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Manhattan Beach

JR from Manhattan Beach asked

Eats and Drinks!?!

I'm coming to Toronto for business. Staying downtown near the convention center. Looking for restaurants that are unique to Toronto and showcase what the city has to offer for 2 differnt nights: 

  • First - group: a great restaurant for a group 4-10 people. Not sure size of group yet because I'll be rallying some people from the conference, so walk in large groups must be welcomed.
  • Second - solo: I also need a cool spot where i can eat solo at the bar. Hoping for great grub, good atmosphere and a tasty wine/beer selection.

Thanks for the help!!!

Toronto (Canada)

2 Answers
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Andreas from Manhattan

I've been to the Toronto Convention Centre tons for work.  When I think of eating in that area, I mostly only think of really high end places since it's the financial district.

I think your best bet for a group meal might be going to Chinatown and hitting up a Chinese restaurant (who doesn't love Chinese food?).  It's about a 15 minute walk away.  Last time I was there, I went to House of Gourmet by myself, but it could definitely accommodate larger groups.  I know this isn't Toronto flavor or anything, and it's totally a mom and pop hole in the wall, but the food was pretty solid.

When it comes to eating at a bar though, I know those well since I've had to do that a lot myself.  My top three places are:

  • Town Crier Pub -- such a great selection of beer to satisfy any beer snob and good German food.
  • PJ O'Brien's Irish Pub & Restaurant- I've got two words for you, buddy -- Irish Nachos.  It's everything you would expect on nachos on hand cut fries instead of tortilla chips.
  • C'est What -- Now this place is neat.  It's your usual pub fare, but with a Southern twist.  For example, I got something called The Staggering Pig, which is a pulled pork sandwich made with Coffee Porter BBQ sauce, so naturally, I had to get the Coffee Porter to wash it down.

Watch out, though -- if you're there for a convention, the pubs get crowded, but I think the Chinese restaurants should be fairly easy to get a seat at.

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GREAT! Thanks for the tips! Not sure I'll taking down the Irish Nachos, but I must say i'm curious.

No problemo. As far as the Irish Nachos go, I say live on the wild side and try them at least once.

Mentioned in this answer:

  1. House of Gourmet (restaurant)
  2. Town Crier Pub (attraction)
  3. PJ O'Brien's Irish Pub & Restaurant (restaurant)
  4. C'est What (attraction)
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I lived in Toronto for 10 years. have eaten virtually everywhere so here are some unique places.

1.  Guu Izakaya, it's on the SE corner church and carlton. It's japanese, with an amazing atmosphere. Watch the Vice episode for it Guu Izakaya. My top choice. Affordable.

2. Barberians Steak House, Old fashioned atmosphere. Nothing special but no doubt the best steak in Toronto. It is unique for its quality.

3. O. Noir, on church south of bloor. You are escorted into a pitch black dining area by a blind waiter. They show you where the utensils are and you dine in pitch darkness. Hilarious experience. Food was good too.

Get drinks at Panorama Lounge on bay and bloor.

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hey Alen. thanks for the great tips! Great answer, I really appreciate it. Just wanted to let you know that, as moderator i went in and added the @symbol to your answer so they restaurants were plotted on the map. Makes your answer even better! thanks again!

Mentioned in this answer:

  1. Guu Izakaya (restaurant)
  2. Barberians Steak House (attraction)
  3. O. Noir (restaurant)
  4. Panorama Lounge (restaurant)
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