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What's the Best Travel Blog You've Read/Follow?

Hi! I'm a new travel blogger. This year I've been to over 60+ cities in the spread of 16 countries and have just began to write all my adventures on my blog: Travelholic's Diary​.

I wanted to know what are some of your favorite travel blogs and why you like it so much. I want to get inspired to have a more professional-like blog. 

thanks :) 

26 Answers

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Polly from Washington, DC

Your site looks great, Jinny! I like the top ten sidebar. I follow a lot of travel blogs, but I really look forward to updates by a handful. They're all blogs by women in their 20s-30s, which probably draw me in because I'm in a similar place in my life.

Adventurous Kate's blog feels more "professional" these days, but the story about the time she was shipwrecked in Indonesia is still a really great read.

Young Adventuress I love that Liz isn't afraid to express her opinions. Even if I don't agree with something she writes, I always know it will be worth reading! Her Egypt posts were funny and helpful when planning my own trip.

Alex in Wanderland takes gorgeous pictures and is a great read if you're interested in Central America or Thailand.

A Dangerous Business Amanda strikes a really nice balance with a professional yet friendly tone in her posts. Watch for upcoming posts from New Zealand, on a hobbit-inspired journey.

Oneika the Traveller doesn't post as often anymore, but when she does, it's a joy to read. She's a traveling English teacher, which shows in the quality of her writing. Recently, she's been honeymooning around Europe.

Meganotravels Megan's blog seems more personal and introspective than some of the other blogs I follow. Loved her honest posts about traveling to Morocco.

Hippie in Heels is a fun, super-comprehensive look at ex-pat life in India. Rachel's personality really shines through in her stories.

I think the biggest draws for me are quality writing, beautiful pictures, and someone who has found their "niche", whether it's the countries they focus on or the voice they've developed. One really good series of posts will definitely have me hitting "follow". I've been writing about my own travels to Brazil and Argentina on my blog, Thursday's Child. (I've decided to stay on blogger to remind myself it's just a hobby!) Best of luck to you with yours!

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answered by
Declan from Dublin

If you are looking for Podcasts, the daily travel podcast is great:

interviews with some really interesting people.  

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answered by
Kim from Canada

Like other answers I of course hold a soft spot for my own blog ;)

But in terms of what I like to read my favourite to go is always Mark Wiens and his pure love of food when traveling. I think one of the best ways to get to know a culture is through food and he does a great job at showcasing that.

As a solo female traveler I also love  and a lot of the tips and skills she offers.

And because I loved to read about her travels as a teacher 

And my fellow Canadian at

Just a few of the ones I happily go back to - hope you find some new favourites!

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answered by
Staci from Cleveland

Of course I must say I do like my own as well: :)

I do love Turquoise Compass.

I suggest going on Twitter and took at #ttot, but you'll get a lot of results. There are travel chats that happen on Twitter, too. So I would say look at the people who participate in #SBTC, #WeekendWanderlust and #TravelSkills (just to name a few). 

Also, sign up for Feedly and search #travel and you'll get a list of popular travel blogs. :)

Hope this helps and enjoy blogging!! 

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answered by
Andrea from Milan

Hi Jinny! I'm checking your blog right now, it is really nice! I particularly enjoyed the article about Beijing.

Anyway, my favorite blog is World of Wanderlust by Brooke Saward, a young Australian globetrotter who travels the world solo full time. She offers a lot of insight in her travels and really makes you feel as though you're going along for the ride with her!

I also love Sabina Trojanova's blog GirlVsGlove, she's so funny and honest and refreshing! 

Then if you're more into 'fashionable' stuff you should check Tuula's Vintage by Jessica Stein, her photos are simply amazing. 

Of course I do like mine A LOT! It's called Green and Turquoise :)

Happy travels!

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answered by
Caroline from Atlanta

Great recommendations here. I'm self promoting my own as well, named Caroline in the City. I write about adventures after my gap year(s) following college graduation, which brought me to Thailand, Croatia and Australia.

Among my favorites are This Battered Suitcase, Flora the Explorer, C'est Christine, Legal Nomads, Uncornered Market and the aforementioned Adventurous Kate and Young Adventuress. 

I've got a full links page on my site recommending blogs for just about any destination or topic.

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answered by
Oksana from Brisbane

I'm also a travel blogger at Drink Tea & Travel, currently exploring Australia, so a lot of my posts are Australia focused, but I also write about other parts of the world, from the last 3 years of living/traveling around the world. 

I grew up in Canada, so I have to share some Canadian bloggers with you. 

The Planet D is an amazing blog full of incredible photography and amazing adventures by Canadian couple Deb and Dave. 

That Backpacker - Audrey has a lot of great info on destinations from all over the world. She's currently back in Canada, but is still posting quite regularly. 

Hectic Travels - Canadian couple Dalene and Peter have just been named travelers of the year by National Geographic, definitely worth checking out. 

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answered by
Justin from Phoenix

I like meeting fellow bloggers, so I'll be sure to visit. If you're looking for ideas, here's my blog.

Here's an under-the-radar travel blog that's much more reflective than most. Only problem is ... they don't post often enough.

This one is more photo-heavy, but still always shows me something interesting.

And here's an adventurous blog that's very close to mine.

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answered first by
Valerie from Seattle

Well, my favorite is my own: Valerie & Valise -

But I also love Brooke Saward from World of Wanderlust -

Valerie from Ramblist -

Nicholas's site

... that's a good starting point! Good luck!

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answered by
Courtney from Los Angeles

Hey, Everyone,

Just wanted to let you know that the awesome answers you gave here can now be seen in this article on Huffington Post!

