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Ken asked

Driving from Rome to the Amalfi coast in September

Any suggestions That you may have driving from Rome to the Amalfi coast in September

Tuscany (Italy)

2 Answers
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Lisa from Brookhaven (New York)
Hello, there is an overlook along the route from Sorrento that is breath taking. Someone else may know the name. I recommend stopping at Positano. The views and location at Hotel Buca di Bacco is worth the money and time. Take the ferry over to Capri. If interested, I could offer recommendations while there.

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Mary from Leicester
I'm not sure why you've mentioned Tuscany? The region of Tuscany is quite some distance to the north of Rome. You won't pass through it on a drive from Rome (in Lazio region) to the Amalfi Coast (in Campania region).
Rome to Amalfi is about 300km/170 miles. You can expect the drive to take a minimum of 3.5 hours, longer if you encounter traffic congestion, roadworks, take rest-stops or have navigation issues.
1. Expect traffic to be busy and to encounter at least some traffic congestion, epecially around Rome and Naples.
2. Expect the driving style to be Italian. Drive defensively but don't dawdle. Driving too slowly encourages others to try to overtake you when it isn't safe to do so. Keep your speed the same as the majority of traffic on that section of road.
3. Pay close attention to other drivers at all times, expect the unexpected wherever you are, make your intentions clear as far in advance as you can and be decisive in your actions. Never dither (the same applies when crossing Italian roads as a pedestrian).
4. When you begin to drive the Amalfi Coast road proper (that is, most of the road from Sorrento to Amalfi) remember that it's an ordinary road. You are very likely to encounter buses, trucks and local traffic as well as other visitors (September is 'shoulder season' so there will still be lots of visitors about).
5. On the Amalfi Coast road stay as close to your side of the road as you can, even when your side is a sheer cliff face.
Approach all bends with extreme caution: large vehicles need more of the road to get round bends.
Always give way when it's necessary.
6. If you're the driver, don't expect to sightsee when you're driving the Amalfi Coast road. In order to stay safe you need to focus on the road and the behaviour of other road users.
7. If you decide to break your journey on the way remember that the historical centres of all (or almost all) Italian cities, towns and many villages are ZTLs (zona a traffico limitata). A ZTL is a zone where only vehicles with permits can enter, drive or park at certain times of day.
ZTLs are always well-signed but usually, for obvious reasons, only in Italian. Many are monitored by CCTV cameras. some by the Italian equivalent of traffic wardens. Fines for unauthorised vehicles are automatic. If you have a rental car the rental company will take the fine and admin charges from your card, sometimes months after your ZTL infringement. 
Keep your eyes open and make sure you don't accidentally enter any ZTLs. 
Enjoy your trip!

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