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Lafayette (California)

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When choosing accommodations, what matters most? Price? View? Cleanliness?

Most interested in those staying in resorts or vacation rentals.

43 Answers

top answer by
Bill from Detroit, Michigan

Cleanliness ought to be first... unless you are okay with crab lice, flea bites and other tiny vermin crawling over your sleeping body.

View is nice, but as I learned in Hawaii on our first trip, you should never spends that much time in your room anyway!

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answered by
Katherine from Melbourne

Location - for some reason is underrated when it can have a big impact on your overall experience. 

Sometimes it's worth a few bucks extra per night to stay in a good part of town or close to attractions, transport, shops

After you reach a certain of level in comfort in your own life, the reality is most people don't want to stay somewhere that fall beneath that.

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answered by
Andrea M from Augusta

It is a given that the property must be very clean, well maintained, and attractively furnished. Additional amenities and location are also a consideration. Rental cost and additional fees relative to comparable properties are also important. I frequently rent beach homes that allow my two small dogs for a additional fee.

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answered by
Steve from Honolulu, Hawaii

I've been traveling for 58 years and have never encountered a cleanliness problem...sure some places put a little more effort into keeping the place clean then other do, but it's never been so bad that I felt I had to check out.  I go primarily on location with price a close second.  We've had an apartment on the old town square in Prague, a room 120 steps from Notre Dame Cathedral, another apartment next to the national forest in Slovakia run by a quide that had a great fireplace, a house on the Big Island with a lava tube in the back yard and a hot tub.  All at a great price due to Airbnb and Home Away.  For our upcoming trip I've booked 17 weeks, all through Airbnb (except for 6 nights) in super locations in Rome, Barcelona, Madrid, south and west across Spain, north through Portugal, across northern Spain into the Pyrenees.  Followed by the Dordogne region in France and then on to Ireland.  At  an average cost of $45 per night.  Each chosen based on location but excluding any places that didn't have great reviews or any complaints about cleanliness.  Only 2 nights of that entire period is in a hotel.  I have every expectation of great hosts and a superb time.

My bottom line is location is a force multiplier that drives the quality of your experience.  Choose wisely among great choices by reading reviews and you can avoid unpleasant stays and have a super time!  We love being in the heart of things!

P.S.  if your a light sleeper, read reviews carefully to avoid noisy places.

P.S.S.  I forgot Calcutta!  In 1956, the crew on the cruise ship went and strike and the only place we could find was a dirty dive!  Yuk!  No AC either!

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answered by
Egor from Biysk

Personally for me the most important is location.

And two secondary factors such as:

1. Availability of a  bathtub in a room - I love to relax in it at the end of a day and summaries all what happened 

2. Included buffet breakfast - because it saves a lot of time on finding a place with good food which you actually can eat ))))

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answered by
Jacey & Scott from Fort Collins

My answer would be yes!  What I mean by that, is it depends.  I feel if the place I am going offers a unique vantage point for views, I would be willing to pay a little more, or sacrifice some cleanliness.  If I feel like I can get similar views to what I get in the hotel from another area, then paying extra for a view isn't as important to me.  I also realize that I'm usually not spending much time in my room, so paying for a view does not aIways matter the most. I try to do enough research beforehand to balance these as best as possible, but for me, at least, it is completely dependent on each travel situation.  Clear as mud, right?

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answered first by
Maria from Dublin

Cleanliness for sure! Then location - I don't often drive abroad so I'll want a place within walking distance of a rail station, restaurants etc. Then amenities (plus points for nice bedlinen, fast wifi, a dishwasher, a little patio or garden and MEGA plus points for a decent coffee maker) Next is view and finally price (within reason and budget) I recently rented an apartment in Bergamo and this was the view from my window:

Mentioned in this answer:

  1. Bergamo (city)
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answered by
Peter from Vienna

My priority when booking a hotel is a good location. I never rent a car and usually, I move around by food, so I prefer to stay close to the action. Diffrent story when there is a good public transport system. After that, the room has to be clean. Depending on what I want to do, it also matters if it is cozy and if you can spent time there. 

answered by
Lola from Ireland

The most important thing to me in a hotel, B&B or rental is price. I am traveling and spending on other things besides a place to sleep.

Next, I would say it being clean. I don't think anyone likes filth or bedbugs.

WiFi access is very important. We live in a time that every place should have it available.

Finally, how close it is to public transportation since I will not have a car. I want to be able to hop on a bus, metro, tram or taxi easily.

