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What is your best travel selfie?

Yes, I want to see your best travel selfies! I've come across some pretty great ones...funny, serious, with animals, with crazy backgrounds, and in beautiful places. What is the best travel selfie you've ever taken and where were you?

43 Answers

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Jillian from Los Angeles

Easy! I call it my "Eye spy an elephant" selfie from a safari in Tarangire National Park.

It was the first stop on our safari, and the elephants were surrounding us. Such an amazing experience that I had to take a selfie, obviously.

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  1. Tarangire National Park (attraction)
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JR from Manhattan Beach

This was an epic day and i was bummed i didn't take more pictures. But this selfie definitely captured a moment. In the selfie you'll find in order: 

  1. Me - JR Johnson
  2. Rene Redzepi - Founder of Noma and all-around creative juggernaut. 
  3. Mark Emil Hermansen - anthropologist, Nordic Food Lab, Noma, MAD Symposium
  4. Chris Sacca - heavy twitter user (yes, he's probably tweeting in this picture)

Yes, I have a big, proud smile on my face and here's why. 

We started at Rene's house. We had coffee. We ate ice cream. We toured his garden. If our day ended there I would have called it epic but we were just getting started.

Rene and Mark gave Chris and I a walking tour Christianshavnand Freetown Christiania. We made our way all the way over to Amass where we tried some house made pastis with Chef Matt Orlando. But wait there's more. We cabbed it back because we didn't have time to walk back (it took us a couple hours to walk to Amass) because we needed to get ready for dinner at Noma that night. Rene continued to be the ultimate host and gave my entire family (14 of us) a personal tour of Noma, the test kitchen, and the fermentation lab. Then the meal just blew our minds. 

Btw, the pic was snapped somewhere between Christiania and Amass. 

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  1. Christianshavn (attraction)
  2. Freetown Christiania (neighborhood)
  3. Amass (restaurant)
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answered by
Jenna from Oakville, Ontario

I think this one takes the cake for me haha - selfies in Siem Reap
Oh the life of solo travel bloggers haha!

- Jenna 

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  1. Siem Reap (state)
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answered by
Debbie from San Francisco

I didn't think I had that many #travelselfies, but now that you mention it, I did manage to dig these up... 

My favorite is what I took in what my friends and I dubbed "the disco temple" in Ayutthaya.

It was the most gorgeous temple that was covered from wall to ceiling in tiles of mirror of all sizes and patterns:

Runner ups...

You can see my friends' and I's reflection in the rearview/side mirrors of this tuk tuk in Bangkok:

And my reflection in wall of shattered mirrors at Glasstress on Murano Island.Can't wait to see others!

Mentioned in this answer:

  1. Ayutthaya (state)
  2. Bangkok (city)
  3. Glasstress (attraction)
  4. Murano Island (attraction)
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answered by
Alain from Toronto

I'm not into selfie stick yet. People who are using it have the same pose. So, I take selfies with my ever loyal tripod and camera timer/shutter. :) Don't tell me it's not a selfie. It. Is. :)) 

Here's the proof---from Petra, Jordan

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  1. Petra (city)
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answered by
Julia from Brooklyn

This was in 2004, so before "selfie" was even a term --

I set my camera on timer and set up this shot on the side of the Taj Mahal:

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  1. Taj Mahal (attraction)
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answered by
Tony from Seattle

Took a snow machine out to Spencer Glacier from Girdwood and found a ridiculously blue ice tunnel.  

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  1. Spencer Glacier (attraction)
  2. Girdwood (city)
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answered by
Ian from United Kingdom

Like Tiffany, I'm not one for having my picture taken.  However, on my vague 'round the world' trip, I've been doing a daily picture project of a photo of my feet (it's all marketing branding, you know :p).

This has led to some strange ideas and locations, especially as I'm usually travelling alone so have to try some weird ideas, made all the more awkward by the occasional people wandering past and looking at me strangely.  Amazing what people do in the name of art ... ;)

As an example, this was taken on the Nullarbor Plain - midges not pictured ...


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  1. Nullarbor Plain (attraction)
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answered by
Ross from Fort Collins

I don't know how he does it!

Hot wife 

boom cobra selfie!!!!!!!!!

