Carolina Gahm

Carolina from Miami asked November 10, 2015

What are the best places to visit in the world?

My husband and I are planning a trip for next year and wanted to know what everyone's top place in the world to visit is?

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  • Sophy Mavridis Neocleous

    Sophy M. from Paris answered

    So so many awesome places.

    Mine are

    Hawaii for the beaches, fun filled sunny and rainbow days.

    New York Cityfor the most unexpected adventures you'd expect. Walk the city have no itinerary and just discover. NY'ers are some of the most engaging people on the planet.

    Paris despite the events that just took place this city is beaming with life, beauty, romantic and architecturally incredible . People are really incredible. Whatever you heard about the french being rude is a load of xxxx. After NY'ers I have to say the french are highly engaging and very warm and extremely helpful.

    Amsterdama fairytale destination with all its canals, and picturesque little nooks and crannies. A must visit destination. Very romantic.

    Portlandfor all the crazy awesome food. A foodies paradise. And great hiking

    QueenstownBy far the pretties snow town I've seen. A bit of everything to do. And the food and wine is exceptional. As the name suggests "fit for a queen"

    JapanOverall no matter where you go you will see beauty, tradition and just greatness. Simplicity and well thought out. Beautiful locations especially around springtime when the cherry blossoms are in full bloom.

    SydneyMy hometown. The prettiest harbour in a city, great beaches close to the city, terrific food with great outlooks like Cafe Sydney overlooking harbour bridge. My disclaimer: I've travelled extensively and I can honestly say that every time I come back to sydney I find that people aren't as engaging or friendly as other parts of the world. I don't know if that is the stark contrast for me when I come back. However, I am not saying the whole of Aus. is like that when i go to MelbourneI find the complete opposite. People are warm and engaging, friendly etc etc and its a real treat going to Melbourne. I balance out the energies of the two cities.

    FijiThe people are incredibly lovely. Exotic location, great for first time scuba diving. Blue blue waters. Just pick the right time.

    Bay Of Islands They call it heaven on earth. Some of the most incredible seafood like bluff oysters and the local oysters that come from they bay of islands are too hard to put in words. We stayed at Eagles Nest Rahimoana. Check out the website because words do no justice.

    Koh Samui Paradise. Incredible people, if you like thai food and long massages this is the place to unwind. Great for families and couples.

    Greecesome very special and magical moments to be found all over this amazing country. Especially away from the tourist spots. And kind of bypass Athens. But you must go to the acropolis. Sept is a great time to visit.

    PortofinoWow and just wow. You want to hire a yacht to really enjoy this area. Otherwise spend time in Cannesor Antibesactually anywhere south of france and drive over for a few days. The coastal drive is just breathtaking. And so is the south of france. Spend as much time as you can there. Ezeand Villefranche-sur-Mer are some very beautiful serene picturesque locations.

    There are many many more places like Spainand Maldives it just really depends on what you like. Once you work that out the rest is easy to plan out. If you don't like going to the beach then I'd say South of France is not for you. If you don't like the snow Queenstown is off the cards. So, really just work out what your likes are then re ask the question.

    That will help hone in better locations for you.

  • Craig Calvert

    Craig C. from Sydney answered

    So many places to see....some places would highly recommend would be Cambodia (notably the amazing Khmer Cities of Angkor Wat, Angkor Thom, The Bayon, etc that are near Siem Reap),

    Jerusalem (not sure any city in the world would come close to this for history) and

    Japan (a world removed from the western world - extremely modern, fantastic food, amazing culture and lots to see).

  • Alan Sherman

    Alan S. from Miami answered

    One of my favorites is Angkor Wat in Siem Reap Cambodia. It is amazing. It is also becoming more and more popular. Right now there are no restrictions in entering, climbing on and exploring the various sites. However, I can see in the near future many of those sites being closed down due to the amount of traffic and possible damage.

    Now is the time to go there. Loads of great hotels and restaurants to choose from. I would also recommend a local guide. Very inexpensive.

  • Casey Marielle

    Casey M. from Boston answered

    My favorite place to visit is Poland. I love the city of Krakow in particular. The culture, the architecture, the food, the history, all make it a very intriguing and beautiful place. It is gorgeous around the Holidays and I love, love the Christmas markets in the main square of Krakow. Everything is super cheap and the locals are some of the friendliest I have met in my travels.

    Eastern Europe is awesome in general and has a special place in my heart.

  • Sean Kelly

    Sean K. from Hudson Valley answered

    I believe how you travel is far more important than where you travel. The well organized professional tour is designed not for you experience a new culture, as much as it is to separate you from your money. I can remember on bus tour I was on. As we pulled into a town the tour guide told us we could eat in restaurant A, Restaurant B, or Restaurant C. I sat there wondering, "What's wrong with the other dozen restaurants I see." The answer is of course that they didn't give him a 5% kickback on the business sent their way.

    I know an extended family that each year travels to a resort in a well known destination. The music, the activities, the tours and the dining are all carefully parceled out; Sanitized for you protection, and encapsulated for you enjoyment. They're advised by the staff not to venture beyond the confines of the resort, as the crime problem is quite serious. Upon their return they tell me about it and I think, "That sounds like prison, just with more food."

    Many people I know do the intercontinental hotel thing. That way they're assured they'll have all the comforts of home. Why they just don't stay home to begin with is beyond me!

    A couple I know goes camping every year. They come home to show me photos of the motels they slept in, and the restaurants they ate in. Somehow, every year I manage to stifle my laughter.

