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Travel bloggers, what motivates you to write?


I have a question for all the (travel) bloggers and writers out there.  How do you motivate yourself to write?  Quite often I sit in front of a document knowing what to write, but not seeming to be able to make myself write.  What techniques do you use to, well, 'get things done'?

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Laura from Buenos Aires

I like to write and I like to travel so a travelblog is just perfect for me. I read them all the time when I travel because they give real information and really useful advices so that's what I like to share in my blog. 

I share my way of traveling, my love for big cities, architecture, history and food for instance from my own point of view and I try not to make a city guide but something like a expierence or sensations guide. 

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Michelle from Melbourne

For my travel blogs on I'm motivated by wanting to provide practical information for people who travel, particularly for the first time. I think the most crucial thing for people who are looking to blog is to understand what you're about, what you're trying to share and write to that, rather than try to be all things to all people. I don't have any problem in motivating myself to write - I struggle to find the time, given I'm working a job in financial services as well. There's nothing like the motivation of getting a comment, or having someone else promote your blog because they've enjoyed the content that encourages you to write. A blog also doesn't need to be dominated by text. If you've got some pictures that you like, let them tell the story and write explanatory captions. If writing isn't your preferred way of communicating, work out a blog format that works for youre style. Feel free to contact me through my blog if I can help more.

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answered by
Justin from Phoenix

First off, writing is how I make my living. I started off as a news reporter before getting into a few other writing-related career paths. As for travel blogging, I hadn't thought about a travel blog until I was interviewing a kid who had a Make-A-Wish trip to Australia. I had also been to Australia just before then, so we had a great time talking about Australia. He told me I should start a travel blog ... I did that week, and I've been at it ever since.

I like giving other people ideas and seeing them enjoy themselves. I've had people write to me and say they've enjoyed some destinations and activities because of my advice, and that's awesome. My blog makes a little bit of money from advertising, too - between the two, I have some nice incentives.

I rarely ever start my computer and then generate an idea. I usually have a few ideas before I even plug it in. Techniques ... get your thoughts down, and then edit, edit, edit. (Edit, not proofread - there's a huge difference.)

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answered by
Arti from Mumbai

I love to travel and then I love chronicling it on my travel blog - My Yatra Diary. When I sit down to write I get an overwhelming sense that I am on the move again, it is like re-living all the memories of the place. It instantly transports me to the place again (even though I am sitting in my living room!). Writing gives a whole new dimension to my travel experiences, I discover so much more about myself when I write and I discover so much more about the place - it is like falling in love with the place once again!! Another motivating factor is the fact that people actually read my blog and when I read a mail in the morning thanking me for a post, I really feel that I am doing something worthwhile.

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answered by
Diana from Lisbon

The simple idea of sharing with others the wonders of wandering around :) hoping that at the other side of the screen there's someone who likes and wants to see the same places like you. And they'll be happy they came across your post.

To travel and to blog about travel is to connect. So connection is what motivates me beyond anything else.

In order "to get things done" we need to get started, to start writing no matter what: write down all the ideas the way they come out. Stay in the flow! Don't stop to correct anything.

After you feel you've said everything you wanted to say, stop. Have a break, then come back to the table and start crafting. Edit, cut, etc. Take out the unnecessary adjectives, buzz words. Keep it simple!

Then stop. Come back after one day, re-read, re-edit. And there you have it! :)

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answered by
Tracy from Singapore

By knowing my weakness?

No matter how memorable and interesting the trips are, I can't avoid that my memory (brain) capacity won't be enough to store all the experiences I got from the place(s) I've been to. Tendency to forget this and that happens.

So, usually I will 'force' myself to spare time and note down the important points from one trip (when I am in train or bus), what I want to emphasize and the highlight of the trip, then I will start to write once I have my computer with me.

Before I forget, better I write it down. :)

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answered by
Ruth from Utah

Sharing my travel experiences has been a way of revisiting places. I make sure to take plenty of pictures to remind me of the places I have been, like Scotland, Egypt, Paris, and most of the Polynesian islands including Polynesian Cultural Center on Oahu. My motivation is mainly personal; keeping a journal of where I have been, so I can reflect on it later. To write about traveling, you need to actually travel to interesting places. That will be enough to get the juices flowing. Take a trip up a trail you haven't visited before. Get out in the world if you find yourself staring at the screen. Visit a restaurant, a museum or botanical garden. There is so much to see and write about it. Some of my travels

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answered by
Prasad from India

I think my biggest motivation is to share my stories, l kind of become Sindbad the sailor back from exotic voyage and share the tales with folks back home. The other reason I love to write is to make travel smoother for folks visiting a place after me, e.g recently I visited  Bangkok and while waiting in queue for Visa on Arrival for Thailand noticed a lot of people not ready with documents etc.  this motivated me to spend some time and
write a post about the same. Hopefully it will help some people traveling to Thailand with the aim to get visa on arrival. As far as how to get things done I have started taking a more structured approach with a to do list and a schedule of posts that I want to do about a place e.g. food, must see, interesting people I met which helps in streamlining the thoughts and put them on paper. Do check my India travel blog desi Traveler and feel free to follow on various social media. Will be happy to answer any followup questions you may have. 

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