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answered by
Alvian from Jakarta

This one win baby!! It was taken Ujung Bira South Sulawesi - Indonesia. The ocean was beautiful, the dive sites are awesome. I traveled with my girl and she loved it we will coming back on May :) 

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  1. Ujung Bira (attraction)
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I took this one last week in Delphi with a local cat. Always wanted to take a selfie in Delphi.

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  1. Delphi (city)
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answered by
Scott from Bakersfield

My favorite travel selfie was this past May when I was on a Wine Country Cruise with Princess Cruises.  I love to go to the top deck all by myself and just soak up all the grand views of nature.  It is my happy place.

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answered by
Evan from Virginia

I haven't been to as many crazy exotic locations as some of the other Trippy members, but I think any selfie with a giraffe in the background is worth sharing! (Taken during a recent trip to the San Diego Zoo Safari Park.)  

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  1. San Diego Zoo Safari Park (attraction)
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answered by
Tiffany from Corvallis

I'm one of those people who hate to get their photo taken. This is probably why I love photography because then I get to hide on the other side of the lens. So my selfies are shadow shots. This is one of the first. I was driving back to Valencia from Montanejos and a herd of goats had just crossed the road (which is why I was in the middle of the street with my camera).

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  1. Valencia (city)
  2. Montanejos (city)
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answered by
Ryan from Redondo Beach

I had a lot but this one wins.This selfie was taken last year at Oktoberfest in Munich with my buddy Louis. We grew up next door to each other stirring up all kinds of mischief in our neighborhood as kids so this selfie might be the pinnacle of our epic partying. If someone asked me to describe the Oktoberfest experience with 1 photo this would be it.

Beers, crowd, out of focus, random German girl, Bavarian scenery painted on walls of the tent. Just a quick look a this selfie brings back so many memories of sitting, standing and dancing at the same table for 14 hours. Yes, 14 hours we stayed at the same table meeting people from every corner of the world, learning how all the Oktoberfest dances and songs go and how to properly hold a maß. It may sound unpleasant to stay in one place for so long, but honestly it's was one of the best experiences I've had. I can still smell the beer and sauerkraut aromas in the air. Prost!

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  1. Oktoberfest (attraction)
  2. Munich (city)
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answered by
Mags from Orlando

Definitely the time I interupted a lions breakfast in Tanzania.  

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answered by
Karrell from Singapore

Selfie with the Chocolate HillsBohol

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  1. Chocolate Hills (attraction)
  2. Bohol (attraction)
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answered by
Konrad from Washington, DC

My favorite was probably at the top of Lion's Head, overlooking Cape Town, South Africa and Robben Island (Nelson Mandel's island prison). More pics and thoughts from this trip are in my blog post from the trip:

Mentioned in this answer:

  1. Lion's Head (attraction)
  2. Cape Town (city)
  3. South Africa (country)
  4. Robben Island (island)
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answered by
Supun from Carson (California)

First here's my selfie to make all other Trippy members jealous. While trying to get the view down to the Pacific from Sandstone Peak, I missed the view but got a shot of my super cool T-shirt.

I had a hard time picking one shot, so I decided to pick a few of my faces at various places.

Here's me on a speed raft coming back from swimming with wild dolphins off of Ponta Delgada, by the holy Michael Jordan statue in front of the United Center, outside the Grand Bazaar, looking out at Half Dome on a trip to Sequioa and Kings Canyon National Park with my dad and nephew, and at Edgewood Park & Natural Preserve (where I did my first trippy self answer).

And here's me relaxing on Boracay Island, up in a tree along the Bridge to Nowhere hike, on a road trip to San Jose where I drove 800 miles round trip in less than 48 hours just to run a half marathon, jogging in Central Park and taking the Staten Island Ferry on another road trip where a buddy and I decided New York wasn't far away from Chicago after finishing Old 66, walking around Paris, and with some friends volunteering in Port-au-PrinceAnd here is a final set where I'm on a bus to Santo Domingo that would end up breaking down leaving us and all the luggage in the backdrop stranded for a few hours, I'm taking a "holy cow I'm in New Delhi!" shot, taking a pic with one of my travel buddies (who's also on Trippy) at Blyde River Canyon, watching the elephants at the Pinnawala Elephant Orphanage go take a bath, accidentally snapping pics of myself inside a bomb safe hotel in Kabul (where I also met some talented young musicians), hanging out at the Gandhi Ashram,  smoking Nargila at Çorlulu Alipasa Medrese, meeting a pen pal for the first time at Cișmigiu Gardens, posing in front of the Taj Mahal, on a train to Nuwara Eliya, dipping my toes into Trincomalee Bay while checking out the Koneswaram Temple, learning about a German monastery, and petting a lion cub at Lion Park. Which one do you think is my best one? Thanks for checking me out and as always thanks for sharing your travels here.

