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Laura Garcia-Halpin

Honolulu, Hawaii

What is hiding in Waikiki?!

  While I don't want to come off as complaining about the coconuts in paradise, I need some help finding love for my current home, Waikiki, Hawaii.  I have lived on other parts of Oahu before, but now I am truly in Town and am feeling a bit overwhelmed with the constant noise of drunk college kids walking by my door every night, the many many homeless people pissing on my porch, the garbage smell.  I think I'm just feeling a little frustrated and would love some suggestions for things I am not taking full advantage of here.  There are lots of tiny places and side streets that are a great mix of the new and the old Waikiki, so I have to be missing out on something!  

  I love love love to eat anything, I'm on the beach as much as possible, and I'm more of an outdoorsy person.  I love my local bars (shout out to Home Bar, Legends) and definitely enjoy a great beer or cocktail or 5 :) (Brew'd, Tropics, and Real are pretty good for those things).  I know there are lots of things Downtown or Kaimuki, but I really want to find some real love for Waikiki!  I'm open to just about anything, but with one caveat: I don't have a car!  

  Thanks for your help!  ALO)(A.

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