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Best place to buy japanese knife (houcho) in Tokyo or nearby town?

Any experience on buying Japanese knives in Tokyo? Cheap stores?

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nori from Tokyo

It is in between Asakusa and Ueno . " Kappa Bridge tool Street (Kappabashi Street)" is nice . Because there are a lot of shops that deal with cookware for professional .

Web site (japanease only)  kappa-bashi dougu gai

2 Chome Nishiasakusa

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  1. 2 Chome Nishiasakusa (attraction)
  2. Kappabashi Street (attraction)
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Buying knives in 合羽橋道具街 Kappabashi Kitchen Town may be a bit tricky. It may be difficult to differentiate a ‘pretty’ knife from a sturdy, quality one especially for a first time buyer. Some knives are aesthetically amazing, but they don’t necessarily need to go hand in hand with edge retention, quality and sharpness.

Generally, you can find much cheaper (sometimes even $50 cheaper on $200 knife!) and quality, genuine Japanese knives at Kapabbashi-dori street, since there are many more knife shops and they all compete with each other for customers.

In very general terms, the price and quality of the knife are determined by:
– The quality of steel or alternative material used to create the blade.
– The method used to create the shape of the blade. (stamped, roll forged, drop forged, hand forged, hand hammered etc.)
– The sharpness, the longevity of the edge and ability to prevent rusting
– Frequency of resharpening
– The balance and feel of the knife
– Quality of handle and quality of manufacturing and forging

Some time ago I wrote a guide helping first-time buyers to choose the right Japanese knife, maybe your readers will find it useful:
Happy knife hunting!

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  1. 合羽橋道具街 Kappabashi Kitchen Town (attraction)
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Naomi from Ashikaga, Tochigi

I recommend KIYA Nihonbashi Main Store

Nihonbashi has historical structures and modern buildings together.

It is very old town,there are many old shops,KUYA is 222years old.

I worked in Nihonbashi area before,the atmosphere is really nice and you can find good foods around.

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  1. KIYA Nihonbashi Main Store (attraction)
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If you're looking for a good knife, it won't be cheap. Shun knives are a good brand and most good shops make their own. In Tsukuji fish market, try  Tsukiji Masamoto. In Kappabashi, Kamata Hakensha (Taito-ku, Matsugaya 2-12-6) is good. KIYA Nihonbashi Main Store in Nihonbashi-Muromachi 2-2-1 also good.

I f you don't want a high quality knife, you will pick cheap ones in the kitchen shopping streets, and even at the airport.

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  1. Tsukiji Masamoto (attraction)
  2. Kamata Hakensha (attraction)
  3. KIYA Nihonbashi Main Store (attraction)
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Benny from Gold Coast

Just check the restaurant supply stores on Kappabashi Street, which is their "Kitchen Street". I'm 100% sure you can find one there!

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  1. Kappabashi Street (attraction)

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