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Fort Collins

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What are three things you never travel without?

What are the three things you can't live without while traveling?

17 Answers

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I always have my phone for pictures etc. But I always download this app call "citymaps2go" with the maps of the area that I'll be in if I won't have internet. 

I always have a good pair of shoes regardless of where I'll be because I never know how much walking I'll be doing.  

And I always travel with wet wipes in my purse or bag. I usually just get 2-3 small packs from target but sometimes you'll be out and touching whatever it is. You don't know where or when you'll be eating. If you have to go to the bathroom and there's no paper. Whatever it is. They always come in handy!

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Brenda from Long Beach

1. Smart phone with great camera and loaded with travel apps 


2. Small and lighghtweight cross body bag 


3. Large, flat, hermetically salable stinky clothes bag!!!

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Melissa from Metro Manila

(1) My smart phone to keep me organized since it has all the information I need, from copies of my important documents and confirmations for my flight and hotel, as well as helping me wander around and get to where I want to go, (2) my camera because I get so nostalgic about all the trips I've gone to that I always take lots (and I do mean LOTS!) of photos to remember EVERYTHING, and (3) a mobile power bank to keep my devices working because I've experienced losing battery power to some pretty good (and some uncomfortable i.e. being lost) moments and I do not want to live through that again.

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Andy from San Francisco

A sense of curiosity

Openness to new experiences

A flexible schedule


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Jessica from Los Angeles

1. Sketch book

2. Lightweight crossbody bag

3. Imodium, because you never know!!

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Cherie from Bay Area

1) Passport (in a cute passport case)

2) Smartphone w/ charger 

3) I don't travel *with* this, but I always make sure to send my itinerary (dates & locations) to a family member, so they know where my general whereabouts in the case of emergency. 

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answered by
Tiffany from Corvallis

1. My DSLR camera (with at least two lenses, cards, and extra batteries)

2. A small notebook and pencil

3. A knowledge of language basics for the country I'm going to (please, thank you, good morning, good afternoon, hello, goodbye, 1-10)

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Marina from Canada

1. All permutations of Apple products - iPhone, iPad, & MacPro.  Especially for long flights.  That way I can get work done (spreadsheets, ppt, etc), take photos, catch up on reading or addictive cable shows (House of Cards, The Americans, etc). 

2. Wet wipes and lotion (preferably L'Occitane)

3. Cashmere scarf 

4. Bottled water & mixed nuts with dried fruit

5. Mini make-up bag and extra pair of unmentionables in case I get stuck overnight somewhere. :-)

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answered by
Jass from Tampines

1) Device to take photos - Either camera or smartphone.
2) List of places to see/visit - So I have a goal on which places I must see & take photos for souvenir
3) Book - It's like my medicine for boredom (while waiting for flights, or while on-board)

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answered by
Ivan from Slovenia

- money 
- documents
- cell phone

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Jaleh from Baltimore

1. A book for when I'm waiting in airports/bus terminals/etc.

2. Snacks because I never quite know how my day will go and I might need something to keep me going.

3. Cross body bag since they're always what I feel safest carrying around.

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Ian from United Kingdom

a) Passport.  Amongst other reasons, it's also the only proof of identity I've got ..
b) Money, or some way of getting it.
c) Camera, to record what I see, to remember things by, and just in case I come across something unusual that I may not believe my memory for.

Everything else is optional, or obtainable with money ... :)

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My passport, my hiking shoes and my Mac.

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answered by
Justin from Phoenix

A headlamp, a camera with a decent-sized image sensor and a daypack that can carry water. Nearly everything else is negotiable. 

I never bring a computer unless I'm on a business trip. It's completely possible to do without it. 

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answered by
Jacey & Scott from Fort Collins

Chargers!  Left them all over Canada on the last trip and it was a disaster.  Hard copies of all itineraries and copies emailed in one big file to myself in case I lose them and need to access them from anywhere.  I am OCD about checking and double checking flight times!  Band-aids, second skin (I get blisters), tummy drugs (get sick one time in a foreign country and you won't forget them either!), and Dramamine (motion sickness prevails in my world).  Oh yeah-sleeping aids!!

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Pamela from New Canaan, Connecticut

My camera (Canon G12), my laptop (MacBook Air), and my Kindle (loaded up with books for the journey.)  

Oh, and chargers (with adaptors) for all of the above.  

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Earplugs and sleeping mask


Diary + masking tape to track my adventures

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