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What is your dream road trip experience?

For a budget of 3K € for 2 months.

Mixing back pack and nice hotels.

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Staci from Cleveland

Pacific Coast Hwy is way up there on my road trip list. This route with take you along the coast of California. There are plenty of stops along the way! I recommend reading this article for more information. I found it highly insightful for someone planning a road trip along this beautiful coastline. :)

This is just a start. You can find many more road trips out west. 

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Jeremy from Berlin

I'm going to stick with North America, because there is no way I could succinctly describe a road trip experience in Europe--2 months and 3,000 €? I would want to drive on every road through the entire continent and stay in Airbnb finds all along the way.

However, it has always been a dream of mine simply to drive coast to coast in America. Doesn't matter if we start in NYC or Florida, and it doesn't matter if we end up in Seattle or Los Angeles. There are so many things to see along the way no matter what route you take.

I realize it wouldn't take two months, but I would roughly plan around Hard Rock Cafe locations (why not) and do a lot of research to make sure we knew about the pretty, off-the beaten-path locations. If we were to take the full two months, we would probably spend extra time in some national parks along the way or even do a city-a-night type of thing. Catch a lot of ball games, see the downtowns, and definitely take a lot of pictures.

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Jenna from Oakville, Ontario

Renting a Volkswagen Westfalia, hitting the open road in Europe and spending the money on nice hotels every time I'm ready for a shower and freshen-up again! Haha 

Travelling the World, Making a Difference

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Carissa from Sydney

Hi Fleur, 

Too many options! 

I have experienced road tripping the South Island of New Zealand which was amazing. You could visit the whole island in less than 2 months though. Something I will do again, perhaps mix in a bit of the North Island as well, which would take up a bit more time and make the 2 months worth while. 

Europe would be a great destination, and if your willing to sleep in the car, and tent cities then you will be able to budget for 3K euro. 

I've road trip a month in North East USA and Canada. We arrived in NYC for 8 nights (over NYE so more expensive) then flying to Boston then hiring the car is much cheaper then from NYC. Boston to Montreal driving through some of the most picturesque parts of New England, USA. Then onto OttawaTorontoNiagara Falls. You could add Quebec CityChicagoPhiladelphiaWashington, DC to spread it out a little more for a little longer. These locations offer great accommodation options for reasonable prices, NYC being your most expensive, but just try and stay outside of Times Square (for more than one reason). 

Then there is Australia. You could travel the East Coast of Australia from Port Douglas to Sydney, and even further to Melbourne. Your funds will be mostly impacted by car hire, so try and find a reasonably cheap option of car rentals. Australia is a very large country with a lot of options in between cities, just hug the coast as much as you can, otherwise there is not too many places to stop in the outback in between cities.

Have Fun!

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  6. Quebec City (city)
  7. Chicago (city)
  8. Philadelphia (city)
  9. Washington, DC (city)
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Justin from Phoenix

Definitely summertime in Finland! Great hiking and outdoor scenery, beautiful cities, great food, lots of music festivals, great public transit (the trains ... I wish we had them in the U.S.). And there's sahti, too!

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Cycling from Rio de Janeiro to Santiago.

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  2. Santiago (city)
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Brett from Eindhoven

I'd suggest an Eastern European Road trip, staying in smaller cities along the way. Should be easy to spread the budget over this time frame there, as nicer lodging can be had for under €100/night, hostels much less, and food is delicious and inexpensive.

One Potential itinerary includes locations like:

Plzen, Czech Republic

Brno, Czech Republic

Bratislava, Slovakia

Timisoara, Romania

Nis, Serbia

Bar, Montenegro

Mostar, Bosnia

Opatija, Croatia

Ljubljana, Slovenia

You'd see some beautiful scenery, especially in the Southern Alps of Serbia, Montenegro, Bosnia, and Slovenia. Lots of great food, as well as local beer (mostly Pilsner), wine, and spirits.  

I did a road trip through many of these stops back in October (23 countries in 10 days!!) and saw some amazing places. Would like to do it a little slower next time...

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  2. Brno (city)
  3. Bratislava (city)
  4. Timisoara (city)
  5. Nis (city)
  6. Bar (city)
  7. Mostar (city)
  8. Opatija (city)
  9. Ljubljana (city)

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