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What are some must-visit spots in Tokyo?

My fiance and I are going to Tokyo for our honeymoon in fall of 2014 and neither of us have ever been.  Even though it's our honeymoon and it's suppose to be romantic and all, we're really open to anything since we're pretty adventurous people.  Would love to hear your suggestions.

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Jason from San Diego

Kurkku Village is a must. Owned and operated by international music producer Takeshi Kobayshi, Kurkku Village is Built out of shipping containers and reclaimed materials. designed by world famous architect Masamichi Katayama, it's a little bit art gallery, botanical garden, trendy bar, cafe, upscale Restaurant, casual coffee shop, noodle bar, juice bar, salon, spa, you name it. Each Container is its own shop and store to cater to your cravings. For green lovers and a hip aesthetic, this is Tokyo's best. Come for a breezy lunch or have dinner and stay til 4am at a beautiful bar with the best analog sound system in Tokyo.

And just throwing this out there, but  Tokyu Store is essentially the Target of
Japan. For all things weird, shop there. There's also a cute cafe on the

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answered by
Melissa from St. John's, Newfoundland

I only had 72 hours in Tokyo but feel like I packed a lot in. I'd recommend getting out to the  Tsukiji Fish Market - if you can, go for the tuna auctions at 5am, otherwise the inner market is closed to the public until 9am. Have a sushi breakfast at one of the restaurants in the outer market.

Sensoji Temple is pretty interesting, though it's always thronging with tourists. There's a near shopping street leading up to the temple where you can get some yummy ningyo-yaki (little cakes filled with red bean paste) and souvenirs.

If you want the best aerial view of Tokyo, buy your ticket early for the  Tokyo Sky TreeTokyo Tower is another great viewing option, although not nearly as high.

If you're in town on a Sunday head to  Harajuku to see people dressed up in some crazy costumes/outfits. Shopping on  Takeshita Street can be an interesting time as well. Speaking of shopping,  Shibuya 109 is a neat experience, dozens of boutiques in a circular, multi-level mall-like setting.

If you want to see the neon on Tokyo, a visit to  Akihabara is in order. If you want to buy anything that plugs in or takes batteries, you can find it here.

You should also check out a cat cafe while you're in town. :)

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  5. Harajuku (neighborhood)
  6. Akihabara (attraction)
  7. Shibuya 109 (attraction)
  8. Takeshita Street (attraction)
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answered by
Veronica from San Francisco

Since you're adventurous... Super Potato: Retro gaming heaven is a great arcade / retro gaming shop in Akihabara. So many cool games and peripherals!  It's not that hard to find, really. I mean, it looks like this on the outside! Another adventurous thing is Akihabara. One of my favorite spots!

For a really... unique experience, go to きゃりこ (Calico Cat Cafe)! Get a coffee, play with a ton of cats.

If you want to visit a shrine, Meiji Shrine is one of my favorites!

Also, take the train and get off at the Harajuku Station and wander around for hours.

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  2. Harajuku Station (attraction)
  3. きゃりこ (Calico Cat Cafe) (attraction)
  4. Akihabara (attraction)
  5. Meiji Shrine (neighborhood)
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answered by
Katherine from Santa Monica

I liked the Tokyo Prince Hotel. For real splurging do the Park Hyatt Tokyo.

Shinjuku for shopping
Roppongi for bars
Akihabara for electronics and rapping dudes in front of stores
Harajuku for shopping/people watching

Definitely go to top bar at Park Hyatt, they have live music but there is about a $20 cover.

Subway passes are about $10 a day unlimited, although if you are out late, you need to get an expensive cab.

I would recommend to add Kyoto to your trip as well

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  6. Harajuku (neighborhood)
  7. Kyoto (city)
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You should go to Shimokitazawa Station. It is like a hippie sort of place. I loved the vibe there with a good number of vintage shops. Good to spend an afternoon walking around. This is the food guide that was shared by my airbnb host when i stayed at Shimokitazawa. And another one is a list of shops there.

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  1. Shimokitazawa Station (attraction)
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answered by
Kim from Portland

Go to  Yakitori Alley, Tokyo. Took this blog's recommendation while in Tokyo and LOVED it. Anywhere you land in Yakitori Alley will be great.

For an absolutely gorgeous spot that gives a feeling of Old Tokyo, visit Yanaka Cemetery. All around the cemetery are many shrines and temples which are completely worth a visit. It's also very near the Yanaka Ginza (Market), which is a fun smaller market just down the hill from the Yanaka Cemetery, and it totally has a fun cat meme thing going.

Then there's...  Akihabara/Electric Town!! Gotta do it for the sheer spectacle.

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  2. Yanaka Cemetery (attraction)
  3. Yanaka Ginza (Market) (attraction)
  4. Akihabara (attraction)
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answered by
Chiara from San Francisco

Hi Sunil,

The first thing on our to-do list was the Sensoji Temple It’s a FREE attraction listed in all the travel guides/blogs and we thought it was the best stop to start our trip into the Japanese culture.

When it’s time to fill up your stomach the best way to enjoy local food and know what you eat is picking the restaurants that have a wax model of their food behind the glass outside of the door. It’s a great way to showcase what they sell. Just take a couple of photos of your choices and show them to the waiter. We tried the experience close to the Senso-Ji temple at Kamiya Bar (3rd floor) and we loved it!

The two towers of the Tokyo Metropolitan Government Building have an observatory on the 45th floor. This attraction is also FREE and you will avoid the expensive ticket and long line at the Sky Tree. After that, you can take a stroll at Chuo Park. We topped off the day with a heart and stomach warming ramen bowl at Kaijin Ramen at Shinjuku Station, one of those tiny hidden places where locals go.

The Imperial Palace was another thing on our list. We just wanted to take a stroll in the gardens and we were hoping to take some photos of the palace from afar. We were looking for its majestic shape to come out from behind the trees, but we soon discovered that you can hardly see it because it’s surrounded by walls and a moat). The best view of the imperial complex is from the main gate (Hibiya metro station).

At Shibuya Crossing you will understand the meaning of the expression: “sea of people.” Shibuya is that huge and crowded intersection that they always show on tv when they talk about Tokyo. It’s really something!

Last but not least, visit the Harajuku Station neighborhood. I didn’t find this in travel guides/blogs, I know about it because Gwen Stefani got inspired by the Harajuku girls style for her video and she was interviewed by Chelsea TV show about the experience. It’s a colorful and vibrant neighborhood, worth seeing.

Visit my Travel Blog for more travel tips!

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  2. Tokyo Metropolitan Government Building (attraction)
  3. Imperial Palace (attraction)
  4. Shibuya (attraction)
  5. Harajuku Station (attraction)
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answered by
bosse from Germany

hi there,

i would try the Rainbow Bridge Tokyo it is quite nice and if you cross it you come to a beautiful island in the harbor where you can find a really nice building which has an artifical sky inside ( sry i cant seem to remember the name but it is a main attraction there so should not be to hard to figure it out) and also lots of restaurants , stores and such...  a really cute cat cafe is just next to it :))

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  1. Rainbow Bridge Tokyo (attraction)
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