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What's the best cheap travel experience you've had?

The best trip I've had was a 24 hour trip to Switzerland. I visited 3 different cities and only ended up spending around $80 in total and had the most incredible time. Read about here on my blog.​ 

So what are some great cheap travels you've had in your life? Pictures are welcomed!

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Ross from Fort Collins

I think the northern part of Guatemala (Flores area) was the cheapest week I have done. i was traveling with 4 and we were splitting a room every night. We had camping gear and cooked a lot, and always hit up happy hour! But I think we were spending $6 each a night for accommodations, less than a buck for 2 beers at happy hour and one good meal at a restaurant a day. We lived like kings for $20-30 a day depending on happy hour lol!

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Luc from London

An very cheap and wonderful trip I've done a few years ago was to visit some of the Nordic Capitals by boat. 

Sleep and travel around the Baltic Sea on a ferry during the night, and visit wonderful cities during the day. Definitely excellent value trip!

I started in Stockholm and finished in Riga, passing by Helsinki and Tallinn, and was spending around 30-40€ per day for both sleeping and travelling. Not bad for such expensive countries for these countries!

Otherwise, another great and cheap trip I'm dreaming about doing is to rent a car, get a tent, and travel around California :)

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Kristina from Los Angeles

I've been to Prague twice and both times it was reasonable but the second time was probably one of the cheapest trips I have gone on. My cousin and I were on a Eurotrip and we decided to stop for 2 nights. We stayed at the Sir Toby´s Hostel - thee best hostel I have yet to stay in. We got our own room (awesome for a hostel) and shared a bathroom. Its not that close to the central part of town but taking the metro was a good time and let us see the surrounding parts of Prague. Walking around to see different parts of the city was nice and free. The food, drinks and merchandise are all pretty reasonable because the country is using the czk currency. And if you wanted to relax - get a beer at the bar by the Charles Bridge for a couple czk and people watch. Its great. One of the places I would definitely go back to if I was on a budget!

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Will from On The Road

I once flew one-way from Vancouver to Milan for $99 on Condor Airlines ( I think the company still offers incredible deals every now and then, so it's worth keeping on eye on their website...

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Jenna from Oakville, Ontario

Wow! First of all... I have to say I am so proud and impressed that yours was in Switzerland

That was my worst trip in terms of having a budget of any sorts! 

For me... the best budget travel I've done was definitely in Thailand, I'm mean that's a given right? 

The one that I was the most proud of was my trip around Germany - Munich, Dusseldorf, Koln, Heidelberg, Freiburg - Gotta love Meinfernbus.. a German bus line that is like 7 euros a ticket! 

It's always more rewarding when you budget in a more expensive country. Of course, Thailand is a great place to budget - but it's not hard to save money there haha. 

All the best, 


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When I was 19 eyars old I went hitch hiking from my native Denmark with 65 dollars in my pocket and stayed away for 9 months working my way through 11 countries in Europe and The Middle East, picking grapes, tomatoes, melons and such.

Very good way to explore the world when you are young and can go for a few days without food and sleep.

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