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Los Angeles

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What is your fondest travel memory with your dog?

I've heard some pretty funny/great stories about people's travel adventures with their dogs. I am someone who can't go anywhere without my Jack Russell, Milo. He is my best traveling companion and we have had some pretty memorable adventures together. 

What is your fondest travel memory with your dog? Share your stories!

11 Answers

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Jillian from Los Angeles

One of my favorite travel memories with my dog was driving cross country from Chicago to Los Angeles. She loves being in the car and sticking her head out of the window. There's nothing better then watching her take it all in with her ears flapping in the wind, and sun on her face. Loved traveling with her on the road through all the different states! 

Another great memory was when I took her to Joshua Tree. She actually looked pretty funny in the desert. Here's a pic of her relaxing!

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Andrew from Manhattan Beach

One winter we took our jindo mix, Dodi, up to Icehouse Canyon Trailhead just past Mt Baldy village.  There was quite a bit of snow on the trail.  Even though she'd never seen snow before, she was definitely in her element.  It was a lot of fun to see her bounding through the snow.  The cold didn't seem to bother her at all.

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Courtney from Los Angeles

I brought my little elderly pug to New York City for Christmas one year. It was perfect because by that time she was so old and slow that walking long distances wasn't her thing so I would just sit with her on a bench near the Union Square holiday market and people-watched with her. She absolutely loved it because she had never seen so many people before and they were all coming up to her and petting her and giving her little treats. I dressed her up in a little Christmas dress and people asked if they could take their picture with her. It was like watching the dog version of Brooke Astor entertain New York. 

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JR from Manhattan Beach

Once we took our mixed breed (mostly Australian Shepard we thought), Bandit, camping up above Bishop (California) near South Lake. It's amazingly beautiful up there. We were at Table Mountain Campground in case anyone knows it :)

But after the 5 hour drive Bandit was ready to run! As soon as let him out of the car, he bolted across the stream, then across the meadow and then up the mountain! This mountain was mostly gigantic boulders so I'm still not sure how we did it. He came back after an hour or so and continued to run and swim. 

I'll never forget watching his soaking wet white fur bouncing like a deer through that deep grass.   

Bad news was the next day he couldn't walk. He over did it. We needed to take him down into the Bishop Veterinary Hospital the next day and gave him some muscle relaxants to help him. Poor guy... he wasn't used to all the room to run and the altitude. 

** if you zoom in on the map (satellite view) you can see the stream/meadow (although it looks like that image is from the fall/winter, because it was very green when we were there)

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Babou from Port-au-Prince, Haiti

I was flying from Washington, DC to Miami and had my yorkie terrier Snoops on board with me under the seat and halfway through the flight I heard some commotion further in the back of the plane and when I turned to look it was my pup, running down the aisle. He somehow figured out how to get out of his little carrier bag. smh I had to run after him and in my haste I managed to almost trip and landed on someone's armrest.. I had a bruise on my bum for another two weeks. LOL :P I definitely will never forget that trip! 

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Scott from Fort Collins

I was working a three month long assignment in Columbus, Ohio about five years ago.  My wife travels a lot for work too.  She came out, with our little Shih Tzu, Montana, to visit for the weekend, and left the dog with me for three weeks, as my wife had a busy travel month ahead.  Having that dog with me on a work trip, being able to have her waiting in the hotel, wagging her tail, after a long day of work, and being able to take walks and just have her around, is a very fond memory.  It made being away from home so much easier.

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Amy from Florida

I recently went on a cross-country RV trip with my dad and my dog, from California to Florida.

It was interesting being crammed in a small space with such a huge German Shepherd. He got quite territorial...

The best part was getting him to "pose" for travel photos. He's one well-traveled pup!

At Grand Canyon National Park

Somewhere in ArizonaIn California, eager for the trip to start

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answered by
Susyn from Fort Lauderdale

I travel everywhere with my dogs by car. My fondest travel memories of travel with my dog Shawnee is when we drove from South Florida to Central California and back. Shawnee got to splash in Pacific waters for the first time, hike in Albuquerque, explore an Earth ship in Taos, help power a dog poop powered dog park in Gibson AZ, acquire dog Mardi Gras beads in New Orleans ... all in just 3 weeks. My dogs are the best travel companions I have ever had.

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answered by
Justin from Phoenix

When I was 6 years old, my family moved cross-country from Illinois to Arizona. One of the best parts of the trip was sneaking our German shepherd into hotels every night. Something about that still makes me laugh!

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answered by
Richard from Costa Rica

I would have to say a lot of unique memories come to mind from bringing our service dog Dracula to Costa Rica to live the rest of his days. Before we brought him we used cds of jungle sounds recorded here to acclimate him to living on a wildlife reserve. It was amazing in many ways from traveling first class seats with him by our side to training him to behave around dangerous wildlife.

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answered by
Caterina from Florence

Summer 2010, Isola d'Elba. Audrey (my dog) was just 1 year old and too excited and rowdy to behave on a beach (you could see everybody literally running away from her!). I spent days "enjoying the sun" with her leash tied to my ankle :-) what a relaxing week!

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