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What was the highlight of your last tour?

We all been travelling to different destinations across the globe. And there is always one thing that leave an impression on us, for a long time. Most of us refer it as the highlight of the tour. So what was the highlight of your last tour?

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Sean from Hudson Valley

I almost always find something to love wherever I travel to.  Be it the landscape, the food or the architecture, every place I've been has left some indelible mark on my soul.  Still, I have to say the true highlights involve interacting with the people I meet along the way.  With your indulgence, I'd like to tell you of several that I often think about.

I was at a restaurant in Lisbon, Portugal years ago.  While dining at the counter alone, a scruffy looking fellow entered and walked up to where I was sitting.   He turned around, and started to slowly sink toward the floor.  I immediately realized to was going after the purse on the floor, belonging of the woman next to me, who's back was turned.  I crowded him out with my shoulder making him loose his balance, but not his resolve.  He steadied himself to try again, but this time the staff saw him an drove him out.  At this point the purse's owner was now facing me due to the commotion.  Realizing she was British I said, "Madam, mind your purse."  One of the people from behind the counter said something to her I couldn't hear. However, he must have told them what happened because both she and her husband looked at me wide eyed.   She reached down to retrieve the purse and thanked me profusely.  Offering to share their wine with me, she was dumbfounded to discover I was an American.  She told she thought, "My, this Portuguese man speaks English very well."   We drank wine and talked, and by the time we left she had a newfound admiration for Americans.

While I using a room finding service in the Cinque Terre, I asked the young lady assisting me where she liked go in the evening.  Being a American ex-patriot I thought she's know a place I might like.  However, she suspected that I might be trying to hit on her, so she answered, "At my boyfriend's bar."   When I responded with, Your boyfriend owns a bar?  Cool!", she relaxed a little.  That night I went to the bar in question.  Sure enough, she was there.  Seeing me enter, she quickly introduced me to her boyfriend Evo.  He and I hit it off immediately.  Evo made the rounds in his bar, as a good publican should, but always came back and spent time in conversation with me.  The next morning I headed out to do some exploring.  As I walked down the street I heard someone call out my name.  There was Evo sweeping the sidewalk in front of his bar.  He had a huge Smile on his face and was waving enthusiastically.  I smile and waved back.   With all the people he must meet, on a regular basis, he remembered my name and took the time to say hello. 

I spent an evening in a pub in the Cotswold town of Moreton-in-Marsh.  Having passed through there just a few weeks earlier, many of the regulars remembered me, and invited me to spend the evening with them.  Shortly after last call I said my goodbyes, as I had to rise early to catch my flight out.  As I readied to leave one fellow put his hand on my shoulder and said, "Don't forget us, friend."

I hope you have these type of moments in travel too, Pawan.

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answered by
Hazel from Port St. Lucie

Walking across the bridges. Many bridges.

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answered by
Maria from Merida (Spain)

To watch and listen the movement of Aletschwald glaciar , the biggest one in Europe. Amazing feeling

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answered by
Nancy from Birmingham (Alabama)

What a great question and one I've had fun with as I remember our last trip to LA. Once again, LACMAwins, hands down, with its historical tour of the old Union station. The fact that many of our tour group had ridden the train from their homes in southern CA just for the tour was amazing to me. Not only were we learning about how this historic building was designed and built in the Art Deco style for the crowds of the 1930's, we were seeing firsthand its role today in transporting the people of LA.

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Eleonora from L'viv

When hitchhiking in Israel, we met a park ranger, who gave us a ride. Then it appeared that he lived in a botanic garden kibutz, and he was a, we changed our plans of heading to Jerusalem to experience life in kibutz, and it was great! The atmosphere, warmth, non-locked doors - all amazing! + He gave us a tip to head to a hidden spot at the Dead Sea where the hot springs come to a surface, so we ended up hanging around there with the locals instead of boring touristy resorts :) Natural hot tubs with mineral waters! Amazing people and amazing nature!

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