Views don't matter as much since I will be busy exploring :)

answered by
Renee from Palm Desert, Ca

A clean and comfortable place to relax after your day. When traveling, your going to be out and about, exploring the views and what the area has to offer.

answered by
Barbara from Leuven

free and fast wifi is a big deal for me. I usually go for a private room in a hostel. the accomodation is basic, but the atmosphere and info/service is so much better than in hotels. you can also exchange tips with fellow travelers.

answered by
Courtney from San Diego

More than location - accessibility- to whatever, wherever it is you want to see the most. Determine what, where your purpose is for travelling in the first place and then make sure you're staying somewhere from which you can get there. 

answered by
Adrian from Lima, Peru

the bench mark is clean sheets

answered by
Natália from Sao Paulo

Honestly, I'd rather spending my money on the travel itself rather than on a hotel, afterall, you're travelling to meet the country and not for staying indoors, but if money is not the problem, then go for it! ;)

answered by
Paul from Redmond (Washington)

It's a balancing act but for me:

  1. Location. There is nothing worse than finding out that your "beach" rental requires driving or that your city apartment is actually in the middle of nowhere and you wind up spending vacation commuting.
  2. Cleanliness. A place can be a little quirky (e.g. the rental owner has decorated in a penguin motif or the apartment is missing some basic things like dishes) but if it's clean then you can always adjust on the fly.

Price of course is important but prices vary so widely. View? Meh, I travel to get *out*, not stay inside the room.

answered by
Margarita from Miami

For me, View

answered by
MaryBeth from Los Angeles

Clean and safe.  

answered by

I am a 70-year old widow who loves to travel but must do it on a budget. Safety has to be a consideration. Cleanliness, of course. I want to be reasonably close to the sites that interest me. I rely on books like Rick Steves (though his destinations are limited) and on websites like tripadvisor.

answered by
Maria from Merida (Spain)

Cleanliness it's definetly a must! When I'm considering a place to stay I always try to look pics of the bathroom/toilets. If they look clean and nice then I book it, that is my first rule. 

Then, for holidays I LOVE having a kingsize bed, really hate those twinbeds which I find really unconfortable cos you have separated sheets. 

Third thing for me is breakfast: if it is not too pricey I prefer to have it at the hotel and then get ready to start my day!!

Instead of location, I search for well connected places, even if they are on the centre of a bit far and close to transportation, I hate loosing time figuring out how to get to some places.

All of those things need to be in a reasonable price, so that would be my next item on the list.

Views are not on my list unless I am spending holidays on a resort near by the beach, which is not really usual on me.

answered by

Well I would say it depends whatever the occasion. For example I walked the pilgrim route to Compostela and stayed in hostels, cheap and no view but great atmosphere. Where as in Dubai in the Burj al Arab, expensive but worth the expenses. Very special architecture.

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answered by
Linda J from Fort Worth, Texas

A disclaimer:  I have never traveled outside the United States, so these remarks relate to places mostly within the western states, which tend to be more casual than elsewhere.

To me choice depends on the purpose of the room. If I'm on a road trip, with little to see between point A and point B, and just need a place to sleep for the night, I aim for economy-priced chain motels. Most of the chains are fairly consistently clean, with decent beds, though some interiors may be worn more than others. I try to get a room as far away from the swimming pool as possible, to cut down noise; functioning Air Conditioning is a must, and decent cable TV is a plus, as is WIFI.

If there are no budget constraints, and I'm staying someplace special for more than one night, I don't mind higher-priced motels or hotels, though I'm not much for the anonymity of massive high rise hotels (or their prices). Again, most chain hotels have a fairly consistent cleanliness level, and the beds are about the same in all of them, so that isn't really an issue with me. When I'm in the room, I want peace and quiet, and working A/C. If I'm going to be in the room a lot, and there's something worthwhile outside to see, I'd like a view, especially with a balcony, otherwise it doesn't matter. 

Most of all I want a convenient hotel location, ease of navigation (I have mobility problems so I need either a ground floor room, or an available elevator), free parking, and a courteous front desk staff willing to answer my questions. In some locations, an in-hotel, or adjacent restaurant is nice, as is room service.

answered by

Cleanliness is absolutely not negotiable. Size and comfort are next on my list. It must be large enough for me and my family, with nice firm beds, high-quality furniture, reasonably luxurious bedding. I'm too old to sleep badly or not have a decent place to sit. Location is next. If possible, I like to be walking distance from cafes, scenery, public transportation, etc.

