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Want to travel alone in July for 4-6 weeks this year. No idea where to go?

Hi guys, I originally wanted to go to India this July but now I abandoned this idea due to weather conditions (Monsun). HELP! I have no idea where to go instead. Any suggestions? My ideas at the moment are South America, Central America, maybe Cuba? New Zealand, and South East Asia. My travel time will be 4-6 weeks in July/beginning of August. I know my question is not very specific but I would be very happy with your help!!

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Wanda from Amsterdam, Netherlands

Hi Simon,

It's hard to decide where you'd go, because all the countries you mention are very different. In 4-6 weeks you can see 2 to even 3 countries in Central America. South America is bigger, so can can stay in one country or maybe go to a second one. South and Central America are both very beautiful and very easy to travel. South East Asia is also very easy to travel. I won't suggest going to Cuba for 4-6 weeks, this is way too long. If you combine it with South or Central America it's good, but more expensive. New Zealand is beautiful too. I guess you should make up your mind, thinking about what culture you're most interested in, what kind of food do you like, how much money you have to spend? South East Asia is the cheapest option, New Zealand the most expensive one. Do you speak Spanish? Do you want to see something totally different? Do you prefer culture to nature or the other way around? I hope you'll have an amazing trip, no matter where you go! :)

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  1. South America (continent)
  2. Cuba (country)
  3. New Zealand (country)
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Mark from Adelaide

If you are concerned about travelling through India during monsoon season then you need to think about the weather in any of your suggestions. July will be winter in the southern hemisphere so likely to be cold and possibly wet. This may dampen your enthusiasm for New Zealand and South America. Cuba is also likely to be hot and potentially wet in July and so while I would highly recommend going there before it's overrun by Americans maybe that too is left for a trip in the December time frame.

I would suggest going to Japan, South Korea and China. It will be summer so maybe that weather is more to your liking. You could easily travel through Japan on the train system and check out Tokyo, OsakaKyoto, Hiroshima and maybe head north to Hokkaido.

Another suggestion is to head to the Faroe Islands, if you like hiking, and visit some of the different islands. The islands are wind swept but beautiful and it's not over run with tourists. Four to six weeks is probably over kill to just stay there, two weeks would be more than enough to move around the islands, so maybe combine it with a trip to Iceland and western Greenland (Ilulissat IcefjordKangerlussuaq to do a tour to the Icesheet, Nuuk has very nice national museum). Atlantic Airways fly from Copenhagen to the Faroe Islands and onward to Reykjavik. Air Iceland will take you from Reykjavik to Ilulissat and you could use Air Greenland to return to Copenhagen from Kangerlussuaq.

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  1. New Zealand (country)
  2. South America (continent)
  3. Cuba (country)
  4. Japan (country)
  5. South Korea (country)
  6. China (country)
  7. Tokyo (city)
  8. Osaka (city)
  9. Kyoto (city)
  10. Hiroshima (city)
  11. Hokkaido (city)
  12. Faroe Islands (island)
  13. Iceland (country)
  14. Greenland (country)
  15. Ilulissat Icefjord (attraction)
  16. Kangerlussuaq (city)
  17. Nuuk (city)
  18. Copenhagen (city)
  19. Reykjavik (city)
  20. Ilulissat (city)
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answered by
Alexander from Virginia

Hey Simon!

Choosing a location is always a tough task, but it really depends on what you're into, how much you want to spend, and how long you'd like to spend there!

Of the places you listed 4/5 are "cheap" destinations (S. America, C. America, S.E. Asia, and Cuba) while the other, New Zealand is typically an expensive one. No matter where you choose, all of them sound amazing.

If I were in your position, I would choose Cuba for the simple reason that, as restrictions have eased for American tourists to visit, there will soon be a large influx of Americans to the Caribbean nation. Soon, I believe that their pristine history of being "frozen" in time will cease to exist. American tourism will westernize the nation, and I'd like to go there before this happens.

On my blog, TRVL 101, I've created a list of the Top 5 places I want to go (here) and why. I suggest you give it a read because we have a lot of mutual dream destinations.

I wish you the best of luck, and happy travels!


Alex from TRVL 101 

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  1. Cuba (country)
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answered by
Chris Lee from Malta

You should visit Malta :) 

It's safe, warm and friendly. 

You can also find part-time work easily in July as it is peak season.

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  1. Malta (country)
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answered by
Jacqui from London

Hi Simon, 

4-6 weeks is perfect for an Australia/NZ trip! July is winter in the southern hemisphere, but temperatures vary depending on how far north you are. And you don't want to be travelling there in the peak of summer when the days are 35-40 degrees and school holidays mean that kids are everywhere. 

