're on to San Francisco on the way back for a few days :)

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  1. Rome (city)
  2. New Zealand (country)
  3. San Francisco (city)
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answered by
Melissa from Chicago

Stateside: Tampa to visit a friend who just moved there and to escape the Chicago cold. Detroit for my birthday and to see the upcoming Frida Kahlo/Diego Rivera exhibit opening at the Detroit Institute of Arts. Wisconsin to explore the Ice Age Trail

International: Portugal for a friend's wedding with stops afterward in Spain to see the Alhambra, Germany for Oktoberfest, and France for, well, everything! Maybe I can squeeze in a side trip to Morocco? :)

Suuuper excited to see what 2015 will bring in travel and adventure for everyone!


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  1. Tampa (city)
  2. Detroit (city)
  3. Detroit Institute of Arts (attraction)
  4. Wisconsin (state)
  5. Ice Age Trail (attraction)
  6. Portugal (country)
  7. Spain (country)
  8. Alhambra (attraction)
  9. Germany (country)
  10. Oktoberfest (attraction)
  11. France (country)
  12. Morocco (country)
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answered by
Ross from Fort Collins


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answered by
Samia from Bangladesh

Definitely planning Singapore to meet a new friend who I met in Jakarta Airport in November! It may be even the Chinese New Year weekend. Lets see...

My Turkish besty wants me to come with Mom to Turkey- to check out Cappadocia and perhaps Ephesus as well as her village at Terme

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  1. Singapore (country)
  2. Turkey (country)
  3. Cappadocia (region)
  4. Ephesus (attraction)
  5. Terme (city)
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answered by
Oleg from Moscow

I've got kind of a "programme maximum" that I'd like to do in 2015, but if I get at least 2 on this list, then it's a year well-lived.

1. Want to hit Latvia or Estonia for a weekend, to finally get a multiple-entry visa for frequent traveling (ah, the joys of being from a developing country);

2. Would like to visit a friend in Belgium in late March - early April;

3. Israel, where my grandmother has been living since recently, but I haven't managed to visit yet.

4. Spain, where we plan to make a coastal road trip with lots of gratuitous beach camping and possibly skinny dipping.

So there's that. I'd also like to hit Istanbul, Montenegro, and possibly Serbia, but that's a pipe dream, considering everything else I'm planning.

Can you tell how delusional I am about these travel plans? No way I'm hitting all of this without major preparation. :D

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  1. Latvia (country)
  2. Estonia (country)
  3. Belgium (country)
  4. Israel (country)
  5. Spain (country)
  6. Istanbul (city)
  7. Montenegro (country)
  8. Serbia (country)
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answered by
Dee from Miami

I'm going to Rio de Janeiro next month for Carnival, Costa Rica in April and San Juan, Puerto Rico this summer. I have several other places on my 'maybe' list but these three are happening for sure.

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  1. Costa Rica (country)
  2. San Juan (city)
  3. Rio de Janeiro (city)
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answered by
Lyn from Manhattan Beach

I have reservations for Scandinavia in July. I am working on Iceland in October. Also looking at Cuba, maybe in April.  

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  1. Scandinavia (metro area)
  2. Iceland (country)
  3. Cuba (country)
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answered by
Karen from Citrus Ridge, Fl

I am taking a once in a lifetime pilgrimage to Italy with my mother.  Our trip includes RomeVatican City, Florence and Venice. Considering up to this point my "international" travel has been limited to Canada and the Bahamas, this will be quite an adventure!

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  1. Rome (city)
  2. Vatican City (city)
  3. Florence (city)
  4. Venice (city)
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answered by
Brenda from Long Beach

Amsterdam, London, back to Munich(Oktoberfest), Dublin and Madrid. Maybe the Grand Canyon National Park and New Orleans for jazz fest. I will chain myself to my desk and save, save, worth it!

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  1. Amsterdam (city)
  2. London (city)
  3. Munich (city)
  4. Dublin (city)
  5. Madrid (city)
  6. Grand Canyon National Park (park)
  7. New Orleans (city)
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answered by
Dominika from Toronto

I am planning to visit Ottawa and Quebec City in the spring or in the summer. I wanna go to the Rocky Mountains Alberta and Vancouver and travel around the national parks a little bit.
The biggest trip for the summer is the west coast of the United States

If any of you would be interested to travel along, just pm me:)

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  1. Ottawa (city)
  2. Quebec City (city)
  3. Rocky Mountains Alberta (attraction)
  4. Vancouver (city)
  5. United States (country)
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answered by
Apurva from Andover, Massachusetts

I'm going to climb Mount Rainier National Park. Can't wait! Hopefully my previous climbs at Kilimanjaro, Machu Picchu, and Pico de Orizaba prepared me well :)

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  1. Mount Rainier National Park (park)
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answered by
shrihari from Chennai

I too planned to visit Singapore by this month end. And with in the country, me gonna visit Tirupati, the Holy city by next week.

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  1. Singapore (country)
  2. Tirupati (city)

answered by
Michelle from Melbourne

We've got another big year planned, heading to Tokyo, Singapore, Helsinki, Moscow, Saint Petersburg (Russia), Venice, Rome, Bari, Milan, London, Hong Kong and Bangkok

Tokyo and Bangkok are separate trips, while we're starting in Singapore in July, heading to Russia and Europe and then coming home via Hong Kong. Can't wait!

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  1. Tokyo (city)
  2. Singapore (country)
  3. Helsinki (city)
  4. Moscow (city)
  5. Saint Petersburg (Russia) (city)
  6. Venice (city)
  7. Rome (city)
  8. Bari (city)
  9. Milan (city)
  10. London (city)
  11. Hong Kong (city)
  12. Bangkok (city)

answered by
Katica from Dubrovnik

Next week I go to Londonwhile in February I have planned a trip to Budapest through Zagreb

 I will also visit Mostarand Kotor since I live in Dubrovnik and these two lovely towns are just few hours drive.

Happy travels everyone.

Don't miss to visit Croatia this year, you will find so many beautiful places and islands !😉

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  1. London (city)
  2. Budapest (city)
  3. Zagreb (city)
  4. Mostar (city)
  5. Kotor (city)
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answered by
Gina from Brooklyn

I will be going to Abu Dhabi, and Kilimanjaro, Tanzania!!! This year is going to be AWESOME!!!!

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  1. Abu Dhabi (city)
  2. Kilimanjaro (city)
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answered by
jon-paul from Manhattan Beach

Kangaroo Island, Australia - for sure.

Just about everywhere else - maybe..

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  1. Kangaroo Island (attraction)

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