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What does traveling really mean to you?

I have been traveling intensely more or less for a couple of years (including gaps, it's actually more ). For me it is an ongoing education and eye opening portal to our beautiful planet that doesn't cease to inspire me and always boosts my curiosity to learn more, see more, make our lives better, and see things as they really are.

Thank you and happy travels everyone!

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Valerie from Seattle

For me, traveling is all about exploration and finding the patterns and curiosities that seem to be repeated through history and human nature...

... that sound so fancy! It took me a long time to realize what I love about traveling the world, but now I think I understand: I love looking at art and architecture to understand how we got where we are (and where we're going); I love trying new foods that are steeped in tradition and ritual -- there's hardly any "ethnic" food (even American foods!) that don't have origin stories; I love meeting people and learning about their histories and personal paths in the world.

Can't wait to see what others say too!

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answered by
Maria from Dublin

I love the serendipity of travel, seeing something unexpected and wonderful in a new place. I love the first morning in a new country and always try to go walking, very early, before the bustle of the day begins. I love to see the art and architecture of a place and learn about the customs and most especially the people. I always learn a little bit more about myself too, especially when I travel solo. The genuine friendliness and warmth of people often surprises me (even though I live in one of the friendliest countries on earth) and sometimes the anticipation and the joy of "getting there" beats the arrival. 

Wishing you happy and safe travel in the future!

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answered by
Kristal from San Francisco

Hi Rasto, 

Good question, I guess it means something different to everyone. I agree with everything you said and to me, it's a great way to shatter the misconceptions, biases, stereotypes and really put yourself in someone's shoes. I've gone to places that I didn't think I would love as much as I did and came away with such eye-opening experiences. My favorite countries have been the poorest ones I've visited, but the love and warmth that the people express is ten fold. I find that travel gives you a perspective that nothing else can. I think it's important for everyone of every age. Experiencing the plethora of cultures, foods and beliefs makes you both appreciate of your own and understanding of someone else's. That saying is really true (I might get it slightly wrong)... it says that the world is a book and if you don't travel, you're only reading one page. I know in the US we're very fortunate with many things, but our country isn't the only one and I think in order to be truly educated, you have to travel. It's all in those invaluable experiences where you learn about others and yourself. 

It's a great thing that you've traveled so consistently, I think that's awesome! Happy travels! 

I'm excited for what's next.



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answered by
Heidi from Colorado

As a writer, I think I mostly travel in order to find and tell the stories of people and places. That's probably my main motivation. I love discovering the story and then telling the story. 

I don't travel the world, but I travel intensely in Colorado. For me it's about discovering all the things my state has to offer and sharing it with my readers. I could travel here my entire life and not see it all. The geography is so diverse and each town has its own story.

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answered by
Jacey & Scott from Fort Collins

For me, it's about several things:  Seeing the world, in all its variety and its spectacular scenery.  It's about the scents and smells that stay with you once you've gone home.  It's about expanding my horizons-with food, with language barriers, with cultural difference.

I always come back home appreciating where I live and the beauty of Colorado all over again.  It keeps me grounded.

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answered by
Joshua from Charlotte

I view travel as a chance to expand my mind beyond it's current confines. I want to experience living in other environments, immerse in different cultures and peoples, and learn new languages.

The likes of Rolf Potts, Tim Ferriss, and a variety of my own clients and friends have taken to traveling the world without much expense while staying highly productive. It has lead me to realize that for the sake of my own personal growth, and to enjoy my youth while I have it, I need to *truly* experience more than my own little corner of the planet.

For me, travel appears to be the ultimate education for the soul.

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answered by
Siddharth from India

To me...

1. It brings peace!

2. Teaches the best management which is not learnt at Management schools.

3. Makes you down to earth.

4. You learn to live with fewer needs. When the circle of your needs go smaller, the circle of your patience increases!

And all these points matter only when you are ready to learn from your travel. If you want everything perfect fall in your way while traveling, It is like you are just reading but not understanding the stuff.

Simple but a thoughtful question it was!


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answered by
Hazel from Port St. Lucie

I only travel where l am invited. I only travel where l can return. I never stay less than 11 days in my destination. I always say this is the best place l have ever been!

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answered by
Tiffany from Corvallis

"I like being a stranger in a place. You're kind of an outsider, and I think that's what makes you." - Natalie Portman

She captured exactly how I feel and have felt when living abroad and why I love travel - and extended travel so much. I feel as if I grow as a person and become someone better.  There's no room for stagnation, but the challenges and experiences only work towards learning and developing a better me.

A friend recently said, "It makes you aware of yourself and shapes and strenghtens your character."

Travel has absolutely made me the person I am now and has awakened passions that I didn't know I had until I set foot outside my home and comfort zone. My wallet is thinner, but I am undeniably richer for it.

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