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  1. Sandstone Peak (attraction)
  2. Ponta Delgada (city)
  3. United Center (neighborhood)
  4. Grand Bazaar (attraction)
  5. Half Dome (attraction)
  6. Kings Canyon National Park (park)
  7. Edgewood Park & Natural Preserve (attraction)
  8. Boracay Island (island)
  9. Bridge to Nowhere (attraction)
  10. San Jose (city)
  11. Central Park (attraction)
  12. Staten Island Ferry (attraction)
  13. Old 66 (attraction)
  14. Paris (city)
  15. Port-au-Prince (city)
  16. Santo Domingo (city)
  17. New Delhi (city)
  18. Blyde River Canyon (attraction)
  19. Pinnawala (city)
  20. Kabul (city)
  21. Gandhi Ashram (attraction)
  22. Çorlulu Alipasa Medrese (attraction)
  23. Cișmigiu Gardens (attraction)
  24. Trincomalee (city)
  25. Koneswaram Temple (attraction)
  26. Lion Park (attraction)
  27. Nuwara Eliya (city)
  28. Taj Mahal (attraction)
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answered by
Ernst from Long Island (New York)

I don't take selfies too often but when I do, I put my camera on a tripod.  Here are 2 photos I took while hiking through Wire Pass in southern Utah.

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  1. Wire Pass (attraction)
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answered by
Denise from New Orleans

Me in in Segovia at the Alcazar. Not sure if this is a selfie or more of an Midieval photobomb?

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  1. Segovia (city)
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answered by
Billy from Chicago

For sure it's my profile pic in Machu Picchu. I don't do many but had to show my mom. :)

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  1. Machu Picchu (attraction)
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answered by
Polly from Washington, DC

My least selfie-looking selfie was taken at First Beach, Washington, a few hours before I ran off the road in a snowstorm.

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  1. First Beach (attraction)
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answered by
Uriel from Saint-Jean-de-Luz

Borobudur in Indonesia!

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answered by
Cherie from Bay Area

Met this adorable little pup named Pita on a beach in Santorini. He liked my shoelaces! I loved this photo so much it was my profile photo for quite a while on Facebook. ^_^

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  1. Santorini (island)
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answered by
Kim from Canada

I'm usually taking photos of scenery not selfies so this is one of the only ones I have but I love it because I remember the heat of standing on the cliffs of Tulum Mexico and wanted to capture the gorgeous blues of the skies and the water!

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  1. Tulum (city)
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answered by
Nathaniel from Boston

That time I hung out with Miss America in Las Vegas. As one does, right?

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  1. Las Vegas (city)
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answered by
Marina from Riga, Latvia

One of the recent - zipline next the old Đurđevića Tara Bridge in Montenegro.

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  1. Đurđevića Tara Bridge (attraction)
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answered by
Jill from Ottawa

My best selfie was when my boyfriend and I were ice climbing in Vatnajökull National Park Iceland. We had the GoPro set up to take pictures every 30 seconds and we both happened to be in the right place at the right time for this one!

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  1. Vatnajökull National Park (attraction)
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In the surf at Playa del Carmen

Mentioned in this answer:

  1. Playa del Carmen (city)
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answered by

At the Musée Picasso in Paris.  I spent a week in Paris a seul and was able to snap a pretty great collection of selfies.

Mentioned in this answer:

  1. Musée Picasso (attraction)
  2. Paris (city)
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answered by
Ezra from Olomouc

Visited the Comcast Center last month while in Philadelphia.

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  1. Comcast Center (attraction)
  2. Philadelphia (city)
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answered by
Suzanne from Pasadena

My husband is not a fan of the selfie, but I implored him to start doing it with me in every city that we travel to. I love the pure joy on our faces and the light on the Ponte Vecchio in Florence.

