JR Johnson

JR from Manhattan Beach asked July 01, 2014

Venice: Best food in Venice - no reservations

I have a last minute trip to Venice - 3 short days! I'd love to get some restaurant tips. Price is not a problem, but reservations are. I haven't had time to make any :( 

So what are the BEST places where I can walk in, casual, and get a killer Venetian experience. I don't mind sitting at/in the bar. 



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  • Hannah Co

    Top Answer by Hannah C. from Manila

    I just got back from Venice and one fantastic place (cheap too! 6-7 euros an order) was Alfredo‘s - Fresh Pasta To Go and Gelati near the Rialto Bridge.

    Also, if you want something sweet try Gelatoteca SuSo on Calle Dela Bissa. Their Manet (Gianluca, Pistachio, and salt) was so good!

  • Sara Giusti

    Sara G. from Colle di Val d'Elsa answered

    When I've been there I didn't booked, but I don't know if things have changed lately. I suggest you Trattoria Alla Vedova , the place is great (with copper kettles hanging from the roof) and you can simply have a drink or a pasta, not too expensive (though you don't mind). Or I may suggest you Cantine del Vino Già Schiavi here you can have oysters and fresh fish served with the best wines.

    Have a nice stay in Venice!

  • Tony Wright

    Tony W. from Seattle answered

    Pro-tip #1: cicheti - this is the italian word for tapas and you can make a meal out of them. You point at things that look tasty, say "Doo-ay" (two!) and graze away.

    Pro-tip #2: Aperol Spritz' abound. They are those orange drinks you see and they are refreshing as hell.

    Pro-tip #3: Avoid San Marco Square for food.

    Pro-tip #4: Pizza in Venice is weak.

    Pro-tip #5: To detect a good gelato place, look at the pistachio flavor. If it's bright green, find another one. Should be a duller grayish-green.

    As for places to go:

    Ostaria dei Zemei - Great cicheti.

    Osteria all'Arco - More cicheti.

    Al Merca' - More. Cicheti.

    Bancogiro - More.

    Alfredo‘s - Fresh Pasta To Go and Gelati - delish for cheap/quick pasta. Somewhat hard to find, like everything in Venice.

    Venice is not necessarily known for great food, so I'd save your fancy dining energy for other parts of your trip.

  • Brew Johnson

    Brew J. from Manhattan Beach answered

    I really like A beccafico for a nice meal. I've had pizza and pasta for a late lunch/early dinner that was amazing. Good service. Right on Campo San Stefano which is a cool square with good people watching. They cap of a meal their with different types of digestif's, I had what I would call a canteloupe-cello (like a limoncello but with canteloupe) that was spectacular.

  • Desirae Tira

    Desirae T. from Manhattan Beach answered

    We used Trip Advisor while we were in Venice for food suggestions! It never let us down!