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Tamworth (England)

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Top In Flight Tips?

What are your top tips for in flight comfort?

Mine are pretty average, I'm hoping to hear something I never thought of!

Loose clothes


I'm looking for tips on, pillows, how to deal with the dry air and how to deal with 'dancing legs'.

12 Answers

top answer by
Janelle from Charleston

1. Noise canceling headphones

2. Loose clothing

3. Bring your own pillow

4. Don't drink alcohol

5. Don't take sedatives before the flight

6. Bring your own food

7. Pay extra for seats with more legroom if you can afford it

8. Pay extra for priority boarding if you can afford it

9. Pick an aisle seat so you can get up and go to the lavatory whenever you want

10. Befriend the flight attendants

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answered by
Rasto from Edmonton

Agree mostly with what others already said. My list of recommendations / priorities would be:

  1. Never ever forget ear plugs!

  2. Bring your own entertainment since especially western world airlines are getting increasingly cheap to lower their cost. Nowadays, with cost of tablets and their performance it's not a problem at all.

  3. Don't forget that even if you are traveling from one tropical destination to another and it's overnight, it gets cold on the plane because of air conditioning. Blanket they provide you with might not be enough, have something handy to keep you warm.

  4. Walk every 1-2 hours or so to stretch your legs and move your body.

  5. Avoid seats close to the washroom. People tend to form lines at times to get to the bath and if you got isle seat it can be annoying with people constantly passing by and some of them hitting your shoulder.

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answered by
Andrea M from Augusta

Anti-bacterial gel and anti-bacterial wipes!!!! The tray tables in planes are full of germs! I buy bottled water and snacks before boarding. Eat a good meal BEFORE arriving at the airport! Bring a cashmere or some other nice wrap that you can drape around you if you get chilly or fold up behind the small of your back for lumbar support. Load your Ipad with movies and bring a charged up Mophie. I always pack a carryon bag with all of my rx 's and a couple of changes of clothes. Put the charger for your cell phone in the carryon, too and any jewelry and important documents.

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answered by
Brenda from Long Beach

Check Seat Guru and get the best seat possible

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answered by
Maria from Merida (Spain)

I am totally agree with the comment below. If it s not a really long flight you can do exercices on your seat. Just pull your feet up and down and make twisted movements with your ankles. Con extremely long trips alternate with walks also. If dry air condittioning is a problem, there is a sorth of balm for nose and lips you can find in pharmacies.  

In more than 7 hour flights, sometimes if i am traveling with muy husband we select the seats Of the back and center parte Of the airplane. Normaly there is 3 seats and they are the last ones to be filled so... If it id not full, you have an extra seat . aleays hace a candy por gum for landing. It will help ur ears

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answered by
Effy from Tel Aviv


Prior to your flight you better look at the air line's rules for overweight.

I found my self once with the exact weight, but it was in two bags. The airline wanted to charge for it 100 US dollars (as declared in the airline internet site: The maximum size permitted per suitcase (or any other piece of baggage) is 158 cm. The charge for exceeding the dimensions, 158 cm to 277 cm is $100), while if I had an overweight they would charge only 85 dollars. I managed to give one bag to another traveler. But that leads you to double check prior to your flight for the rules.

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answered by
Paul from Redmond (Washington)

There are great answers already in this thread but the one simple tip I use: bring a lacrosse ball. My legs and back can get tight or cramped on a plane. While I get up, walk, and stretch a long flight can be miserable.

A lacrosse ball is a small, hard, rubber ball. They cost $3 at a sports store. Simply put the ball behind your back, under a leg, under your feet and apply some pressure. It's like a foam roller but portable.

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answered by
Steve from Honolulu, Hawaii

Lots of good already so I'll just say:

1.  Lumbar support.

2.  Be very nice to the crew!

3.  Build up your frequent flyer points and fly first or business class for a few bucks.

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answered by
Carolyn from Centreville, Md

In addition to all the other great tips mentioned, drink loads of water, a bottle an hour. Not only does it help keep you hydrated, which helps with jet lag, it will get you up and moving with trips to the bathroom. On long haul I like to take water facial spray, it's really refreshing and helps keep skin from drying out.

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answered by
Rebecca from Manchester

Eye mask as well as ear plugs! For long flights you can usually sign in to the airline online and book your seat before the flight. You can change your seat as much as you like usually, so you can check it right before your flight and move it to one where the seat next to you is also empty.

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answered by
Maria from Dublin

1. Choose the best seat you can afford, exit row if possible.

2. Comfy clothes

2. Good earphones

3. Pillow

4. A great book or films on your i-pad.

5. Hydration not alcohol

6. Bring on your own food

7. Moisturiser and hand wipes for long haul

8. A big fleece sweater for cold flights

9. Walk around as much as possible

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answered by
Donna from Maine

Snacks, book to read, small blanket, saline nose spray, noise cancelling  headphones, neck pillow , baby wipes and water are always in my carry on. I like to stretch my arms out and march in place every so often.

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