    Then there are other friends who's camping experiences are, oh, let's say, hard core. A buddy and myself went on one of these trips about 25 years ago. We still refer to it as the Battan Death March.

    Personally, I prefer low-key, independent travel. I stay in B&B, hostels & pensions. I eat in establishments frequented by locals. I interact with the locals as much as I can. To quote a popular travel writer, "I don't want the natives to dance for me; I want them to dance with me. Still, believe me when I say that their many people who have questioned, if not outright put down, my travel style,

    It's truly is a matter of personal preference. Therein, lies the dilemma of your question. It's very broad. Maybe too much so. You're sure to elicit responses ranging from Disney World to Cambodia; from a Caribbean cruise to climbing the Himalayas; from a British pub crawl to eating grubs with aboriginal Australians.

    So let me ask you; what do you like. Are you willing to narrow things down at all? Please don't think I'm being sarcastic; I'm not! I just don't know if my input will be of any help to you, or not. Maybe this whole, rambling diatribe is meaningless to you. I hope not, but, hey....

    If you look at my profile you'll see where I've been. It's not a complete list, but those are the places I've enjoyed. All those places speak to my heart.

    Please feel free to comment to me directly if you wish. I look forward to hearing from you again.

  • Yuksel Tasdemir

    Yuksel T. from Miami answered

    Hi.. The best holiday country for 2016 is Turkey! Visit the city of Sultans (Istanbul) land of beautiful horses (Cappadocia)

    Have a good holiday

  • mostafa khorasani

    mostafa k. from Mashhad answered

    A lot of good place is in world, but u should focus in your mind and see where u are comfortable.

    I suggest Iran it's an excellent place for travel, Shiraz, Isfahan , Mashhad , Kish Island ... are the best citis in iran .

  • Sue Jeske

    Sue J. from Northern California answered

    Tahiti or Fiji or just sailing around the Pacific exploring. Maldives too! We love all the warm and sunny places with warm ocean waters for diving/snorkeling. But where do you usually go?Fiji

  • pedro valido

    pedro v. from Lisbon answered

    Portugal, of course :)

  • Stephanie Stroh

    Stephanie S. from Houston answered

    I would best recommend the island of Bali in Indonesia for your travel destination. I'm sure you would enjoy a luxury pampering and relaxation on a private space in Bali.

    General Trippy MediaGeneral Trippy MediaGeneral Trippy MediaI have added only 3 pic. But I'm sure that you will definitely love the place once you visit.

  • claus andersen

    claus a. from Miami answered

    I have been to 73 countries and liked them all, but Brazil has a special place in my heart and I have been there 16 times so far. Ouro Preto Rio de Janeiro Pantanal Recife Salvador Paraty and Pipa Beach are just some of my favorite places in Brazil.ParatySalvadorimage from de JaneiroBrazil

  • Rocio Acevedo

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    Rocio A. from Costa Rica answered

    Quebec City


    Hola Carolina. I have been told that Torres del Paine is a stunning place. It is on my bucket list. Istanbul, Cappadocia and Czech Republic are also amazing places. Last but not least Quebec City is also pretty cool.


    Czech RepublicTorres del Paineimage from

  • Maria O'Dwyer

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    Maria O. from Dublin answered

    I love Sri Lanka for the beauty of its landscape, the wonderful art, sculpture,Sri Lanka the amazing buildings, the spice gardens, the coastline, the elephants and, above all, the friendly and kind people.

  • Breanna Wilson

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    Breanna W. from Los Angeles answered

    Right now I'm absolutely in love with Cape Town. It's such a unique destination and the culture and history are absolutely fascinating. Plus it's home to some of my absolute favorite vineyards in the world :)Cape Townimage from

  • Mahsa Aslani

    Mahsa A. from Tehran answered

    The best place I have visited is Iran and I recommend it to you for a different experience of travelling.

    Boasting 7000 years of history, the majestic land of Iran enjoys an exotic Persian culture, rich and ancient traditions of literature and trades, and magnificent monuments. If you want to discover Persia for the first time, you would not miss some of the Iran’s most stunning destinations.

    Some must see cities in Iran are:

    • Isfahan : A city of immense beauty and unforgettable experiences, Isfahan has been dazzling travelers for ages.


    • Shiraz : Celebrated as the heartland of Persian culture for more than 2000 years, Shiraz has become synonymous with education, nightingales, and poetry.


    • Yazd :Yazd is one of the oldest, largest and most charming desert cities, lies somewhere in the middle of Iran, in the middle of ancient Silk Road. It is so beautiful that people call it "the Bride of Desert".

    YazdThere are more must-see cities in Iran.

  • Pawan Choudhary

    Pawan C. from Delhi answered

    Well, India is ranked highly by the tourists around the world. I think because of its diversity, both in culture and geography. So you can check it, I am sure you will find attractions of your interest, there.

  • Casey Hill

    Casey H. from Indianapolis answered

    Amsterdam. Without question the coolest city in the world. Toronto is a close second.

  • ronald reeker

    ronald r. from Roanoke answered

    If you have not visited Iceland, you definitely need to visit there at least once in your life. it is a breathtaking place , a geo thermal country where warm water come from the ground and is completely pure. the country does not add any chemicals to the water supply ever.

    there is lake called the Blue Lagoon where the water temp is 102 degrees year round and you can swim in it anytime the winter is the best time to visit because you also get to see the NORTHERN LIGHTS.

    If I can help you plan the trip, i have been there and get you the best deals.

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    email me and i can plan your next wow travel experience

  • Kathleen Guion

    Kathleen G. from Miami answered

    Bhutan or Antarctica... both are incredible experiences