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Hotels with gyms, or other gyms and yoga studios in Venice?!!

I'm going to go on a family vacation to Venice and I need a gym or yoga studio for some me time to stay SANE!!! I would prefer a gym at a hotel if anyone has suggestions and if not I was wondering if anyone knew of any gyms with day passes, or better yet yoga or pilates studios!!  I'd like to stay active and be able to lift weights, run on a treadmill, or take a class, so any suggestions would be great!!!!

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Lo from Delft

Hello Denise,

you seem to be eager to do all sorts of sport activities in Venice and you are oblivious about the dates of your stay (season and weather are important information), but also generic about what you are looking for specifically:

  • -a yoga studio?
  • -yoga classes?
  • -pilates classes?
  • -a gym at a hotel?
  • -lifting weights?
  • -running on a treadmill?
  • all of the above?

Some hotels in Venice (very few and very expensive) actually have fitness rooms, but they are usually quite shabby. You won't have difficulty in finding which hotels do just by searching in some hotel booking site.

If you are not willing to pay 200-300 euro per night in a fancy hotel with a shabby gym, I would recommend to sign up at a local gym ("palestra" in italian). Check the public facilities of S.Alvise's neighbourhood: "Centro Sportivo Costantino Reyer" (Cannaregio 3163). They offer various options, among them a rock gym and a swimming pool.

Next to these facilities you will find also the "Associazione Remiera Canottieri Cannaregio" (Cannaregio 3161), a rowing club with a decent gym. You will have to pay a subscription (30 euro), plus the monthly fee (11 euro), plus the club uniform (probably 10-15 euro). All added it will still be cheaper than a gym in a hotel and certainly a more interesting experience.

If you are really into trying something new, ask at the reception of the rowing club if someone is willing to teach you how to row "venetian style".

The lessons will be very cheap if not gratuitous. This would be both one of the best experience in Venice and the best possible complete workout.

My suggestion is that you do not need a treadmill in Venice. If the weather allows, just step outside and run: you will discover the city and get a great workout thanks to the many bridges you will have to cross. The city is very safe, so feel free to run at any time.

If you are looking for yoga or t'ai chi ch'uan, people gather at  Giardini di Sant'Elena to practice them outdoor (on grass) in the good season. This little park (the biggest in the city though) is great for running as well, plus it offers some outdoor gym facilities.


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Oleg from Sacramento

Hi Denise,

It's great that you want to stay fit and decompress through yoga/gym while traveling, but while in Venice, you might have a much better time if you reset your expectations. Venice is super-small, as are most of its hotels. the only way to get around is by using your feet, so take long walks (it's a gorgeous city) to burn some energy.  

There are a few studios ( Yoga Studio Venezia on the main island, and   Venice Yoga Center on the next island over:  Isola della Certosa), but it may be a challenge fitting logostics and availability into a limited vacation schedule.

If you're planning to visit any of the larger towns (Florence, Rome, Milan, etc), you'll probably have an easier time finding a gym or yoga studio. 

Good luck, and have fun!

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answered by
Debbie from San Francisco

Hi Denise, I was in Venice a couple of months ago and wanted to get my exercise on, too!  I had trouble Googling things and even when I did find a yoga studio, I wasn't sure if they had English speaking classes and if I could rent or borrow a mat there, etc.  I just ended up waking up early and running every morning.  Lo is right when she says you will never need a treadmill in Venice -- just bring a good pair of running shoes and run the island instead!  Since I went in the summer time when it was hot and peak tourist season, I woke up at 6 AM every morning to beat the heat and crowds (it can get CROWDED).  You should adjust your running time to the season in which you will be traveling in.  Have fun in Venezia!

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answered by
David from Birmingham, United Kingdom

Just walk around Venice. It's the most beautiful city in the world...why would you want to walk on a treadmill when just outside the door is...Venice?

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