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Where and how did you meet your travel buddy?

I imagine that a lot of you have a partner in your life that shares with you the passion for traveling. I wrote a book about the story with my husband (2 YEARS 4 MONTHS 2 HOURS, coming soon). Our meeting changed my life. What about you? I would like to know your stories.

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Billy from Chicago

I had a trip planned with a work colleague and I were thinking about flying into Mexico and then seeing if we could find way to get to Cuba (allegedly). At the last minute, my colleague was too sick to go on the journey and recommended I go on without him. But instead, I turned to my other buddy and said "dude, you wanna go on a last minute trip?" Long story short he was able to get off work on short notice, we changed plans, and went to Amsterdam and Barcelona. It was one of the craziest trips I've had and so much fun. Since then we've become traveling partners-in-crime and have been to Hong KongEnglandPortugal, and ALL over Spain. Recently we met up in Uruguay and who knows what's next. He's moving to Austin with his girlfriend soon so I wouldn't be surprised if I made it out that way. 

In short, it all started with "Dude..."

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Laura from Buenos Aires

My travel buddy is Marisu, my best friend. We met in the university and made a trip to Europe to celebrate our degree, since then we have made many trips and we also get alone brillantly. On late December we have our latest adventure, southeast Asia. 

But a few years ago I wanted to go to Bolivia and Peru and my friends couldn't make it so I found myself in a really trying trip with a collegue from work, her best friend, her best friend and her sister and a friend of said sister. We bearly knew each other before meeting at the airport and I never saw them again but I've never had more fun in my life. 

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Rona from New York City

We had similar jobs in different cities and me though our membership in a national organization

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I met my travel buddy in a Schenna hotel in Italy. We were getting in contact with each other at the bar and planned to travel around together. Until now we've traveled 5 times together to different countries and we aren't tired at all :)

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My mother was a traveler.  After my dad died (1973) she traveled with other people for the next 30 years. She started out taking her grandchildren- her oldest grandchild at that time was 13 and she took her to Australia.  She traveled with six of her seven grandchildren and even took a great grandchild on a short trip.  She also traveled with a group of friends - they had been friends since the 1930s.  And when she got too old to rent a car, she traveled with a younger friend. 

I traveled quite a bit with my husband (I met him when I was a freshman in HS) but after my mother ran out of grandchildren, we went on a trip together.  And then when she died, even though my husband was still alive, I started taking my grandchildren on trips.  So far I've taken six of my 11 grandchildren on a trip.  (Two of them were already adults and were working at real jobs, one was deceased and one his mother wouldn't let me take him).  I take them when they are 12 or 13 years old, and the youngest one is scheduled to go next June as she won't be 12 until this December. 

My husband is just not interested in traveling anymore.  So I have been on a trip with a younger friend, and have another one scheduled with another friend.  But I prefer to travel with my husband because I don't have to tell him what I need to have done (hold the door open so I can get out with my scooter or tell me which way to turn when I go out of the door because I have no sense of direction).

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