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Dylan from Antwerp asked

2 weeks Uruguay- any tips and things I need to do?

I'm going to Uruguay the last two weeks of december someone tips.. places.. budget alternative places?


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answered by
Mateo from Montevideo

Hey Dylan, 

I'm from Uruguay. 

First of all, last weeks of December and January is a time were Montevideo is less crowded because of the summer. On weekends almost all Uruguayans go to the beaches outside Montevideo so you may consider visiting some seaside Uruguayan towns. Montevideo has coast but the beaches are not the best ones.

From Montevideo to the East (direction to Brazil) you have:

-         Punta del Este. The most popular place to vacation. Great nightlife (in the port, La Barra o Manantiales), good beaches, and a lot of activities to do. Is more glamorous than other seaside towns. Punta del Este also include La Barra, Manantiales and Jose Ignacio. 120 km from Montevideo.

-         La Pedrera. This beach town is one of my favoritues. Small, with night activities and great sandy beaches. It’s less crowded than Punta del Este and much smaller, everything is at walking distance. 200 km from Montevideo.

-         Cabo Polonio. This is by far the more attractive place in the Uruguayan coast. It’s a natural reserve of sand dunes with a little fisherman town over the coast. There are no roads, no cars allowed (only for residents) and there is no electric light. It’s a magical place during day and night. There are a lot of hostels you could stay where some have water and electric light (using a power supply). From there you could do the 2 hour walk from Cablo Polonio to Valizas through the sandy coast and spend the day in Valizas (very beautiful place). Big trucks get you from the road through the dunes to Cabo Polonio. 250 km from Montevideo.

-         Punta del Diablo. This is 300 km from Montevideo. It’s very beautiful and also one of my favorites. Near to Natural Reserve Santa Teresa (it’s said to have the best beaches in Uruguay) and to Laguna Negra.  

The best thing of this is that one town follows the other, so you could go to Punta del Este, then do 60 km more and get to La Pedrera, then do 50 more and get to Cabo Polonio, and so on.

So you should consider 3 to 4 days in Montevideo and maybe the rest in one or several seaside towns. You could easily rent a car or by bus.

A meal could cost you between 7 to 18 usd. Accommodation cost from 20 usd and above (could easily reach 50 or even 80 usd a night).

Let me know if you need more information!

Let me add that La pedrera, Cabo Polonio and Punta del Diablo are more rustic places but all have good nightlife (Restaruants, Bars and places to dance).

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