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What is your definition of nomad?

You hear travellers calling themselves nomads quite often these days. The definition of a nomad is a person or community who is constantly moving to support their lifestyle. Traditionally this was for survival but now is mostly a personal choice. People are pushing the word's definition these days so I'm curious - what is a nomad to you and/or do you consider yourself a nomad?

I am working to transition myself from a permanent full-time job to freelance opportunities that will free me up to travel and work. At the same time I am married, I have a mortgage and even if I spent the majority of my time travelling I'd always have a home so I wouldn't consider myself in the nomadic category. I am curious though how many people would describe themselves as a nomad or what other labels do you use to explain to people your lifestyle? 

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Brenda from Long Beach

I have an irish friend who owns a home in London but travels over nine months a year because the taxes are too high for him to establish residency in the UK. We have 

contact at least three times a week and most of the time he is on the move. I consider him a nomad despite the fact that he owns a home.  

At first, it was romantic and exciting and I envied him. Every photo and travel story made me dream of abandoning my secure existence and jumping into his lifestyle. Over a couple of years, I have watched him have moments where he is travel weary (I get exhausted after a month abroad). Grass is always greener.. ...

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If you have a home base then you are not a nomad.

A nomad is per defenition a person without a permanent base who move around permanently.

You can have nomadic lifestyle for a while and then go back to so called normal life.

But going backpacking for 3 months does not make you a nomad, it makes you a backpacker and there is nothing negative about any of the terms used here so no need to worry.

But if you have a monthly rent to pay then you are not a nomad no matter what part of the world you live in.

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answered by
Peter from Munich

I am traveling since 2008 for work and since then only living in hotels and sometimes appartments if its for a longer project. Other than that I have the essential belongings with me and everything else is in a storage unit.

Trying now to get at least some kind of a homebase and rent out a place, where I can stay inbetween. I probably wouldn't say I am a nomad but more likely call myself "homeless" ;) I don't mind that life so far and its always exciting where it brings you next...

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    I want to become Nomad and I will be pretty well starting this thing from right now onwards. I have a nice place to live but I would like to travel the World and stop over different places as long as I like and live where ever my mind would please me to stay for as long as I may like to stay. I would like to come back to Toronto or to California my present stops or places of residences when ever I would be tired of traveling. I think that would be my kind of definition of Nomad and that is what I am going to do.

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