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Emma from Jersey asked

Information about JR East Railway Pass

Hi Guys

My daughter and I will be travelling to Tokyo, arriving in late August for five days.

I'm finding the information about the JR East Pass a little confusing regarding the lines you can use the pass on. There is a pdf here​ but there is caveat stating "some railways lines other than JR East are also displayed". There is another guide here​ which seems to have all the lines on, but again not sure.

As we are only in Tokyo briefly is the pass good value for money (22,000 yen) particularly as travel from Harita Airport is now 1,500 yen.

I can't seem to find out how much individual journeys cost in order to compare the two.

We will departing from Haneda Airport and planning to go to Disney for one day.

We are staying at the Citadines Shinjuku Tokyo

Thanks in advance.


Tokyo (Japan)

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Michael from San Francisco

Welcome to the sensory overload that is Japan's rail system!

If I interpreted your question correctly, your daughter and you will be spending 5 days in Tokyo, of which one of those days you will be going to Disneyland.  You want to know if a 22,000 yen pass is good value?  

Their are in fact several rail systems that run through Tokyo, and if you're going to be spending most of your time in the Tokyo metropolitan area, then you will be using the Tokyo Metro often, and the JR line a lot less.  The JR line is more useful for traveling longer distances (e.g. if you want to visit Kawasaki or Yokohama, etc...).

To get to Disneyland from Shinjuku Station you will need to take the JR Chuo Line, to Tokyo Station, and then switch trains to the JR Keiyo Line to Maihama (total should be less than 600 yen).  Each connection is about 15 minutes, with a bit of a hike between platforms (Tokyo Station is HUGE and I've gotten lost in there before). There is also a direct bus that will take you from Shinjuku to Disney (around 800 yen for adult and 400 yen for children).

Happy Travels!

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Thank you for taking the time to answer my question - the bus sounds a much better idea to Disney.

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answered by
Satoru from Toyama

Hi there!

Railway map of Tokyo area is very confusing even for Japanese :(

There are also many subway lines you can use to move around Tokyo. The company named Tokyo Metro is running the subway network, and some of their lines are displayed on the map you are referring to. This map is easy-to-read and more useful if you travel around central Tokyo. It shows both JR lines and Tokyo Metro lines. 

JR East Railway Pass does not seem to be worth the expense unless you move around quite actively. You might be able to save money if you buy a ticket every time you get on a train, or if you buy a one-day ticket at Tokyo Metro. 

This website might be useful:

Enjoy your trip!

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answered by
nicole from Oak Harbor


I lived in Japan (Yokohama area for 2 years), when you get to the train stations you can buy a train card which allows you to go on any train going anywhere.  You  put in 1,000y or 10 dollars in as a deposit and you get a card, you can use them on any 7/11, vending machines or any stores or restaurants that will take pasmo or suica cards, but its basically the credit card most people use there because most stores only accept that and cash. Super handy for travel.

I've never heard of the pass, I would personally just buy one of those train cards instead because it's more handy and you don't have to put as much money. $220 is a lot to put in a pass if you're only going to be there a few days.

You can find out how much individual travel tickets from point a to point b is at the actual station and there will be people there to assist you. But like I've said above it's easier to have a card that you can just scan through.

Have fun in Disney, my friends and I sure did. She'll definitely enjoy Disney land and there's always tons of characters floating about. Keep in mind though Tokyo is a crowded place. Disney land is even more so. Be ready to walk a lot, and wait in line a lot. Wear comfortable clothing because it's gonna be hot!

Hope this helped!


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Definitely the best way to go. My trips around the town cost on average $4 to $5 each way. $220 for the pass sounds like a total rip off. Are you sure this isn't for ALL of Japan??
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