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Do we need proof of onward travel flying into Canada?

We're flying into Vancouver and staying for a few weeks with friends. We then plan to head into the states, but all we've booked is our one-way flight to Vancouver. Is it an issue flying into the country if you have no proof of onward travel e.g. proof that you're going to leave?!

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Valerie from Seattle

As an American, they usually ask me how long I stay, but I've never had to fill out one of those forms like they do for UKBA where you have to enter the UK, filling out your info in order to prove your duration/location you're staying/etc.

Since you hold a Commonwealth passport, I would imagine there's quite a bit of flexibility for you, but as Carlos suggests, I'd call Canada House, or drop by and see if someone can briefly answer your questions without an appointment. After all, when's the last time you braved the crowds at Trafalgar Square by choice? ;)

Good luck, and have a great trip!

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answered by
Brownie from Vancouver

Depends.  If you look like you are coming into Canada  to work under the table or if asked can show no ability to support yourself during your visit, you MAY have trouble.  Why do you have no ticket home? Most visitors will have a reasonable explanation of what they will be doing in Canada  and why they have no ticket home.  Have a good true story and you will be ok. We welcome visitors, we do not welcome those coming to illegally work or us our great social infrastructure with out paying.

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answered first by
Carlos from Mexico

Depends on your specific visa requirements, but I'd say no. I've never had to provide proof of onward travel when going into Canada. I've never even been asked about it.

I suggest calling the Canadian embassy in London and check with them. They should be able to give you detailed information. The English embassy in Ottawa would also know, and embassies usually have a toll-free number for their country of origin.

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answered by
Pat from Clermont-en-Argonne

You just need proof of your onward travel. Here is what immigration Canada says if your from a no visa required country:

I do not have a return ticket. Can I travel to Canada with a one-way ticket?

  • We strongly recommend that travellers who enter as tourists present a return ticket upon entry into Canada, but this is not a legal requirement. Port of Entry officers may want to see proof that the person entering Canada will leave before expiry of their authorized period of stay.
  • If you are the holder of a work or study permit, you generally do not need a return ticket. At the port of entry in Canada you might have to prove that you are able to fund your return flight.

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answered by
Anthony from Vancouver

You should need to give a credible statement to the airport Customs and Immigration officer about what you intend to do in Canada, how long you intend to stay for, and what is your plan for leaving. They will also ask you if you are visiting anyone, along with the usual question about whether or not you are bringing any gifts or have anything to declare.  But if in doubt the Canada House is in Central London near Trafalgar Square you might want to drop by and ask them.

answered by
Roy from North Vancouver

Make sure you have the name, address and phone number of the people you will be staying with.  

The boarder services may not even ask to see a return ticket. But be ready with a definite plan for your return via The US - not a wishy washy not sure what we are doing yet.  

You may have more problems entering the USA with not return plans.

answered by
Marina from Canada

This situation is very dependent on the individual customs agent.  Some of them are very reasonable, but others get on a big power trip.  Perhaps you can check the Customs and Border website for insight:

Have a fabulous trip!

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