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What are the best and cheap Noise cancelling headphones?

I would like to know what headphones are the most recommended for long trips in a plane or train.

9 Answers

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Elliott from San Francisco

As you know, there are two ways to go with headphones.  The ear bud approach or the over the ear approach.  Care needs to be taken with the ear bud headphone on a plane, because it can interfere with the ear reaching a pressure balance, especially when depressurizing.  I think there are three considerations:  1)  eliminating background noise, but not affecting the quality of what is being listened to, 2)  Portability - able to pack it up and very durable - because there is a tendency to yank on the cord, 3) sound quality and price/performance.  

Based on this, there are two that stand out - The Bose QuietComfort acoustic noise cancelling headphones, and the  RHA MA 750 i (which I own)    

The RHA MA750i are the highest rated noise isolation algorithms for airplane travel.  They are crafted from stainless steel components, they're also a stunningly designed par of headphones. 

The RHA MA750i closed-back design isolates you from outside noise efficiently. They come with 10 different types of ear tips in diverse materials, so you can be sure that there is a par that fits your ears just right. Also they don’t leak any sound whatsoever.

The sound quality is really impressive. Although bass is commonly not as good on in-ear headphones as on over-ear headphones, the RHA MA750i manages to give you a remarkably round and deep bass. The sound reproduction is overall articulate and precise.

The RHA MA750i have great noise isolation, amazing sound quality and a stunning design. If you prefer noise isolating headphones, then these are by far the best headphones you can have for airplane travel.

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answered first by
Marquis from Washington, DC

They aren't very cheap, but I love my Bose noise canceling headphones. They're comfortable and do a great job of silencing anything going on around you.

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answered by
Dan from Memphis

Audio-Technica ATH-ANC7b. I have a pair that compare very favorably to my in-ear Bose QuietComfort 20s For less than half the cost. If you are really budget conscious I would check out the reviews on

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answered by
Jacques from Newport Beach

I also vote for Bose QuietComfort headphones. They are expensive but will last several years. I've had mine for 5 years now and they still work and feel like brand new. 

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answered by
Seher from Istanbul

Not cheap, but Sennheiser is very useful!

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answered by
Gordon from Baltimore

I travel constantly worldwide and have been using Etymotics earphones for many years. The noise reduction ability and incredible sound make for a great listening experience in trains and planes. And they are comfortable to wear and compact for storing.

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answered by
Lisa from Stuttgart

For quality I'd go with Bose.  Otherwise, check out SleepPhones for under $100 on Amazon.  They are wireless, blue-tooth enabled headphones in a soft headband.  You can run, sleep, listen to music in them.  Pretty cool!  Good luck! 

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answered by

Either cheap or good ... nothing else.

I have the Bose 40227 model that uses rechargeable long battery life (12 hours or more) ...
the only BAD thing ..... VERY EXPENSIVE.

But I have to make several trips a year to Europe and South America and I got them 2004 and still the performance is excellent.


answered by
Chuck from Huntsville, Alabama

Targus makes a noise cacelling headphone that was about 1/4 the price of the Bose. I had a set when I was flying every week, but I am not sure they still make them.

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