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Vacation to Space... would you do it?

Hello fellow travelers! Here's a fun one for you!

I'm curious--with all the 'commercial spaceflight' options popping up right now, would you ever consider going to outer space for vacation?

Where would you want to go? Moon, Mars, Titan... or just a quick flight around Earth?

What would you do there, if you could go? Spelunking? Ice skating? Sun bathing?

How much would it have to cost for you to be able to consider it? $1000? $5000?

And if you could only take THREE things (other than a camera, of course), what would you take?

8 Answers

top answer by
Ross from Fort Collins

No way not interested! I need to finish this planet first and as of now it's just a ride to no destination? 

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answered first by
Billy from Chicago

This is my kind of question, haha. I have always thought there should be a Willy Wonka Golden Ticket type of contest with the grand prize being a trip to the moon. I would settle for a trip around Earth because I'm sure the experience would be out of this world (#zingerrr), but I would really like to stand on the moon and look back at Earth. Something about that sounds soooo damn cool. I'm hopeful that this will be a possibility.

I don't think I'd want to go to Mars because from what I know, it's only a ONE WAY TRIP and I'm sure the wifi speeds are painfully slow. I still have an Earth bucket list to get through and so far it only has the moon on it when it comes to space travel. 

Also, this picture I took from an iPhone pointed into a telescope in at the Mamalluca Observatory in Vicuña, Chile has enhanced this desire.  

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answered by
Justin from Phoenix

If it were around $5,000, it would be in the realm of possibility. I'd be fine with a repeat of the Mercury flight at that price. I wouldn't be up there long enough to need anything but my camera!

I've also experienced the same amount of G forces as a space rocket launch, so I think I'd be OK physically.

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answered by
Michelle from Melbourne

It'd be an amazing way to see the Northern Lights ;-) (which is on my bucket list). Seriously, it's only relatively recent since I stopped needing medication to be calm enough to get on a commercial jet. It would have to be a one-way proposition (kind of like what happens in 2001: A Space Odyssey - apologies if that's a spoiler to anyone), sort of the definition of the bucket list trip. I think I'd just take my iPhone so I could send my last pix back to whoever's left down here.

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answered by
Kim from Canada

Maybe if there was a teleporting option I'd love to visit a space station and watch a whole rotation of Earth but I hate flying so I doubt I'd take a spaceflight even if it was offered to me for free. 

But the idea of taking a GoPro out on a space walk would be pretty neat :) 

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answered by
Ashley from Calgary

Probably not, just for the price tag alone and training to go into space is a huge time commitment pre-travel.  With the recent events it also doesn't seem very "safe". 

answered by

No. I don't fancy other planets that much

answered by
Rocio from Costa Rica

Hi Valerie! Interesting question. I would rather prefer to travel to other interesting places on earth (still on my bucket list) than to space. :)


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