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What's the best website for Frequent Flyer deals, bonuses and offers?

Hello, I have recently started to dig into the world of frequent flyer programs. By browsing the different programs I was able to learn about some interesting deals that are going on. 

For some of them you can even get points for free. My question is; are there websites that summarize all these deals in one place? That way I do not have to constantly check each individual program.

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Brenda from Long Beach,,, and And don't forget seat guru when your ready to book.

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Kathy from New York City

Flyertalk is a forum for frequent flyers - you can find tons of information there. As for websites - there are many bloggers on BoardingArea and Prior2Boarding.  They report travel related news fairly quickly.  TheFlightDeal and Airfarewatchdog are good when you're looking for cheap airfares.  Twitter is a wonderful resource - often news shows up there first.  I have a blog called  I write about deals, travel, points and miles as well as fitness and running (I've completed 108 marathons).  Although I may not always talk about the loyalty programs, I do know a lot about them and am always available to help you or refer you to someone who does know about the topic. On twitter, I am katruns26point2.  Be warned, and you'll hear this from others - many bloggers are open minded and fair, but some are said to be biased when giving credit card advice because they earn referral fees from some credit card companies.   

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Peter from Munich

I am very interested in frequent flyer programs too. I follow most of the mentioned sites at all the answers here.

Another think to consider picking your Airline Frequent Flyer Programm is the experiation of points. With some airlines your points dont expire, some airlines points expire but you can maintain them very easy with just some transactions or some want you to actually earn points. Make sure the freuqent flyer programm fits your needs and also the airline you will take most often. Out of Netherlands I assume it will be KLM but sometimes its worth checking all the partner in the alliance and see if the partner airlines offer better perks for their programm or easier to reach tiers like gold and platinum. Example: For star alliance its better to choose a diffrent airline within the star alliance, because most of the US based air lines need less miles to level up to the next tier, where Lufthansa wants outrages high miles to gain next tier.

But there are advantages or disadvantages of going with a diffrent airline not the one at your home base. You have to see for your self, which fits better. Like if you join Qantas, which is in the OneWorld alliance, its hard to redeem your miles for anything in there mile shop, because they only ship to an australian post address like a house or apartment. You will need a friend then, who is willing to forward it to you. This is just an example. 

For deals its probably the easiest way to follow all this sites on twitter and then create a list with all this sites and this will give you an easy feed to see whats going on and you can browse through them fairly quick and pick whats interesting for you.

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Jake from Los Angeles

All the blogs and forums mentioned are great.

To me, getting into the frequent flyer game means two parts:

1) earning points
2) booking with points

I would say this:

For earning points described in very basic layman's terms for anyone new in the game, go to: (

For learning all the tricks to booking with points, the most in-depth I found is:

If you don't want to search through scattered info on the Internet for days on days, I recently launched a complete package detailing a step-by-step process, here:

Hope those help!

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answered by
Laura from Honolulu

I would definitely suggest the book, "How To Fly For Free" by Scott Keyes.  Full disclosure, he's a friend of mine, but that just means I've been able to talk with him extensively about affordable travel and he REALLY knows his stuff!  He has come up with some really genius ideas that any normal person can use to travel the world (Ex. He flew to the Galapagos round-trip from DC for less than $100.)  I love his main point: Traveling the world does not just have to be a luxury for the rich.  It takes some planning, but anyone can do it.

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Ashley from Calgary

We do surveys for E-Rewards and it's quite easy to get points if you do regular surveys. They have several partners but we redeem for FlyingBlue miles. 

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Martin from Colorado

Another one is  

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