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Micky from Portland asked

Tunisia itinerary ideas

Planning a few days in Tunis so any suggestions on what to see and where to eat in Tunis would be appreciated. Then plan to head south- ideas on where to visit and stay, eat?

Finally to the desert for some kind of excursion- overnight or two- any suggestion as to what and with what guide/company? 

Tunisia   Tunis (Tunisia)

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Emily from Los Angeles

Hi Micky!  Tunisia is really cool - I wish I had been able to spend more time there! 

(Quick word of caution before getting to the fun stuff: if you are going alone, be extra cautious about where you stay and how you travel - especially after dark. Be sure to check on women-specific safety advice.  Also, be advised of general warnings of locals scamming tourists. Keep your bag in front of you and don't be too friendly with anyone who randomly strikes up a conversation, etc. Oh, and read up on taxi prices from the airport - you're unlikely to get a "locals" price, but at least you'll know how much you're overpaying! )


In Túnez (Tunis), the Médina de Tunis and souks are worth a significant portion of your time. You can wander for hours and grab food from the street vendors or go into any of the bustling lunch places.  (If alone it can be pretty intimidating to sit down, but find a place with a good vibe and go for it.)  I love shakshuka, so I had that a lot!   Be advised that the medina gets dark and deserted as soon as the sun goes down. I had to make my way through it alone one night, and was chastised later by a concerned Tunisian!

I highly recommend a day or half-day trip to Sidi Bou Said.  Taking the metro there was a fun experience in itself and the city is gorgeous with its blue and white buildings overlooking the sea!

The National Bardo Museum is also worth a trip.

For travel outside of Tunis with limited time, you may have to choose between a western route and an eastern route. To the west is El Kef (and Jugurtha's Table!) and Tozeur.

I only know the eastern route, which includes places like Sousse with its beaches, El Jem with its amazing Roman amphitheater, Matmata with its Star Wars sets, and Douz for your camel-riding needs. I took a tour for the later three places due to limited time. I had a great time, but wouldn't recommend the tour company. 

The desert is beautiful - one of the truly incredible places I've seen. Despite the kitschy (and not culturally sensitive) dress-up-like-a-Berber trappings, the camel ride was a fun experience, and riding back at sunset was unforgettable. (Just note that you'll be expected to pay money for that desert fox they forced you to hold for a minute.)

I also spent a day in Al-Qayrawan, which ended up being one of my favorite cities.  The mosque there is beautiful.

For transport, you can take a louage (shared taxi) to most major cities.  It is safe and reliable - but may not leave precisely when you want it to.  I have also heard that renting a car is a good option for folks traveling together.

Not a ton of information, but I hope this helps!

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Hi Emily! Thanks for the tips: great insight. I'm planning on going to Tunisia soon. I would like to know about the desert trip: where did you leave from? My family is concerned about the safety there. Grazie and safe travels! Gaia

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Hello ..
If you're looking for cheap places to stay can go to a place called Bab Al Bahr  in the heart of the capital
Eating You can eat anywhere in prices is not much different ..
Tozeur in the south of the nicest areas are worth a visit ..
There is also a cafe Sidi Bou Said ..
Hammamet ..
Carthage Theater ..hmamat Antonius ... places worth a visit ..
Nice people in Tunisia ..

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