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Vietnam, Thailand, Laos, Cambodia

Can I travel Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam and Laos in 6 weeks?

Hi all,

My girlfriend and I are planning our RTW trip starting in SE Asia in January. We can only spend 6 weeks there but can't seem to get our itinerary under 9 weeks. It would be great if anybody who's done this trip before can help us allocate days to each place, tell us where not to even bother going or tell us if we've missed some hidden gems. I know this plan will change as soon as we step foot in Bangkok, but think it's good to have a rough idea of where to go.

Here's our itinerary:

1. Bangkok (3 days)
2. Siem Reap/Angkor Wat (2 days)
3. Phnom Penh (2 days)
4. Sihanoukville (2 days)
5. Mekong Delta (3 days)
6. Ho Chi (Saigon) (2 days)
7. Nha Trang (3 days)
8. Hoi An (4 days)
9. Hue (2 days)
10. Hanoi (3 days)
11. Halong Bay (2 days)
12. Vientiane (2 days)
13. Vang Vieng (2 days)
14. Luang Prabang (2 days)
15. Muang Pakbeng (1 day)
16. Chiang Khong (1 day)
17. Chiang Mai (3 days)
18. Pai / Umphang (3 days)
19. Mae Pong (1 day)
20. Golden Triangle (2 days)
21. Bangkok (1 day)

Note: I've allocated and additional 14 days just to account for travel between cities by train, bus, boat and plane.


8 Answers

answered by
Joel from Byron Bay

Hey Ricardo,

I think you can do it I did a similar trip but the other way...

Bangkok -Chiang Mai- Northern Laos - we then flew to north Vietnam and then traveled Vietnam; Hanoi Hạ Long Bay- Hoi An- Nha Trang - Ho Chi Minh City (make sure you visit Cu Chi Tunnels)...

You can then go overland as we did including the Mekong River, Phnom Penh,  Krong Preah SihanoukSiem ReapAngkor Wat ... Then into Thailand

See my answer for a similar question here

I would agree with Gilli Singer about skipping some of the things for example you could fly the section like I did from Luang Prabang to Hanoi (it was really cheap we booked it there in town in Luang Prabang...

Overall there is lots to see and just get in as much as you can I did a good part with Stray Bus and that was awesome but see how you go

Get in touch if you have any questions Safe Travels!!

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  2. Chiang Mai (city)
  3. Hanoi (city)
  4. Hạ Long Bay (attraction)
  5. Hoi An (city)
  6. Nha Trang (city)
  7. Ho Chi Minh City (city)
  8. Cu Chi Tunnels (attraction)
  9. Mekong River (attraction)
  10. Phnom Penh (city)
  11. Krong Preah Sihanouk (attraction)
  12. Siem Reap (city)
  13. Angkor Wat (attraction)
  14. Thailand (attraction)
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answered by
Pablo from Chañaral, Chile

Hi, you can do it, I would re-consider Phnom Penh because it´s just like a big city and maybe a few days more in Siem Reap, I don´t know how are you considering the travel times but it could be a little longer that we are used to because the roads aren`t that great, but even if you have a year you would still feel like you needed more time :)

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  2. Siem Reap (city)
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answered by
Thoo from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

that is great plan! yes you can do that!

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answered first by
Gilli from Toronto

Hi Ricardo, 

I've been to all of those countries, though spread out over a longer period of time. I'd say you should be OK but it will be somewhat rushed. To make your trip a little less rushed, I'd say you can forsure cut out Hue, and Vientiane. You might have to go through Vientiane to get to other locations in Laos, but you can basically drive right through without stopping. I'm not sure what your plans are for the Mekong, but I think 3 days is also probably too much. Unless you're planning on going on some lovely 3 day cruise. I took a two day slow boat from Luang Prubang to the Thai boarder and it was MORE than enough time. We were very read to get off that thing. One thing I didn't see on your list, which is absolutely amazing is the Gibbons experience in the Laos jungle. Its located by a town called Huay Xai which is just by the Northern Thai boarder (I believe its near Chiang Rai). It's 2 days one night (or 3 days 2 nights) of trekking and zip lining. Basically you hike to the tip of a mountain and then zip (sometimes up to a kilometre) to the tip of another mountain. You sleep in these gorgeous tree houses way above ground. It's probably one of the cooler things I've done on my travels. Every where else you have is amazing! 

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answered by
Jade from Texas City

Yes, it is possible. Happy travels!

answered by
Minh Ngoc from Hanoi, Vietnam

Hi, I think you can travel using those routes. I have travelled regularly in Vietnam and I love this place. I usually book tours on arrival in Vietnam. You can check out Tomargo Travel at for their deals and good services.

answered by
Julian from Australia

It's possible but quite rush. Personally I think you should spend 1 more day in Luang Prabang.

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  1. Luang Prabang (city)

answered by
Nam from Bangkok

For routing that OK except Golden Triangle where located in Chiang Raiprovince. It's better to be the next place after Chiang Khong DistrictChiang Khong District

Siem Reapis the top attraction in SEA, worth for at least 3 nights stay which matched 3-day Angkor ticket.

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  4. Siem Reap (city)

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