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  • DS Pierce
  • "24 hours in venice with 2 adults, 2 kids"

24 hours in venice with 2 adults, 2 kids

Recommendations for what to see, what to do and where to eat in Venice  in 24 hours with 2 adults and 2 kids, have a decent budget thanks

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  • Mary Smith

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    24 hours is obviously not enough to see even a fraction of what Venice has to offer but......

    1) Walk and walk and walk. Venice is a very tiny city (you can cross it on foot in around an hour) and it's perfectly safe to walk.

    The whole of Venice is historical, threaded with canals and bridges, wonderful buildings, ancient churches and fascinating sights & sites. Get a map and use it: Venice is still laid out as it was in Medieval times, with numerous alleyways, sottoporteggi and sudden dead-ends. Expect and accept that you may well get lost but know also that you'll soon find your way again. Let the kids lead the way! :-)

    2) Other than just walking and exploring, with so very little time and two children I'd advise you to do just 4 things:

    a) Get to Piazza San Marco and go into the magnificent Basilica. It is simply stunning, though you can expect a lot of other visitors to be present.

    If you don't want to queue for entry (it's free) you can buy a ticket online in advance to 'skip the line':

    b) Take a vaporetto (water-bus) along the Grand Canal. You'll get an entirely different view of the buildings from the waterside (from where they were intended to be viewed, to display the wealth of their owners) and the kids will enjoy the experience.

    Vaporetto timetables and info in English on the official site:

    c) Find one of the traghetto (passenger ferry) crossing-points along the Grand Canal. Traghetti are gondolas with two gondolieri. They ferry pedestrians across the canal, weaving their way through all the vaporetti and other water-borne traffic. It's a brilliant experience

    3) If you're prepared to spend 80+ euro for 30 minutes or so you can have a proper gondola ride. There are loads of gondolas available at Piazza San Marco but imo it's better to find one in the side-streets/side-canals because there aren't so many customers and you're more likely to get a decent ride for your money.

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