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answered by
Renate from San Francisco Bay Area

I was hard-pressed to find many selfies as staying behind the camera is much more within my comfort zone. But, I did find this fun pic which utilizes a postcard feature on my smartphone. I was sitting in Le Saint Séverin in Paris in August 2014, pretty, pretty tired. I took this photo to pay homage in a blog-post to the life-giving powers of un caffé! In January 2014, my daughter, Jacque, and I found ourselves sitting on the upper steps of Temple IV in Tikal National Park in Guatemalaas part of an incredible Sunrise Tour. The memory of that breathtaking view over the jungle and temples of the Central Plaza as the sun rose around us is permanently embedded on our souls! 

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  1. Le Saint Séverin (restaurant)
  2. Paris (city)
  3. Tikal (city)
  4. Guatemala (country)
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answered by

On my bike...background Lake Wanaka New Zealand

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  1. Lake Wanaka (attraction)
  2. New Zealand (country)
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answered by
G from Santa Monica

It's not mine but I vote for this one from the Godfather of the travel selfie, Clark Griswold - circa 1985.  

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answered by
Rob from Los Angeles

December 2010, Just finished an insane hike around Bako National Park (Taman Negara Bako)

At one point during the hike we got swept off our feet by a flash flood, encountered a tarantula, and had to climb up a tree... not all at the same time, although that would have been terrifying!

Mentioned in this answer:

  1. Bako National Park (Taman Negara Bako) (attraction)
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answered by
Samia from Bangladesh

this is me, on top of a peak to see sunrise over Mount Bromo

Mentioned in this answer:

  1. Mount Bromo (attraction)
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answered by
Matt from Santa Monica

I traveled to Oslob  in the Philippines a couple summers back to try and see the elusive whale shark. Sure enough I found her! Glad I had my GoPro with me :) Telescoping "selfie" pole is a must for the solo traveler! 

Oslob was about a 3-4hr drive from Cebu City (airport) on a two lane road, so you'll need to plan your travel accordingly. There aren't many hostels in the area but you can find some awesome B&Bs with a little searching online. I forget the name of the place I stayed but it turned out great- I found it online.. Shared twin bedroom (two beds) with breakfast for about $20/night. This area isn't very built up, so if you're traveling durning peak season (Nov-June) plan ahead because housing may be limited.

If you like thunderstorms, the view from the coast here overlooking the island of Bohol apparently puts on a regular show during the summer months. This was the best view/set up for a lightning storm I've found in the world. I was able to get the shot below with a long shutter and resting my camera on a book. Nikon D3100/ISO400/55mm/f5.6/30s. With a little luck you'd find a similar storm.

I spent just one night in Oslob to see the whale shark then backtracked toward Cebu 1hr and caught a ferry from Argao over to the neighboring island of Bohol to see the Chocolate Hills. (Pro Tip: from Argao there is only one ferry departing per day, and it's in the morning. Make sure you dont miss it- I almost missed it- there's nowhere to stay around Argao. The alternative is to head back to Cebu and catch a longer ferry ride from there.) The Chocolate Hills were great, but not amazing. One of those natural wonders kind of things.

I rented a motor bike for $20 from Alona Beach Area where I was staying (Reggae House $12/nt) and made the 4hr round-trip ride. I think I liked the backcountry, rice field scenery on the ride more than the actual hills. Leave in the morning and spend the day exploring. There's a cool little wildlife eco-zoo thing I'd recommend called Tarsier Conservation Area (fairly humane, $6) ~30 mins from the chocolate hills with one of the only remaining populations of Tarsiers in the world (tinyyy little monkeys). Also, I'd recommend stopping to have a drink and   break up the drive at the Loboc River Resort, which has nice views and chilled out vibes. 

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  1. Oslob (city)
  2. Cebu City (city)
  3. Argao (city)
  4. Bohol (attraction)
  5. Chocolate Hills (attraction)
  6. Alona Beach Area (hotel)
  7. Tarsier Conservation Area (attraction)
  8. Loboc River Resort (hotel)
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answered by

This is a reflection in the train door in Germany.  I am the headless traveler- you can see the lens cap dangling from my camera in the middle of my chest, but the camera has mostly disappeared.

answered by
daarth from Bergen

Not sure about best, but probably my funniest selfie

answered by
Laura from Glasgow

With these lovely reindeers in Lapland, Finland! :-) 

Worldly Nomads on tour in February 2016 :-) 

answered by

I never do selfies.....they distort my(beautiful) face.😖

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