Jennifer Lange

Jennifer from Minneapolis asked June 24, 2014

Turkey: Turkey - must see outside of Istanbul?

We are going to turkey in september and need help deciding where to go other than istanbul. We're coming from Greece and plan to end with 4 day in Istanbul. So we have about 4 additional days to play with. Any suggestions? Our plan so far is ...Athens, Mykonos, Santorini, ????, Istanbul. We (husband and I) like to be social but not club type of partying or anything like that, more like good food, some drinks and good atmosphere. 

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  • Laurel Steele

    Top Answer by Laurel S. from Istanbul

    Turkey is a big country, but luckily it has an extensive and very affordable flight network and bus system. If you buy tickets far enough in advance, you can fly nearly anywhere for $50-$100. Plus, the flights are usually between 1-2 hours.

    If you're interested in history or archaeology, visiting Ephesus (Turkish: Efes) would be great. It's situated near the small town of Selcuk.

    EphesusYou can book direct flights from Athens to Izmir (the nearest airport) for around $75 and then a flight from İzmir to Istanbul for about $50. Both flights are only an hour. You can also take a 9-hour bus journey from İzmir to Istanbul for $25-$50. İzmir is a nice city to explore, but there aren't many tourist attractions.

    Izmirimage from ds-lands.comFrom, Selcuk you can take a day trip to Pamukkale

    Pamukkaleimage from

    Cappadocia is very popular and can be reached easily by plane. You would need to fly into the Kayseri airport. There are several weekly direct flights from İzmir for about $60. Hot air balloon tours are extremely popular here.


    I hope this helps! You'll love anywhere you go in Turkey!

  • Brew Johnson

    Brew J. from Manhattan Beach answered

    Cappadocia is an absolute must, in my opinion. One of the more interesting places on earth. Cappadocia
    If you want to head to the coast, I think the area between Antalya and Fethiye is very interesting. Kas is interesting, as is Ölüdeniz which is touristy, but extremely beautiful and a good place to do boat tours of the coast and some adventure activities.Ölüdenizimage from Near Olimpos, there are some really interesting areas, where you can hike down to beautiful beaches and on the way (and when you are at the beach) see some ancient tombs and ruins:



  • Tansel Kaya

    Tansel K. from Minneapolis answered

    Cappadocia if you want to experience something unusual, Antalya if you want to continue enjoying the sun. Izmir if you want to witness the early days of Christianity and finally Mardin if you want spend a day like Prince of Persia.

  • Luis Revilla

    Luis R. from Minneapolis answered

    I would recomend going to Cappadocia, but for the time that you have, i believe it will be short, since this is more a field trip ( cities in there are more like towns really).

    I assumed that you are going to Istanbul, estay there at least 4 days. When i was there, people recomended a lot to visit Izmir. It is supposed to be a very nice city and also has lots of history in Istanbul.

    Googd luck and have a nice trip!!!

  • Sebnem Sayil

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    Sebnem S. from Istanbul answered

    If you are still interested in having a coastal visit than you should try Bodrum. There are daily ferries from Kos to Bodrum, which takes around 2 hours. Than you can return from Bodrum by plane to Istanbul.

    If you don't like clubbing and so on, you should stay at Gumusluk, which is famous with its fish restaurants and sunset.

  • Aleks Bagamyan

    Aleks B. from Minneapolis answered

    I prefer you guys visit Istanbul more than 4 days ( 4 days is not enough for Istanbul) but if you insist to see other cities, you should go Izmir (good foods) or Antalya (southern vacation city).

    Again you should give more days to Istanbul ..

  • Yuksel Tasdemir

    Yuksel T. from Minneapolis answered


    You sould take a ferry from Santorini to Samos and from Samos to Kusadasi( Turkey ). You can visit Ephesus and Pamukkale (2 days / 1 night) . Than flight from Izmir to Istanbul and 2-3 days for visiting Istanbul will be enough i think. If you like to have a professional help you can visit :

    Have a great day

  • seko dogi

    seko d. from Istanbul answered

    What do you think to try Eastern Black Sea Region? You can take eco tours, and live real Turkish culture...