For example, you could easily enjoy a few days skiing/snowboarding/in the snow near Christchurch, NZ. You can also do some sky diving, bungee jumping and jet boating. It is a great country for stunning scenery (Lord of the Rings), snow conditions and extreme sports.

In Australia, visit the Alice Springs and Ayers Rock (Ayers Rock) in the Northern Territory, drink wine in the Barossa Valley Wine Region and see the wildlife in the wild on Kangaroo Island in South Australia,  stay a few days in Melbourne for the coffee and laneway bars, Sydney for Sydney Harbour (climb the bridge!), and beach hop your way up the east cost of the country via Byron BayGold CoastBrisbaneNorth Stradbroke IslandSunshine Coast and upwards to Cairns and the Great Barrier Reef. There are plenty of water sports and adventures to be had at any of these places. North of Byron Bay can be as warm as 20 degrees on a winters' day! 

On your way home, if you have time, pop via BaliThailand or anywhere in South East Asia. 

What an adventure you could have!! 

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  1. Christchurch (city)
  2. Alice Springs (attraction)
  3. Ayers Rock (attraction)
  4. Barossa Valley Wine Region (attraction)
  5. Kangaroo Island (attraction)
  6. (attraction)
  7. Sydney (city)
  8. Sydney Harbour (attraction)
  9. Byron Bay (city)
  10. Gold Coast (city)
  11. Brisbane (city)
  12. North Stradbroke Island (attraction)
  13. Sunshine Coast (city)
  14. Cairns (city)
  15. Great Barrier Reef (attraction)
  16. Bali (island)
  17. Thailand (country)
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answered by
Bruno from Sorocaba, Brazil

Visiti Brazil (Brasil*)! I really like here and I think you'll enjoy too. Brasil is big enough to make you happy wherever you choose to go, we have a lot of beaches here and different cultures. I hope this helps you!

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  1. Brazil (country)
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answered by

July is basically a time where you can totally avoid anything from Tropic of Cancer to Equator. Either temperature are soaring high or there is too much rainfall. 

If you want to travel to high end developed places try Jeju, North China, South Africa

As you are from Germany, World is pretty equi-distance for you for most parts. You might hop around South America to PeruBoliviaArgentina

Or if you don't mind hanging with old adventureous people with lot of their stories AlaskaAlberta

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  1. Jeju (city)
  2. South Africa (country)
  3. Peru (country)
  4. Bolivia (country)
  5. Argentina (country)
  6. Alaska (state)
  7. Alberta (region)
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answered by
Sonia from Pompeii

Hi Simon, I would suggest you my country Italy. In particular Pompeii, Amalfi CoastSorrento, Capri. If you stay in Pompeii you'll have very good hotel rates and from there you can enjoy daily excursions. Have a look at Hotel Diana Pompei. The staff there is very friendly and helpful.

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  1. Pompeii (city)
  2. Amalfi Coast (attraction)
  3. Sorrento (city)
  4. Capri (city)
  5. Hotel Diana Pompei (hotel)
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answered by
Stacey from Melbourne

Here in the southern hemisphere it will be cold in July as it's our winter. So if you want to ski, New Zealand would be the place. Much of South America is also in the southern hemisphere.

Personally I like the sunshine so would choose central america or south east asia. :)

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  1. New Zealand (country)
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answered by
Alica from Australia

Why don't you try Australia? If you are looking for joyful, adventurous trip with the comfort, then I must recommend you to hire campervans. If you ride on the roads of Australia where you can explore the world famous places like, Great Barrier Reef, Ayers Rock, Sydney Opera House, Melbourne's exotic streets and much more. The list is too big, which can not be written here. If you ride on the roads of Australia by taking campervan on rent then you can also move towards New Zealand too!!

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  1. Australia (country)
  2. Ayers Rock (attraction)
  3. Sydney Opera House (attraction)
  4. (attraction)
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answered by
Abbie from Kingston, Rhode Island

I would try Belize - there a lot to do either in the city or in the beach/forest areas. You could spend a week in each part of the country for a well-rounded traveling experience 

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  1. Belize (country)
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answered by
Nadia from Rio de Janeiro

Go to Romania :) is going to be challenging. 

