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What are good ways to kill time on a plane?

When on air travel, what are your favorite ways to kill time on a plane?

11 Answers

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Billy from Chicago

I would say my favorite activities are listening to podcasts, drinking red wine, reading, writing (i'm not a writer but I think it can be therapeutic to get thoughts down), and having good conversation. I struggle with the conversation part. Not starting one, but knowing how to end one without being rude.

But for the most part, I like to think. It's an interesting moment being in the sky. Not sure if it has to do with oxygen levels or what, but I get very reflective and pensive in the air. Or maybe it's the red wine I mentioned earlier :/

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answered by
Karen from Dallas

A phone or tablet full of books, movies, music, games, tv shows, and podcasts (both audio and video). If none of those are working for me, I sleep! :)

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answered by
David from Taipei

Reading books and watch movies are 2 of my favorite things to do on airplane. Sometime pick up a conversation with neighbor is fun too, especial those wise person or senior who is full of stories.

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answered by
Hazar from London

It all depends how long is the flight,I make a time table on a paper.

the flight is four hours lets say and the time is 10 am.

10 to 11 watch and listen to people around you including flight personnel 

11 to 12 eat drink relax.

12 to 13 pm say hello to someone and see what happens,keep trying others.

Ok you get the idea.

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answered by
Maddie from Sydney

I love listening to a new, unique playlist that I've created just for the trip- so that when I listen to it afterwards, I think and feel everything I was thinking and feeling on the trip. It's a great way to bring back some wonderful memories and emotions! 

I also love writing - nothing structured or impressive, stuff just for me. Whether it's your expectations of the destination, your feelings on the previous one - it's something you'll appreciate later on when you can look back and remember the little stuff that would otherwise be forgotten! 

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answered by
Jacey & Scott from Fort Collins

I don't go to many movie's in the theater, so I catch up on movies.  I read-books, magazines.  I'll play some games on the tablet.  Sleep-but might need some Dramamine for that to happen!

answered by
Melinda from Savannah

My favorite way to kill time on a plane is play puzzles, video games, watch movies, and read.   I will talk to my neighbor if it's entertaining but if it's not just start reading .

answered by
lisa from San Francisco

Podcasts are a good way to pass time! Definitely find one that is entertaining for you. I usually zone out to This American Life because it is an hour long show with three to four segments. Each segment is cohesive to the subject but so different from each other so it feels like time flies by.

answered by
Roxanne from Montreal

I always have a good book, sudoku and music.  For me it helps pass time. If the flight is long ( more than 6 hours ) a good nap is also my favorite.  Plug in music, blindfold and my head rest and i'm gone.

answered by

I always try to fly an airline where I get free drinks and food as eating and drinking is a good way to pass time.

Emirates, Singapore Airlines and Turkish Airlines are brilliant for serving free food and free booze.

answered first by
Michelle from Melbourne

I'm a nervous flyer which is very undesirable, given that most flights I take are long-haul. If there's no turbulence, I watch movies/documentaries through the in-seat system. When I fly budget, I have a couple of movies or TV shows downloaded ready on my iPad, as well as a some books and magazines. When the flight is bumpy, I have to distract myself with something mindless. That's when my iPad games (solitaire, mah jongg are two faves) come into play and get a big workout. I also have a good selection of music on my phone and I connect noise-cancelling headphones. Not all airlines have in-seat charging so it can be challenging to ensure my iPad battery lasts long enough on those extra-long flights.

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