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Cleanliness 1st, price after

answered by

Hi Eric, it depends on what is the most important to you. In New Zealand most accommodation places are clean and confortable. We have a star rating to so that you can decide what quality level you want. The higher the star rating the more you can expect to pay. If you get back to me with a specific  accom place in NZ I may be able to give you more relevant advice. cheers, Paul

answered by
Andrea M from Augusta

It is a given that the property must be very clean, well maintained, and attractively furnished. Additional amenities and location are also a consideration. Rental cost and additional fees relative to comparable properties are also important. I frequently rent beach homes that allow my two small dogs for a additional fee.

answered by

Cleanliness always comes first. I can stay in an old hotel as long as it's kept up and clean.

The rest depends on the trip and length of stay. I went to Hawaii and had one night in a hotel before taking a cruise. It was totally worth the extra money for the ocean view balcony. If it was a week, that would have been different. If I'm staying somewhere for a longer trip or expect to be in my room more, than the view absolutely makes a difference.  

But, if I staying somewhere and expect to be out of the room most of the time, than view isn't nearly as important.

answered by
Arpit from Jaipur, Rajasthan

Cleanliness always comes first, I can pay extra if I get a better clean room

answered by
Katrina from South Australia

Isn't cleanliness always a given? You'd hope so! For me its always the aesthetics and overall ambiance/feeling of a place that win's me over when comparing similar values. Views are of course a a big plus, but if there was a resort with great views/average fit out compared to a resort also within close proximity of interests but perhaps inland that offered a more pleasing environment / quality fittings, fresh & bright rooms, i'd go with that one. 

answered by
Random from Seattle

Location is the first thing I ponder about....

answered by
Teri from Walnut Creek, California

You should never~ not ever~ have to sacrifice clean!!!  If you are paying for a budget property or five star resort, clean is something you should be able to expect! I always recommend- the view!  Most guests I deal with get to where they are vacationing, and the first thing they say is; "Oh, I wish I had gotten the ocean view!" Your experience should be the priority.  If you make decisions based on the price, you lessen the experience with every cut.

answered by
Janelle from Charleston

Price and cleanliness matter most.  Unless you're staying at an all-inclusive resort, the reality is that you won't be spending much time in your room.  You'll be out sightseeing, doing activities and eating off-site most of the day, and you'll only be in your room to sleep, shower and get dressed.  No matter the budget, I expect to get good value for my money and I expect to have a clean and well-maintained room.  Nothing ruins a vacation like getting ripped off by your hotel or having to sleep in a dirty and neglected room.

answered by
Cindy from Baton Rouge

Location - near to things I want to see/do. View if at the beach or mountains.

answered by
Vilma from Panevezio, Panevėžio Apskritis, Lithuania


answered by
Rebecca from Manchester

I go on the reviews, either on hostelworld or on Trip Advisor. Reviews, then the price.

answered by
Pawan from Delhi

With my experiences, I have realized that if you are low on budget, go for  a neat and clean room without a view than a damp or shabby room with a view. You will always get a better sleep in clean rooms which will help you in relaxing and rejuvenating your self.

And if your budget is good, you can afford to have a neat & clean room with fine views.

answered by

View and size of room. Those who say it doesn't matter you're not in your room for long miss the point as far as I'm concerned. I want my holiday to be special and that includes nice accommodation.

answered by
Jennifer from Chico

Price, cleanliness and how close is it to the main attractions in a particular place.

answered by
Carolyn from Centreville, Md

Location, cleanliness, price and safety (which goes along with location). Not necessarily in that order. All depends on destination. View is always a bonus. Also a bonus, is an outside space, such as a patio or balcony when renting a vacation rental.

answered by
Krista from San Francisco

Location -- love to 'live like a local' when traveling, and try to find clean and beautiful and quiet places that are away from tourist traps. Next, price! :)

I'm a huge fan of Airbnb as the reviews are generally spot on, with maps/curated content to provide good info about the surrounding area.

answered by
Sandra from Moorhead

Cleanliness,then price!

answered by
Julie from Louisville

Cleanliness is #1- tied with whether or not they take dogs.  2nd is cost.  

answered by
J. from Baltimore, Maryland

Everyone has a budget - That is the obvious starting point.  I always want a nice view on vacation and cleanliness is not negotiable.  I will not stay in a dirty place!  While on vacation I always stretch a little over my budget because I don't want any regrets when I get home.  

Find the nicest place place with the nicest view within your budget.  

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