If you decide to visit South America, I will be in Rio de Janeiro until september and I am planning to see a bit from the surrounding countries so let me know you don't need to travel all alone

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  1. Romania (country)
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answered by
Stephen "Sven" from Florida

If you were planning on going to India but do not want the Monsoon issue. Why not go a little bit further and go to Thailand. You could enjoy the Southern part with all of it magnificent weather, friendly people, great food, interesting sights and inexpensive resorts. You could go to the North and go to Chiang Mai and get a chance to spend time in the mountains, take day trips into Myanmar (Burma) or into Laos. I love spending time in Khon Kaen and Bangkok. Plenty to see and experience, great temples and old ruins, park and scenery, Museums and bragging rights with your friends.

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  1. Thailand (country)
  2. Chiang Mai (city)
  3. Myanmar (country)
  4. Laos (country)
  5. Khon Kaen (city)
  6. Bangkok (city)
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answered by
Adina from Bucharest

Simon, I would totally recommend you to come visit my country: Romania. In July the weather will be great for visiting and you have so many things to see. We have beautiful mountains, the seaside, villages rich in history, Transylvania, Danube Delta; most of them unique in Europe. Then you have Maramureș County with all its traditions and delicious food. The rural life is still alive here and locals are so friendly. They can teach you how to cook and be a part of their traditional activities. But if you want to taste the city life then you have the option of medieval cities (Sighișoara, Sibiu), then Brasov ( a must try and see) and of course Bucharest.

Here you can find top expericnes  from Romania that are made by locals and you get to customize the vacation package:

And this is a great FB page where you can see pictures with best places from my country.

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  1. Romania (country)
  2. Transylvania (region)
  3. Danube Delta (attraction)
  4. Maramureș County (state)
  5. Sighișoara (city)
  6. Sibiu (city)
  7. Brasov (city)
  8. Bucharest (city)
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answered by
Michelle from Melbourne

Remember that it will be winter in the southern hemisphere so the further south you go, the more likely the weather will be tricky - unless you'd like to ski and then I'd say the south island of New Zealand should definitely be on your radar. Central America, Cuba and SE Asia would all be terrific. There's so much to do in SE Asia particularly that you would have no trouble filling your time - Singapore, Malaysia Indonesia, Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam - so much to see, do and eat there!

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  1. New Zealand (country)
  2. Singapore (country)
  3. Malaysia (country)
  4. Indonesia (country)
  5. Thailand (country)
  6. Cambodia (country)
  7. Vietnam (country)
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answered by
Cristina from Brussels

I would visit a bunch of Eastern European countries. 4 to 6 weeks would give you time to see a lot.

answered by
Emilie from Lyon

Hi Simon !

I went to South America 3 years ago, with 4-6 weeks I think you can travel 2 countries. I went to Uruguay and Peru, which are both beautiful countries (even if I prefered Uruguay, people are more friendly). You could also go to Argentina. With 4 to 6 weeks you can visit the entire country, on a roadtrip maybe ? 

I hope my question helped you out !

Mentioned in this answer:

  1. Uruguay (country)
  2. Peru (country)
  3. Argentina (country)
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answered by
amanda from Dublin

It has to be Ireland Be sure to check out the world's greatest and longest roadtrip of the Atlantic - 2,500km along the most stunning coastline in the world, it's wild, rugged, authentic - set on the edge of Europe, it can even boast the last Sunset of the Atlantic - and you can only get it here in Ireland, the Atlantic Way, it has a brilliant App too - free to download or go to . And of course there is the wonderful city of Dublin .... in the words of the famous author James Joyce "When I die Dublin will be written in my heart" check out #lovedublin or see for loads of things to see and do. Hope to see you here sometime soon!

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  1. Atlantic Way (attraction)

answered by
Alisha from Nagpur

Hi Simon, 

Depends how far you want to go, and how you plan to travel. but France is great at that time of year, I love touring there in September, once the schools have gone back. The weather can still be great, there is plenty to see and do, it is just a short channel hop, and with the car or M-bike, can go anywhere, too. One time, for a change, I went to Spain using a "last-minute-cheapie" with a car-hire that was also so cheap it was impossible to refuse. Yes, this one was staying in touristy Torremolinos BUT having the car made it possible to visit all sorts of interesting places in Andalucía (Andalucia )- Ronda Granada (Granada), Gibraltar (Gibraltar) to mention a few, it was a case of thinking laterally.... The trip was so cheap it would not have been a loss to forego some of the already booked hotel nights, take some overnight stuff in the car, and stay elsewhere to allow roaming even though I did not do that on that particular trip.. Hope this information helps you. Enjoy your journey.

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  1. France (country)
  2. Spain (country)
  3. Torremolinos (city)
  4. Andalucía (state)
  5. Ronda (city)
  6. Granada (city)
  7. Gibraltar (country)

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