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  • "amount of money to bring cross country"

amount of money to bring cross country

how much money to bring on a road trip from Boston to New Orleans

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  • RosalieAnn Beasley

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    When you ask, 'How much money will it take to go from Boston to New Orleans' it depends on a lot of variables which will be different for different people. The expenses will be

    • Gas/Transportation
    • Sleeping Accommodations
    • Food
    • Other (such as admission prices, tolls and gifts)

    Gas: That trip on the interstates is about 1600 miles. Driving your own car (no rental car cost) you have to pay for fuel and the amount will depend on what kind of gas mileage your car gets. We have a hybrid car which gets very good gas mileage. Our average gas use was 45 mpg for a recent trip. It was as much as 50 mpg on the freeway, and less than that in town. The average price per gallon at the time was $2.23. So for a trip of1600 miles, our total gas cost would be $80.00. Your cost will be more if you have a less efficient car or if gas prices go up.

    Hotels: If you cut the journey into 4 sections of about 400 miles each (8 hours of driving a day, then you will have three overnight stops. The amount of money you spend on hotels will depend- on a recent trip of ours we averaged about $160/night at a medium priced hotel with free parking, free breakfast and free internet.

    Food: If you have free breakfast at the hotel, eat fast food for lunch and eat at an inexpensive restaurant for dinner you will probably spend about $40 a day for food (for two people).

    Tolls: There are some tolls on the interstates

    So I would estimate about $800.00 for the trip

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