While we weren't able to get everyone's favorite blog in there we plan on doing this again in the future so don't worry if your blog didn't make it this time around! 

Thanks again, everyone--we so appreciate all the amazing travel advice you give on Trippy!!! And be sure to share your fabulous input on our your social media channels! 

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answered by
Valerie from Los Angeles

I have a few:

Whiskey Tango Globetrot- What I love about Spencer's blog is how he incorporates travel and the art of cocktails. It's a fun element to a travel blog that you don't see too often. Check it out, there are some great recipes in there! 

Krista Gray- Not only is Krista an amazing Ambassador for Trippy, she also has a great blog. I love the simplicity and her pictures are ah-ma-zing!

Lion and Maven- Also another great Ambassador, Lauren has one of the best food + travel blogs. I don't think there's a post that I've come by on Lion and Maven where i've been like "Oh my gosh, I want to go there and eat that right. now." There's a ton of drool worthy food pictures, be sure to check it out! 

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answered by

Hi' Jinny.

Nice to see another blogger here.

I just started a blog recently myself as I have been on the road for 26 years and actually not had a permanent adress for the past 8 years.

I have attended the TBEX conference this week in Athens

and it was a great experience with hundres of travel bloggers I really recommend you to go to a TBEX as this is a place where you learn a lot and do some fantastic networking.

Even if my blog is very basic I came across a guy at TBEX who has offered to help me getting sponsors and media coverage on my next trip which is a cycling trip through India

My own blog is by the way.

But the king of all travel bloggers to me is who has a super cool blog about his life of constant travel and he is a super cool guy that I had the pleasure to hang out with last year when I was in Bucharest for a couple of days.

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answered by
Carissa from Sydney

Welcome to the wonderful world of Travel Blogging! The best decision I made was starting up my writing, I've been into it for over 5 months now and my new website is launching next week! Check me out via Facebook for all relevant links to my website, instagram etc. /startwandering  


I love Young Adventuress by far the most matter of fact, inspirational blogs.  


For a different vibe YTravel Blog are also major players in the blogosphere. 


Enjoy the process, and if you need any tips hints or help I'm happy to connect with you.

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answered by
Jeremy from Berlin

I follow a few travel photo "bloggers" and my favorite is Andrew Evans. His Instagram handle is wheresandrew. He also blogs his journeys on National Geographic, but his Instagram account is amazing to follow on its own.

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answered by
Nathaniel from Boston

Jinny! That's awesome. Congrats on getting started and loading up your blog with so much content already. We should connect!

There are so many good answers, and so many more left off. It's extremely hard for me to pick a favorite when I've interviewed and become friends with so many travel bloggers on The Daily Travel Podcast

Uncornered Market may be the one I find myself reading the most consistently for its thoughtfulness. We had such a great conversation on my show about travel and what makes them successful that it's left the biggest impression on me.

But I'm an enormous fan of Dave and Deb at The Planet D. They're just great people doing amazing things! And they're so supportive and approachable.

And since she hasn't been mentioned here, Sherry Ott at Otts World is a hero to many.

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answered by
Amy from Florida

One the best storytellers in the travel blogging world is Wes of

For the funniest travel travel blog, check out

This one is lesser known than the top 2, but is one of my favorites: Mariah is trained as a nurse, but seriously one of the most powerful writers I've come across. Her stories are poetic and always draw me in.

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answered by
Tenele from Bungendore

Thanks to all who responded to this post, found some new fav blogs and Jinny looks like you lead a fabulous life, well done with the blog!

I am a new travel/food blogger and I found this post by Young Adventuress totally hilarious 

We will all know we have made it in the world of blogging when the haters start up. Yet to achieve that level of fame!

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answered by
Ellen from Dallas

Jinny, check out Johnny Jet's blog and Daily Tip. He is also a great example of just how profitable and rewarding a travel blog can be. I read his Daily Tip unfailingly - it's always common sense but generally has a twist! 

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answered by
Emily from Hockessin, Delaware

I love all of these blogs, great descriptions, too.

I checked your site, too! It's rad :)

I love reading - My favorite is the "Advice From The Stranger" section which highlights interesting people I met along my travels and the life advice they gave me. I also showcase my travel art, journal entries, and inspiration for others to start discovering life outside their cage!

Would love some feedback, thanks everyone!

answered by
Olivia from Miami

Hi there! I am a travel/ sailing blogger here is my website I hope you like it! 

answered by

Hi Jinny! Site looks great :) LOVE the video slider! I really think you already have professional look to your site. I also blog, more on the photography side, at Things That Keep You Dreaming I think a lot of the ones I follow are already mentioned here but wanted to throw in my top two!

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answered by
Chiara from San Francisco

Hey guys of the Trippy Community :-)

I wrote and self-published a book travel related. It's the story of two travelers that meet in the wrong time of their life and after twists and turns finally get back together. It includes stories about life experiences around the world, so you will find good tips for your future trips. 2 YEARS 4 MONTHS 2 HOURS is on Amazon and it has more than 60 5-star reviews.

Visit my Travel Blog for more travel tips!

answered by
Kelly from San Francisco

Great question! I have been wondering this myself. I recently came across one that I find interesting called travel tips, and info about different destinations. One of the articles I really liked was "Best Restaurants in San Francisco 2014. 

Mentioned in this answer:

  1. San Francisco (city)

answered by
Tinesh from Mumbai suburban

I would bet on 

But visit this site if you love to read travel stories. It does not offers tips. 

Their stories feature regularly on the Best American Travel Writing book series.

answered by
Emi from San Francisco

Love that you've started one!! My favorite kind of blogs :)

I love World of Wanderlust, and I write my own Travel Blog: ! 

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