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What should I bring on a red eye flight?

What do I need to bring on the airplane to survive a 6 hour red eye flight?

19 Answers

top answer by
Jake from Los Angeles

If you're trying to sleep, I'd say:

1) Eye mask (the airline may give you one)

2) Neck pillow or other small pillow to keep your head from dropping down and waking you up

3) Ear plugs or ear buds to keep the noise out

4) Download a white noise app if you have ear buds

If you can't fall asleep:

1) Bring a good book or an ipad/movie player to watch some movies

2) Bring a music player or listen to audiobooks or podcasts


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answered by
Caroline from Laguna Beach

Really depends upon if you're planning to sleep or not.  If not, get your music list up to date, bring some great reading material, super emollient lip balm, and some lotion... hands get dry!  If so, throw in some earplugs, an eye mask, and a neck pillow. Oh and wear a poncho or shawl to get cozy with. Happy Trails!

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answered by
Vinay from Tenderloin
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answered by
Karma from Houston

Sleeping pills work well for me, but for longer red eye flights. Seriously! I've literally never had any jet lag flying all over the world if I sleep right when I get on plane for 6-8 hours. 

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answered by
Erin from Brooklyn

I agree with what everyone else suggests! Also, I am always sure to pack a pair of super-comfy socks and wear shoes with a little breathing room, ideally with laces, since feet tend to swell on long flights. And two sets of headphones: earbuds and large over-ear headphones. Both tend to make my ears sore after a few hours, so it's nice to be able to switch :)

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answered by
Gail from Madison

I like to read, so I would bring 2 mags that you love--I'd bring Vanity Fair as it has real reading.  Maybe the New Yorker for the same reason.  People is always a page turner.  Then bring a book, again a page turner.  Don't try to learn a new language!!  I also like cross words--so I'd bring a little book of those and a decent pencil, WITH ERASER!  Head phones are a must.  Be sure to load a couple good playlists.  If I traveled with a computer (I use ipad), I would bring a movie or two.  The airline movies are typically not worth watching.  

If you want to sleep, two benedryl, an eye mask and a decent pillow and make sure you have a window seat.  Also cozy sox!!  Good luck.  

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answered by

A pillow, good reading material and lip balm. Lip balm is a good multitasker,you can use it on your cuticles,your face as a moisturizer,smooth out your eyebrows and tame flyaways.

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answered by

A neck pillow and a sleeping pill.

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answered by
Jacey & Scott from Fort Collins

6 hours isn't enough time for me to take a sleeping pill (I would still be groggy upon arrival), but a Dramamine will help put you to sleep or at least help you relax and maybe get a few minutes shut eye.

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answered by
Rachel from Hong Kong

comfy neck pillow and eye drops are a must! also wear comfy pants

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answered by
Kandace from Forest Grove, Oregon

I prefer red eyes, but I can't sleep on airplanes, so my best suggestion would be something to listen to music on and a book, or even bring some audiobooks and podcasts so you can rest your eyes while you listen, which will probably earn you brownie points with your fellow passengers for not needing to keep the light on. :)

answered by
Craig from Savage

Water.  Water. And Water.

answered by
Jessica (China Barbie) from United States

-A book

-An ipod & earbuds


-A sleep mask



-Toothbrush & toothpaste


answered by
Susan from Haverford, Pennsylvania

Your own pillow!  I have a travel down pillow that I can't live without!

answered by
marcailles from Surrey

Melatonin, ear plugs (I prefer noise canceling headphones and some music), and a pillow. Try to get the window seat too :D

answered by
Roxy from Dawson Creek

Melatonin! It's a natural pill that helps you sleep, seriously a life saver for me.

answered by
Alisha from Nagpur

Hi colleen, you know what's worse than trying to get some proper sleep on an overnight flight? Trying to get some proper sleep on two overnight flights with a late-night connection in between.

1) Choose the right seat

2) Wear comfortable clothing

3) Come prepared

4) Invest In A Pillow To Suit Your Sleep Style

5) Limit hydration

6) Medicate

7) Lay the groundwork

8) Wake up right

9) Go easy on yourself

Hope this information helps you. Enjoy your journey!

answered by
Lauren from Toronto

Hey Colleen! 

Some things you may want to bring are: 
- An eye mask 
- A neck pillow 
- Lots of water
- A small bag of cosmetics to freshen up (toothpaste, toothbrush, wet naps to clean your face, etc.) 
- Ear plugs (in case you're stuck beside a screaming kid!) 

answered by
Roxanne from Montreal

I agree totaly with Jacob.  In fact, i always have these items with me not matter the duration.  You never know, delais can append on any flight.

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