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What if you had a travel TV show?

If you could produce or star in your own travel TV show, what would it be about? Where would you go? What would be the theme or hook?

14 Answers

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Spencer from Los Angeles

Around the world in 180 drinks....A couple years ago I started collecting local booze from the destinations I'd travel to. I'd bring back at least one bottle of beer, wine, or booze. It's now turned into a more comprehensive project of documenting the drink culture of destinations around the world. I think a destination's drink scene says a lot about a place, and it isn't just about getting sloshed. That and a good local watering hole is where I'll first go to upon arriving to a new destination to get the lay of the land. Bartenders often know the most about a destination.  

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answered by
Karen from Jackson, New Jersey

I would actually re-create the series "Great Hotels" (sorry Samantha Brown). :)   Loved that show an there have been so many "great" hotels that have been opened since the series.  I love checking out hotels interior design and landscaping.  I would happy to spend a night or two reviewing some awesome hotels!

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answered first by
Tiffany from Corvallis

At the moment, I'm homeschooling three of my girls, but they have grown up partially overseas, have traveled extensively, and do really well on the go, so a show now would be a family-travel show with myself and my three girls (perhaps my German-speaking husband on some episodes, but he works) traveling, and experiencing things as much as possible.

They've ziplined and tubed down rivers, skiied in the alps, have tasted all sorts of seafood in Spain and pig ears. They're adventurous.

My oldest is in college, but she and I are best friends and have always thought it would be fun to do a travel show together. We're adventurous too, but would also throw wine tours in the mix. ;)

We'd go anywhere. My girls all love people and culture. They'd do outreach work or hands-on learning activities. In Maryland we went out on a commercial fishing boat and they pulled eel pots and crab pots and worked hard doing and learning what Chesapeake waterman do. We also saw tobacco harvested there and I helped pull tobacco stakes.

We'll go anywhere where we can learn/do/taste/see something new.

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answered by
AJ from United States

I'd "Dine and Dash."  Travel to distant restaurants and then "skip on the check"(not really).  As penance, I'd work for some period of time at the restaurant to pay for my meal, meanwhile showing what life is like from that perspective. I'd then track down the food purveyors and repeat the cycle.  Or I could follow an alum of that restaurant to another restaurant.  Whatever it was, there would be some strong connection between one episode to the next.  Kind of like Jiro Dreams of Sushi meets Michael Pollen meets Vice Munchies meets Perennial Plate.

Overall, the show's goal would be to show what it really takes to get that delicious meal in front of you and shine a light on the people behind a particular meal.

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answered by
Rohit from New Delhi, India

Would love to cover cultural festivals around the world. So many travel shows focus on hotels, historical landmarks, nightlife but I feel none of them capture the current culture of the place

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answered by
Justin from Phoenix

I'd take viewers to the overlooked places, not the same ol' places people line up to see before taking a photo, boarding the bus and leaving for the next photo op. And they would be places that require some effort to reach - not the sort of places that are too easy to get to, but not so difficult that you also need to be able to climb Mount Everest. So a nice happy medium that helps find the right adventure for real people on real budgets.

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answered by
Rae- from Toronto, Ontario

What a bunch of great answers!

For me, I would do a show that focused on Affordable Eco travel, remote stuff..Yes if you have 5 grand you can go to some great places. But I recently did CR pretty cheaply so I know I would love to watch more like that. And with the ease of Go Pros, it could be very compelling

For those of that lie somewhere between mint on the pillow and Bear Grylls

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answered by
Fritzi from San Francisco

I too loved to watch Samantha Brown on her travel show and she pretty much embodied my own spirit of travel.  She was obviously a travel geek who loved the decor minutiae of the hotels and felt a thrill when she checked to a new place.  That is exactly how I feel when I am on the road; so grateful for the travel experience and deeply appreciative of all the work that goes into a well-run hotel.  Thank you housekeeping and catering staff; I love you both.

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answered by
Joe from Arlington Heights

Man vs. Booze!

Same concept as Man vs. Food, in which the host traveled to various restaurants across North America to complete their insanely gluttonous eating challenges.  However, my host would travel to various bars, pubs, etc. to attempt their drinking challenges.  He/she could also participate in popular local pub crawls and related traditions, all with the simple goal of being able to complete whatever challenge is presented. With the right host, one could all but guarantee the show would get more and more entertaining as each episode unfolded. :)

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answered by

1. National parks and monuments. I'm sure it's been done but so many people are missing out of some of the most fabulous places in the world and they are affordable to most.

2. Lifestyles of expats around the world.

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answered by
Tonya Russ from Charlotte

I'm a wedding photographer, I would love to go across the United States and shoot unconventional weddings in every state. And in the process give great wedding tips and tell everyone's stories!  And I guess I might as well not limit it to the States while daydreaming!

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answered by
Kaitlyn from Fryeburg, Maine

I have an extreme hobby for brewery, distillery and winery tours (like I will hit anywhere from 2 to 14 in a weekend). After doing these weekends, people always ask to see what I did, so they can copy it! So I would love to have a show that puts my hobby and my planning skills to the test! It would probably only hit a niche market, though :-p 

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I'd like to have a show where I go around the world and interview people who have travelled the majority of their life, but then have them show me around the town they grew up in. I usually find that people who have traveled a lot themselves makes great tour guides in the place they grew up, cause they are able to see what might quirtky things interest a foreign visitor cause they have been one themselves so many times.

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answered by
Polly from Washington, DC

I've thought about my answer to this question a lot, actually. I wish someone would produce a show where a person, or couple, or family, is given 10K to spend on a single trip. Theme parks, resorts, cruises, package tours, and "lying on the beach"-type trips would be off-limits. Participants would also have to include something cultural, something active, and something food-related in their trip. The first ten minutes of the 45-min episode would follow the planning process, outlining exactly how the budget will be spent. The rest of the episode would follow the traveler(s) on their journey - the highs, lows, and unforgettable moments. There would be a brief reflection at the end, on what the participants have learned about travel and planning, what they'd recommend and what they'd change next time, given the chance.

Obviously, the money would go farther for a single traveler than for a family of five, but I hope that would widen the scope of the type of trips featured. I think it would be a great way to let a few people travel for free, and just as importantly, to inspire infrequent travelers and demystify the planning process for those who have never tried it.

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