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Gaelle from Paris asked

What can I do during 3 weeks (March) in Tokyo?

- budget 100 euros/week

Tokyo (Japan)

2 Answers
answered by
Alejandro from Singapore

A good way to spend a Saturday is to go to the Harajuku Station from there you can visit the beautiful (shinto) Meiji Shrine then walk through Takeshita Street to see the edgy Japanese fashion and teens in full cosplay. for $15 you could schedule a Furoshiki -Japanese art of fabric wrapping- class at Musubi (2-31-8 Jingumae, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo tel.03-5414-5678) then walk the area for quirky art galleries, caffes and local designer clothing stores. Make a stop at Sakura Tei (3 Chome-20-1 Jingumae Shibuya) to eat great Okonomiyaki (Japanese pancake like pizza). Then make your way to Omotesando Hills for some high fashion shopping and people watching caffes. You can stop at Gallery Kawano to see/buy vintage Kimonos and Yukatas. Have fun!

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answered first by
Toufic from Lebanon

I think the question is whether you meant per week or per day.. i will assume per day or else it is impossible to enjoy tokyo on that budget.

Great sushi contrary to rumours can be very cheap in tokyo. you can have a great meal for 20 euros. (each sushi piece is between .5 and 1 euro and the expensive ones around 2 euros. Sushi bars are spread all around the city and are usually within that price mark. 

Be careful when you order a croissant for breakfast.. it's stuffed with sweet bean paste :D but it's nice.. although a crime by french standards...but you didn't travel that far for croissants... the japanese breakfast is for the adventurous as it comprises pickles and fish. 

tempura is expensive in japan because they make a big deal out of it straight from the frier one piece at a time.. some restaurants are starting to serve them in batches and charging less.

the cheap restaurants you will find underground on train station exits.

Ramen (amazing soups), Tonkatsu (fried pork cutlet) and noodles in general are cheaper.

Shopping is crazy expensive so don't count on it. 

Sites are not very expensive if you have the food budget under control you should be ok.

but tokyo is about the districts. there are many and each one of them is huge and takes a full day to visit.

the sites to visit are:

Tokyo Tower a red eiffel tower basically.

Asakusa Shrine the temple to visit in tokyo and the market in front of it. Kyoto is more traditional than tokyo and a better destination for temples and shrines..

Roppongi Hills Mori Tower mall and observation deck to look at Tokyo from above. Also ropponghi is where the party is

there is the newer Tokyo Skytree but i never been.

Akihabara the electric city where all the "otakus" (geeks) gadgets, and cosplay girls hang out.

Shibuya where the busiest street crossing in tokyo is.

Shinjuku the red light district. also where the yakuza hang out.. 

Tsukiji Fish Market early morning visit to the fish market for an experience. do not eat in the market but visit the sushi bars around the streets just outside.

Consider visiting Kyoto for 3 days it's worth it.

at least for Gion 

where the geishas hang out, 
Fushimi Inari Taisha for a hike up the hill through these orange arches, an out of this world experience.. 

See the golden temple Kinkaku-ji

careful with tourist traps in Kyoto, restaurants can be expensive. 

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  1. Tokyo Tower (attraction)
  2. Asakusa Shrine (attraction)
  3. Roppongi Hills Mori Tower (attraction)
  4. Tokyo Skytree (attraction)
  5. Akihabara (attraction)
  6. Shibuya (metro area)
  7. Shinjuku (metro area)
  8. Tsukiji Fish Market (neighborhood)
  9. Gion (attraction)
  10. Fushimi Inari Taisha (attraction)
  11. Kinkaku-ji (attraction)

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