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Kerry asked

Vehicle insurance for a Rental Motorhome.

I am going to the UK next year and have arranged a rental Motorhome for part of the trip. I am confused with their insurances. The cost is considerable for a 7 week hire and the cover does not include damage caused by a reversing manoeuvre, windscreen damage and any damage caused to the vehicle about 6 feet from the ground. I have tried to ascertain what limitations a policy will have and if there is a policy that will cover me for the whole vehicle and of course a third parties damage if caused through my fault. They are now talking about taking out a "Third Party Insurance" cover as well as. I thought comprehensive insurance covers all damage, or at least it does in Australia. Who has had the same issues and does anyone have answers to this. Thanks guys

United Kingdom

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Mary from Leicester
First of all, UK vehicle insurance is expensive. That's just the way it is, whether one is a UK resident or not. The cost of insuring a motorhome over a 7-week period will inevitably be substantial. UK roads are very congested and rural roads generally narrow and winding. The chances of a large vehicle being damaged are higher than those of a car and this is reflected in the cost of insurance.

UK 'third party' insurance covers damage to people (including  passengers other than the driver in the insured vehicle), to other vehicles and/or to property if the incident is your fault. It is the legal minimum requirement for any motor vehicle driven on the road in the UKHire companies are not allowed to rent vehicles without third party insurance being in place and would be legally liable if they did so. 
For many decades the basic third party option was by far the cheapest vehicle insurance but it's now very expensive indeed and very little cheaper than comprehensive insurance, if it's cheaper at all.

UK 'fully-comprehensive' insurance of course includes the legally-required third party aspect but each and every insurance policy has its own exemptions (e.g. windscreens, tyres) and excesses. It is often possible to minimise those exemptions and excesses but doing so always (and obviously) raises the cost of the policy. 

There are many UK insurance providers, each of which offers different policies. Insurances offered by hire companies vary according to the provider used by that company. 
As you are not clear about what this particular hire company offers you do need to contact them directly and ask for further clarification....most especially the 'third party' aspect. Any reputable company should be able to provide you with more detail, including whether it is possible to pay a higher premium to cover exclusions such as damage caused by reversing.
If you remain unhappy with what this particular company offers perhaps it might be worth exploring other UK motorhome hire companies?  You might find better insurances or, given that there aren't too many such companies,  you might find they are all much the same. If the latter, at least you'll know you're not being ripped-off by one particular company.

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Thanks everyone for your information, that was great. Does anyone have any insurance companies that have proven to be good.

It isn't a matter of 'insurance companies which have proven to be good'. The fact that you're not a UK resident means there are very, very few UK vehicle insurance companies which will provide you with vehicle insurance...and it certainly won't be cheap. So, unless you can find suitable insurance in your own country which will provide fully-legal cover in the UK you are stuck which whichever insurance provider the hire company uses. It is, I'm afraid, as it is.
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