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What is the best travel joke you've ever heard?

I want to know -- what is the best travel joke you have ever heard?

Keep it PG :) And funny! 

3 Answers

top answer by
Jörgen from Vaggeryd

The say that a priest and a bus driver, both from Madeira, came to St Peter to enter heaven. St Peter said he will only let one of them inside. It's gonna be the bus driver. 

The priest gets really upset and confront St Peter. 

St Peter says -It's really easy. Every sunday all the people sleep in church during sunday mass. But on the bus back home they are all praying to God. 

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answered first by
Justin from Phoenix

A man goes to a downtown NY City bank and went in to ask for an immediate loan of $5,000 for his vacation. The loan officer requested collateral.  “Well, then, here are the keys to my Rolls-Royce,” the man said. The loan officer promptly had the car driven into the bank’s underground parking for safe keeping, and gave him $5,000.

Two weeks later, the man walked through the bank’s doors, and asked to settle up his loan and get his car back. “That will be $5,000 in principal, and $15.40 in interest,” the loan officer said.

The man wrote out a check and started to walk away.

“Wait sir,” the loan officer said, “while you were gone, I found out you are a millionaire. Why in the world would you need to borrow $5,000?”

The man smiled. “Where else could I park my Rolls-Royce in Manhattan for two weeks and pay only $15.40?”

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answered by
Supun from Carson (California)

Ex-president George W. Bush and his entourage were doing a reunion tour through South America. There was a front page story that read, "6 Brazilian Men Die in Freak Skydiving Accident". And the ex-pres immediately got despondent and almost started sobbing. Dick Chenney, trying to calm him, coolly started saying, "those men knew what the risks were..." when Bush cut in asking, "Dick, how much bigger than a trillion is a brazilian?"

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